188 What Number is 2022

188 What's That Number

188 What’s That Number – Maybe some people ask about 188 what number is it? Because number 188 is one of Telkomsel’s marketing numbers.

The aim is to offer internet package promos, call and SMS packages, to offer migration from prepaid cards to Kartu Halo.

If you get a call from 188, then you have the right to accept or reject it even you can also agree or not accept the offer given.

By Customer Service from Telkomsel, that’s not all, if you have problems about some things about Telkomsel cards, you can ask them directly.

Therefore, for more details, please follow this article, which will discuss what number 188 is as follows.

188 What’s That Number

1. 188 What’s That Number

188 What's That Number
188 What’s That Number

If you are curious what number 188 is? This is because 188 is the official number for Customer Services from Telkomsel, what if you get a call from this 188 number.

You should not panic or worry, because it is a call from Telkomsel Customer Services, moreover as a user, you will certainly feel afraid and restless.

If the caller is an unclear number, therefore if later you get a call from number 188 then you no longer need to worry or be afraid.

But the question now is, is the 188 toll-free phone number or not? Of course, the number is toll-free, if you use a Postpaid card from Telkomsel.

However, if you receive a call from number 188, you will be charged a fee of Rp. 300 per call, you know.

2. Call 188 What Number

188 What's That Number
Call 188 What’s That Number

Maybe you are asking about the reason why this 188 calls often? Basically, Telkomsel’s 188 contact center, where calling only gives information from the Telkomsel provider.

Or it could be that this 188 number informs you that you will get a prize, but some of them when contacted by the number will only be notified.

That the number you are using has not been registered to the 4G network, besides that sometimes they are also offered to update the Halo card.

Maybe you don’t know about Kartu Halo, if you get an offer from Kartu Halo through contact center 188, don’t accept it right away.

If you accept it, then you will migrate to Kartu Halo, this is what you will not be able to return to being a prepaid customer like before.

Because this Halo card uses a billing system, every month it is adjusted to the package you choose, while the prepaid package uses a credit system.

What if you migrate to Kartu Halo, later you will be required to pay a bill every month, which is very different from being a prepaid Customer Service customer.

Because Telkomsel itself also offers various kinds of low-cost package services from Telkomsel, when contacted by the Call Center Telkomsel 188 gets these services.

It could be that you are one of the old customers who have been loyal to using the Telkomsel Card for years, maybe you are a verified Telkomsel user.

In the data of loyal Telkomsel users, even the benefits of calling 188 you can directly chat with Telkomsel Customer Service.

Even Telkomsel itself will provide answers to all their questions politely, moreover the Customer will not limit the duration of the call.

Even if you discuss it for tens of minutes, it is likely that Customer Service will be willing to do it, you know, how have you stopped being curious about what number 188 is.

The final word

That’s the explanation that we have conveyed to you, of course with the information you can find out the number 188.

What’s more, this number will usually offer a Kartu Halo package, but you are worried that you can refuse it if you don’t want to receive a call from number 188.

Not only that, usually 188 will give you a gift from Telkomsel, so don’t be afraid if you receive a call from 188.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about What number is 188?. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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