20 Twibbon Links for KORPRI Day 2022, Install Cool Photo Frames for 50th Korpri Anniversary

KORPRI Day Twibbon Link – Congratulations!!! When you celebrate KORPRI’s HUT today. And here is a collection of twibbon links for the 50th KORPRI Anniversary in 2022, complete with the history of its establishment. Here’s the download link for KORPRI Day Twibbon November 29, 2022, Suitable for Congratulations on the 50th KORPRI Anniversary. We will share how to install the twibbon hut korpri photo frame.

KORPRI’s Birthday is celebrated on November 29 every year. For this year, Korpri may be different from the previous year, because it is still in the process of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launch page bone.go.id, The Indonesian Civil Servant Corps (KORPRI) is an organization whose members consist of Civil Servants (PNS), BUMN, BUMD, and subsidiaries employees.

This collection of twibbon links for KORPRI Day November 29, 2022, is suitable as a congratulation for the upcoming 50th KORPRI Anniversary.

On November 29, 2022, KORPRI will commemorate its 50th anniversary, which has been established since 1971.

Meanwhile, Village Government officials are not members of KORPRI because they already have a professional organization called PPDI or the Indonesian Village Apparatus Association.

KORPRI is often associated with Civil Servants and KORPRI’s position and activities cannot be separated from official service.

Meanwhile, one way to celebrate KORPRI’s anniversary is to upload a twibbon photo with a photo caption.

The download link for the Twibbon of KORPRI Day (Korps Employees of the Republic of Indonesia), which is celebrated every November 29, is available in this article.

The KORPRI Day Twibbon Download link provides a variety of greeting designs for November 29th.

In the Download Link Twibbon KORPRI Day you can be creative in conveying your greetings on November 29.

About Twibbon KORPRI Day

KORPRI is a forum that has a function to gather civil servants such as BUMN, BUMD, as well as companies and village governments.

As is known, KORPRI will be commemorated on November 29, 2022, to celebrate being able to use the 50th KORPRI Anniversary twibbon simultaneously.

KORPRI was founded on November 29, 1971 based on Presidential Decree No. 82/1971, which is a forum to gather all employees of the Republic of Indonesia.

KORPRI is an organization that is neutral and does not take sides with certain political parties.

Quoted from bkppd.pasuruankab.go.id, During the Dutch colonial period, many Dutch East Indies government employees came from the natives.

The position of the employee is a rough employee or lower class, because the procurement is based on the needs of colonialism.

When the Dutch government transferred power to Japan, automatically all government employees of the former Dutch East Indies were employed by the Japanese government as government employees.

After Japan surrendered to the allies, the Indonesian people proclaimed independence on August 17, 1945.

At the time of the founding of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, all Japanese government employees were automatically made State Employees of the Republic of Indonesia

On December 27, 1949 the Netherlands recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, the employees of the Republic of Indonesia were divided into three major groups, namely:

1. Employees of the Republic of Indonesia who are in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia;

2. Indonesian employees residing in Dutch-occupied areas (non-collaborators);

3. Government employees who are willing to cooperate with the Netherlands (Collaborators).

All Indonesian employees, non-collaborator Indonesian employees, and Dutch government employees were made Indonesian Employees of the United States, after the recognition of Indonesian sovereignty on 27 December 1949.

The RIS era or better known as the era of parliamentary government was marked by the ups and downs of the cabinet.

The constitutional system adheres to a multi-party system.

Politicians, party leaders replace and take control of the government, to lead various departments which at the same time select civil servants.

So the department is very much determined by the ruling party at that time.

The dominance of parties in government has been proven to interfere with public services.

Civil servants who are supposed to serve the community (public) and the state have instead become party political tools.

The principle of fair and healthy performance appraisal or career assessment for civil servants is almost ignored.

The government employee’s affiliation is very strong with the party from which he belongs.

This condition continued until the issuance of the Presidential Decree 5 July 1959.

With this Presidential Decree, the state administration system returns to the Presidential system based on the 1945 Constitution.

However, in practice the President’s power as head of state and head of government is very large.

The parliamentary democratic system of government ended with the outbreak of a coup attempt by the PKI with the movement.

Many government employees are trapped and support the Communist Party.

At the beginning of the New Order era, there was a realignment of civil servants with the emergence of Presidential Decree No. 82/1971 on KORPRI.

Based on the Presidential Decree dated November 29, 1971, KORPRI is the only forum to gather and develop all Indonesian employees outside the official service.

The purpose of the formation of the Civil Service Corps is so that “RI civil servants participate in maintaining and strengthening dynamic political and social stability in the Republic of Indonesia”.

However, KORPRI has again become a political tool.

Entering the reformation era, the courage to question the concept of KORPRI monoloyalty emerged, so that there was a debate about the role of civil servants in the discussion of the Political Bill in the DPR.

Then, in the end, a concept was produced and it was agreed that KORPRI should be politically neutral.

Now it’s time to be creative in conveying greetings on November 29, 2022, here’s the Download Link Twibbon for KORPRI Day as reported by Kabar Banten from twibbonize.com:

The public can choose a photo twibbon on the twibbonize.com website or can choose a twibbon below. After you finish making the 2022 Korpri Anniversary Twibbon, you can upload it on social media Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

KORPRI Anniversary twibbon link
KORPRI Anniversary twibbon link

The following is a 20+ twibbon link for the 50th KORPRI Anniversary which will be commemorated tomorrow on November 29, 2022 with the theme United ASN, Tough KORPRI and Growing Indonesia. Prepare your photo and post it on twibbon to wish you a happy korpri day 2022.

Commemoration KORPRI’s birthday is celebrated once a year, on 29 November.

Download Twibbon Happy 50th Korpri Anniversary

So, below are some links to the Twibbon photo frame for the 2022 Korpri Anniversary. Mango!

Here are the steps and how to make Korpri Anniversary twibbon 2022 that can be followed for those of you who want to make Korpri twibbon.

How to Make a Twibbon Photo Frame for the 50th Korpri Day 2022 on Twibbonize

Here’s how to use the 2022 Korpri Twibbon link that can be used to participate in celebrating Korpri’s 50th Anniversary.

The highlight of the Korpri Anniversary celebration will take place tomorrow, Monday 29 November 2022.

Korpri is the Civil Service Corps of the Republic of Indonesia which has been established since November 29, 1971.

Korpri has become a forum for gathering all civil servants. Korpri is a forum for struggle, dedication, and loyalty to the ideals of the struggle for the Nation and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution which is democratic, independent, free, active, professional, neutral, productive, and responsible.

How to easily install Twibbonize for the 2022 Korpri Anniversary. You just click the Twibbonize link above and then upload your best photo.

1. Open the website www.twibbonize.com

2. Choose the twibbon designs available on the main page

3. Search for the twibbon you want to use in the search field, for example, enter the word “50th KORPRI Anniversary”

Then the twibbon options you want to use will appear

4. Choose the twibbon design that you like and want to use

5. Click the menu to select the desired photo, then click Ok

6. Set the position and size of the photo entered in twibbon

7. When you have chosen what you want, click Done

8. Click download to download the twibboned photo

Choose the design you like then set the photo layout with holes to make it look cool.

After uploading, then you can download Twibbonize photos that have been framed and can be directly shared on social media

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