10 Best Android Video Call Recorder Apps for Free

Video Call Recorder Applications – In 2022 technology is increasingly sophisticated, one of which is a cellphone or commonly called a Smartphone which is a device that we always need every day. One of the advantages of having a smartphone is that we can use social media easily. You will agree with us that after Facebook, Whatsapp is the best app for chatting. Whatsapp was previously made as a messaging application only but over time the developers developed it so that it can be used for video calls / video calls. And now you can even record video calls on Whatsapp using some of the best Whatsapp video call recorder apps on Android available on Play Store and ready for you to install.

The WhatsApp video call recorder application is indeed very useful for capturing our moments when making video calls with someone.

Usually people want to record the moment when making video calls for certain purposes or maybe just for fun.

For example, as memories to be seen someday because the recording is stored in the memory of our cellphone storage.

There are many video call recorder applications and we have summarized them in this article.

How To Record Video Calls On WhatsApp?

As an application for a million people, WhatsApp is difficult to separate from everyday life, especially for the need to send messages. This application seems to replace SMS.

Of course, sending messages is not the only feature WhatsApp has. Social media is also often used to make video calls or video calls.

Interestingly, you can record this video call to capture the important moments. Given that WhatsApp does not have a video recording feature, you can use the default screen recorder application on your cellphone or use an application from a third party. To find out how to use it, check out this article!

We are sure that all of you are aware of what Whatsapp is and most of you are probably actively using it. For people like you who are money conscious, Whatsapp is a handy alternative to reduce call costs. The best feature of whatsapp is that it only needs internet to connect both parties via voice or video calls.

Now you can record calls to save them as memories. The method is quite simple, all you have to do is download and install one of the apps from the list of the best Whatsapp call recorder apps on Android below.

Recommended Best Whatsapp Video Call Recorder Application on Android

The existence of a video recording application call is now increasingly needed so that communication activities can be re-designed. Whether in the realm of work or just to treat longing for loved ones because they can’t meet.

Given that there are now so many similar applications popping up, this of course makes people confused in choosing them. Then in order to avoid disappointment after mendownloadImmediately, here are some recommended video call recording applications. Let’s see what are the advantages of each application.

Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp FB

The first application that you can install on your Android smartphone for free is Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp FB.

It turns out that, apart from recording WhatsApp video calls, Video Call Recorder for WhatsApp FB can also record calls on other apks. These include the Skype application, Facebook Messenger, and many others.

Videos call Record For Social Media App

Want to record a video call quickly, easily and simply without having too many clicks? There’s no harm in trying Video call recorder for Social Media Apps. Users only need to press the “Start” to start and “Stop‘ to stop.

In addition, this application is even capable of recording all video activities call from various social media. So users don’t need to be confused anymore if they want to get video captures so they can be re-recorded. How, easy right?

Cube ACR – Call Recorder

The first app from this list is the best and most technically advanced call recording app called Cube ACR. We assure you that this app will not give you any unnecessary trouble when it comes to recording calls. This app supports recording via chat apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, phone calls, etc. You must try and feel all the benefits.

Automatic call recorder

With only 7.7 MB in size, users can now record all forms of video call with satisfactory results. Enjoy screen recording activities without having to worry about the results being cracked or blurry, so you can be more confident about publishing them.

Automatic call recorder even able to record sound from video activity call very clearly and clearly. Therefore, this application is widely used by workers in the online realm as well as two lovebirds who are intoxicated with romance.

All Call Recorder

Making old calls becomes a part of the life we ​​all have at some time. For example, when we are wandering far away, at some time we will definitely feel a deep longing with our loved ones. So don’t be surprised if we let go of that feeling, we usually spend hours chatting with parents, siblings, friends or girlfriends via Whatsapp video calls. Sometimes we need to record the call as a memento. For that purpose, this app is very efficient and easy to save all recorded calls in cloud storage to keep everything safe.

Auto Call Recorder

We recommend you one of the best Whatsapp call recording apps, namely Auto Call Recorder. This app is easy to use and effective in recording calls. Auto Call Recorder is capable of recording outgoing and incoming calls and saves them to SD card and you can play them any time you want. The best part of this app in our opinion is the option to include call recordings.

Call Recorder

In our list for the best call recorders for Android, we recommend you give the Call Recorder app a try. This app is easy to configure and easy to use. Now record your calls and listen to the recordings whenever you want with this app. All you need to do is download this app and take advantage of its features.


Recommended video recorder call the last one is Bandicam. Its presence can not only be used on Android, but on a PC or laptop. In fact, when recording the screen the user can also reveal his face, like pro gamers. Interesting right?

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is an application that can be used on any smartphone and all of them can take advantage of its features. The app is easy to use and comes with a high quality automatic call download feature. You can manage your own files and recordings by using this app. This app records every detail of your conversations and provides you with security measures to secure every recording.

Video Call Recorder – Record Video Call With Audio

Video Call Recorder – Record Video Call With Audio
Video Call Recorder – Record Video Call With Audio. (IST)

The best WhatsApp video call recorder application that is interesting to try next is an application called Video Call Recorder – Record Video Call With Audio

As the name implies, this application certainly makes it easier for you to record video calls and then save them on your cellphone.

You can also edit video recordings or HD quality sound recordings. In addition, you can lock the recording to keep your privacy safe.

Any Call Recorder

If you want to record calls in high quality, download the Any Call Recorder app. This application is very simple and can be used by almost anyone. Any Call Recorder is one of several popular free apps for recording calls on your phone. The features of this app are voice call recorder, high quality call record, secret call recording, two way phone calls, unlimited recording, save notes to phone cloud and space, record incoming and outgoing calls, etc.

Video Call Recorder – Record Video Call With Audio

Video Call Recorder is an application that records calls and videos and saves them on your phone. The app is easy to operate and creates a separate space to store your files. You can edit HD quality video recording and voice recorder. Automatic call recording is another feature and this app works for free. You can also lock recordings to keep your privacy safe.

Method Record WA Video Calls on Android

Unlike the iPhone which has its own screen recorder feature, not all Android phones have a screen recording feature. Don’t worry, you can still record video call on WhatsApp by utilizing various applications. In this article, we will discuss the application Screen Recorder – X Recorder. The recording method is very simple, namely,

  1. Download the app first on Google Play.
  2. Open the app, give the app required permissions like microphone.
  3. Opens settings and converts audio to microphone if needed.
  4. Press the orange + button then select Video Record.
  5. When you’re done recording, you can do swipe down from the top of the screen then ends the recording.
  6. Video results can be found on the main page of the application.

Method Recording Video Calls on iPhone

Record video call WhatsApp on iPhone is not a difficult thing considering the iPhone has its own screen recorder feature. Well, you can follow the easy steps below to record video calls.

  1. Since updates iOS 11, you can already do screen recording. To do this, you need to press the button Settings and Control Center. Then, turn on Access Within Apps and press Customize Controls.
  2. search Screen Recording and press the green + button. If there is no option Customize Controlsyou can immediately swipe down to find options Screen Recording.
  3. Open WhatsApp app and start video call.
  4. For iPhone X or later, you can swipe down from the top right of the screen to open Control Center. On the other hand, you should swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen if you’re using an older iPhone.
  5. After Control Center opened, press button Screen Recording to start recording. Don’t forget to activate the microphone by holding down the button.
  6. Have you finished recording? open Control Center and press the button Screen Recording to save the video.
  7. Video results can be found in the app Photos.

So that’s the list of the best WhatsApp video call recording apps on Android. Record and save your video call memories and create a separate space for all your call recordings using some of the best Whatsapp call recorder apps available on Play Store.

That’s how Domainjava.com discusses the Whatsapp Video Call Recorder Application and other social media that we recommend most, hope it helps

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