14 Newest Instagram Features 2022 Cool (Spoilers, Reactions, Emoji)

The Latest Instagram Features – here are the Latest Instagram 2022 Features Can Restore Deleted Posts. Instagram is now the main attraction of the many social media users, now Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world, the many features provided by Instagram are now making it a new hobby for social media users.

Now the chat social media platform Telegram has a Reactions feature that allows users to add “like”, “laugh” emojis, etc. to an upload or comment. That feature is very similar to what’s on Facebook and Instagram. This was conveyed by Telegram in an announcement on its official blog.

In 2022, Instagram releases the latest features that can be used directly, during a pandemic it is suitable to try, in the current saturation there is a new feature released which is very useful for filling boredom in the house.

Instagram is now releasing the latest Instagram Stories features, there are several features released such as face filters, rewind cameras, hashtag stickers, eraser brushes, and so on, here are the latest Instagram features:

New Instagram Features 2022

Instagram's Latest Features

You must have deleted photos from your Instagram feed for various reasons. However, have you ever thought that deleted photos are important and want to restore them? This Instagram feature in early 2022 has released the option to restore Instagram photos that you have deleted previously.

Now the chat social media platform Telegram has a Reactions feature that allows users to add “like”, “laugh” emojis, etc. to an upload or comment. That feature is very similar to what’s on Facebook and Instagram. This was conveyed by Telegram in an announcement on its official blog.

Spoiler Features

In addition to the Reactions feature, Telegram also features a Spoilers feature that allows some fragments of words or sentences in a chat to be hidden, so that they cannot be seen by others.

This feature can be used by blocking or selecting fragments of conversations. Then, in the text format display that presents the “Cut”, “Copy”, “Paste” menu, and so on, select the “Spoiler” menu to hide the word or sentence.

To view messages that have been hidden, the sender or recipient of the message can easily tap the fragment of the word or sentence when it has been sent to the conversation window.

Translation features

In addition to these two features, Telegram also provides a Translate feature that can be used to translate a message in the conversation window.

The Translate feature can be activated by visiting the “Language” menu in the Telegram “Settings” view. Then, activate the “Show Translate Button” feature at the very top of the menu display. When active, users can click on a message or chat bubble and select the “Translate” menu.

In addition to Translate, there is also a Theme QR Codes feature that allows users to create colored QR codes that can display their Telegram account information, as well as a more interactive emoji feature to make chats on Telegram more colorful.

Well, to enjoy the various features of Telegram, make sure your application is in version 8.4.2. The Instagram version itself can be seen at the bottom of the “Settings” menu in the application.

Restore deleted Instagram photos

This feature is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. So you don’t have to worry if you can recover photos that you have deleted. However, the feature to restore deleted photos has an expiration date of 30 days before being permanently deleted by Instagram.

According to Instagram, this anticipates hackers getting into the account, and deleting the photos. With this latest feature, Instagram account owners can restore deleted posts. Then how. Let’s see how to restore deleted posts

  • .Open your Instagram and go to profile section
  • Click the three line icon in the upper right corner of the Instagram Home page
  • In the menu that opens, click the “Settings” option
  • In the Settings menu, find and tap the “Account” option
  • Scroll down to find the “Recently Deleted” option
  • Then the Recently Deleted Instagram Menu will open
  • The menu will contain all stories and posts deleted by users before 30 days
  • Then you just select your post which will be returned to the Instagram feed menu
  • After selecting, you have to tap on the three-dot menu at the top right corner select “restore”
  • An Instagram dialog box will appear, asking for confirmation about restoring the post Tap “Restore”

That’s how to restore posts that you have deleted. Follow this method to restore your photo/video posts. Hopefully useful and good luck

Features of Reactions

The Reactions feature allows Telegram users to react to a chat both in private and group conversations.

The method is quite easy, users just need to tap once on the chat bubble for private or group conversations, then select the reaction to be given.

For iOS users, these reactions can be selected by tapping and holding the chat bubble that will be reacted. There are several reaction options such as “happy”, “fire”, “dislike” emojis, and so on.

Users can also give Reactions quickly by tapping the chat bubble twice. The default reaction emoji for this double tap can be changed in the “Settings” > “Chat Settings” > “Quick Reactions” menu.

Face Filters

This feature is one that is often used by Instagram users, this feature is the mask effect that is on snapchat or some other video applications, the way this face filter works is by following your head movements or facial expressions, this filter can also be used with boomerangs other than sending stories can also be sent using Instagram direct.

How to Use Face Filters

  1. Open instagram stories
  2. Tap the face icon at the bottom right of the screen
  3. Choose the filter you want
  4. Press the camera button to take a photo, or long press to record a video.

Rewind Camera

This feature, which is a backwards video effect, is often used by Instagram users, the way it works is like a boomerang but doesn’t go back and forth.

How to Use Rewind Camera

  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. Swipe the camera menu at the bottom of the screen, Rewind will be after Boomerang
  3. Record video as usual, and see the results.

Eraser Brush

As the name implies, the eraser brush is a feature to erase, this feature works like giving an effect such as an inverse photograph and the photo will only appear where we erase/delete.

How to Use the Eraser Brush

  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. Take a photo or record a video
  3. Choose a drawing tool
  4. Long tap the phone screen to fill the entire screen area
  5. Use the eraser brush to bring out the image according to the shape you want

Hashtag Stickers

If you want to tag your friends this is a suitable feature to use, with this feature people will see your story and can press the hashtag.

How to Use Hashtag Stickers

  1. Open Instagram Stories
  2. After taking a photo or recording a video, tap the sticker icon at the top right of the screen
  3. Choose a sticker, type it and arrange it however you want
  4. Publish Instagram Story with your favorite hashtag

Emoji on Instagram DM

This feature is widely used in other applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on, but the emoji feature on Instagram can be found in the Direct message or DM menu.

How to Use Emojis in Instagram DMs

  1. Long press on the conversation page
  2. With that you will be taken to choose the emoji you like, Click on emoji
  3. Emojis sent

Watch Together

This feature is very useful for those of you who want to make video calls on Instagram, Instagram now uses the watch together feature to chat via video calls.

How to Use Watch Together

  1. Enter the DM menu
  2. Choose new video
  3. Choose someone you want to video call
  4. Done and you will be in the media room

Reply feature on Instagram DM

Sometimes if you DMan with your friends the messages in the conversation timeline are not specific about what they are discussing, with the reply feature helping you to reply to specific messages.

In the WhatsApp application the reply feature is also provided, actually this feature is very helpful in DMan or chatting, now Instagram users can also take advantage of this feature.

How to Use the Reply Feature

  1. Long press the word or sentence sent by your friend
  2. Then a menu will come out to reply

Vanish Fashion

This feature is one of the features that allows users to have private conversations and make your messages will be deleted automatically when they have been read by your chat friends in Instagram DMs.

How to Use Vanish Mode

  1. Swipe up while having a conversation on the timeline
  2. Enter the Vanish Mode feature
  3. Select the feature
  4. Instantly your timeline background will turn black

If you want to bring back a message that was lost, just swipe up again and an option will appear to return to normal conversation mode.

Double Tap to Switch Account

If you have more accounts to switch accounts, it is by long pressing one of the icons in the lower right corner, with this feature you don’t have to bother pressing under the right corner, with this feature you just have to long press the icon. your account will automatically switch to another account.

Lazy to see someone’s story? Just mute

For those of you who are lazy to see people’s stories, you don’t have to worry, with this feature you can delete their stories in the story highlights at the top of Instagram.

How to Use the Mute Feature

  1. Long lasting story icon
  2. There is an option to open a profile or mute
  3. Select mute
  4. Then automatically people’s stories will no longer appear in your story highlights

All of these are features of Instagram 2022 that you need to try, it’s very easy, right, Good luck!

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