15+ Free Novel Reading Apps for Android and PC 2022

Novel Reading Application Free – Welcome to domainjava.com, meet again with admin. On this occasion the admin will discuss novel reading applications, of course, they will certainly be suitable for use as they are today. And the most amazing thing about this application is that it provides services to you without being charged (free).

The current situation allows you to continue to be at home and maybe you have a desire to read or save your favorite novel so that you can read it anytime and anywhere in a more practical way.

Novel Reading Application

For those of you who want this, maybe the novel reading application is one of the answers that you must download on the smartphone you have. Not only reading novels online, there are several applications that provide content downloads. So with that kind of thing, you don’t have to worry about internet data running out because by downloading content now you don’t need to connect your cellphone to the internet.

Recommended Free Novel Reading Applications

In an advanced era like now, reading novels is not only through the physical form of the novel, but also through novel applications. The goal is that you can read novels anywhere and anytime.

However, not a few of you are eyeing novel applications for free. Loh, does it exist? Of course there is!

Well, below are some FREE novel reading applications that you can download, install, and access on Android, iOS, or Windows. Not only reading, you can also write stories through these applications. Curious? Check out the following explanation.

Smartphones are now not only as a means of communication, but various kinds of activities can be used through smartphones, a small example of a cell phone as a kind of activity is reading novels.

In this modern era, reading novels is very practical anywhere and anytime. For those of you who want to try it, please refer to the following admin explanation regarding the free novel reading application.

Storial.co app

The Storial.co application is a novel reading that is not inferior to the recommended application. Many users like this application as reading novels, especially by Android users in the country. because the storial.co application only displays readings in Indonesian.

For those of you who don’t want to download the application because the storage is full, don’t worry because this application also provides a website that you can access using the smartphone you have.

NovelPlus App

One of the things that the admin recommends regarding novel reading applications is NovelPlus and this is an application that provides NovelPlus.co novels that you can use on Android, iOS, and Windows without being charged the slightest fee (free).

In using this application, you will find various novels with various genres. Starting from fiction, romance, to fantasy you can find in this application.

Goodreads App

By using this one application, you can find lots of reading books for free, although in this application there are also some books that are paid for. And even readers in Indonesia recommend this one application to be reading material for young people.

Google Play Books App

If the application that the admin recommends on this one is probably not too foreign to hear. As the name implies, Google Play Book is a reading provider application which you can get through the Google Play Store or App Store but usually Google Play Book includes the default Android application.

Wattpad App

The wattpad application is one of the most popular novel reading applications for many people and this application is quite popular. In recent years, Wattpad has been at the top of the list as the most popular novel reading application for many people.

By using novel reading applications such as Wattpad, readers can write a work and publish a new story. Very useful is not this one application. For those who want to use it, you can read while creating new ideas.

Application 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks

From the name of the application, you can guess that this application is able to offer more than 50,000 readings that you can access for free through the application. To get it, you must first download it through the Google Play Store or App Store.

In this application, you will be provided with several books with categories such as books, ebooks, novels, and audio books. Where you can easily access based on preferences.

NovelToon App

NovelToon application is an application that provides novels. Of course this is already guessed from the name. For those who like to read, especially teenagers in Indonesia, this application is very suitable to be recommended. because NovelToon provides lots of teen novels with a wide selection of interesting themes.

Novel Apps

Innovel application is an application to read novels on Android devices that use Indonesian and you can access for free.

This application is mostly used by teenagers because in this application there are many romantic stories and is suitable for young people who are falling in love. Actually, not only romantic stories in this Innovel, there are many genres that you can find such as: Romance, Teen Fiction, Chicklit, WareWolf and many more that you need to try.

WebRead Aplikasi App

The WebRead application is a novel reading application that most people like because every day there is a book chapter, a love story and many others that you need to try.

For those of you who don’t understand the language, you don’t need to worry because WebRead is equipped with a translation feature. So the book you read will feel very easy to understand.

Amazon Kindle App

The amazon kindle application sounds very foreign but when it comes to online novel applications, this one application is very suitable to be recommended. because Amazon Kindle is one of the applications that provide novels that are of great interest to most people, especially people from abroad.

For those who want to use the Amazon Kindle application, you can download it through the App Store and Google Play Store for free.

English Novel Book App

The English novel book application is a software application that is widely used by literature lovers and this online novel provider application only displays readings in English.

In this English Novel Book application you will find several genres that are likely to be very suitable for reading or just adding to your English vocabulary. These genres include: fiction, philosophical treatises, children’s books and many others.

Free Books – Spirit

Novel Reading Application
Free Books – Spirit

Want and interested in reading various fan fiction stories for free? If so, you can use this one application, namely Free Books – Spirit. This application provides services for reading various collections of exciting and interesting stories like novels.

Moreover, Free Books – Spirit provides readings that can be read online offline so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy various reading collections fan fiction in this app. Then, Are you interested in writing a fanfiction or story? Well, the Free Books – Spirit application allows you to become an author too. How? Interest? This application is available in the App Store and Play Store, you know.


Novel Reading Application

The NovelPlus application is a provider of novels from NovelPlus.co that you can download on Android, iOS, and Windows for free. At NovelPlus, you can read various novels with various genres, such as fantasy, hero, fiction, romance, crime, mystery, and others.

Similar to some of the free novel apps we’ve discussed, at NovelPlus, you can write and publish your own stories. In fact, if your writing is interesting, it will be recommended by the editor so that it can get more readers.

Then, NovelPlus provides discussion services with readers and other users of this application regarding the novels you are reading. In fact, you can also connect directly with the author of the novel on NovelPlus. If you download this application, you can meet more than 500 thousand users from various regions.


Novel Reading Application

Cabaca is a free novel application that provides light reading services for its users. How to load a variety of story genres, such as comedy, fantasy, romance, horror, even action.

The interesting thing about the Cabaca application is that you can change the font of the novel you want to read. That way, you can read and enjoy with the choice of fonts that you like. So, if your eyesight has difficulty reading with a certain font, you can change and adjust the font type.

Then, in the Cabaca application, you can read novels online offline. If you are interested in this free novel reading application, you can download and install this application on the Play Store or App Store.

Amazon Kindle

Novel Reading Application
Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a book or novel reading service provider application that is quite popular. In this application, its users are offered a variety of thousands of novels that can be read and enjoyed.

One thing that is very popular with many people, namely the Amazon Kindle application has a variety of novels that can be enjoyed for free. If you are a connoisseur of classic novels, you can also read them for free on this Amazon Kindle application.

In addition, there is a feature where users of this application can borrow digital novels at the nearest library. In other words, the Amazon Kindle application has a connection with the nearest library in your area to make access to the library easier. How? Of course it’s interesting, right? You can soon download this application on their respective mobile phones.

How are you interested in using one of the admins recommended? That’s the admin’s explanation of the novel reading application. Thank you for visiting domainjava.com. Hopefully useful and good luck trying it!

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