3 Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da’wah (Android)

Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da'wah

With the development of technology, radio stations have expanded their broadcast coverage not only through the AM or FM network that we are familiar with, but also through streaming on the internet network that we can access via computers or cell phones.

And as a result, listening to radio is no longer limited to local broadcasts, we can now listen to radio from all over the world via the internet.

Many radios broadcast music, events and news, but nowadays it is not uncommon for radios to broadcast da’wah and Islamic studies which are of course very useful for us in terms of gaining knowledge about religion and spiritual teachings to maintain our faith.

We can listen to all of these Islamic da’wah radio broadcasts on our Android cellphone devices using an application, and there are several applications that present da’wah broadcasts.

3 Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da’wah (Android)

In this article, we will discuss a radio application to listen to Islamic da’wah on Android to gain knowledge of the Islamic religion and we have tested it and it works well. You can use all of them to listen to Islamic studies or da’wah broadcasts.

1. Indonesian Islamic Radio 2

Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da'wah-1

Radio Islam Indonesia 2 is an application to listen to Islamic da’wah on your Android phone. On Google PlayStore, you can download the Radio Islam Indonesia 2 application for free which collects Islamic streaming radio broadcasts from all over Indonesia, including Radio Islam Aceh Lhokseumawe, Radio Manhajul Anbiya, Radio Adh-Dhiya, Radio Islam Batam, Radio Islam Timika, and others., with more than 80 channels active daily.

This application is Version 2 which is a development of the previous application and can run on Android Ginger Bread to Android Nougat, and users of the previous android version can still listen to radio broadcasts using the old version of Radio Islam Indonesia.

Indonesian Islamic Radio Features 2:

  • It runs in a background service, so you can still listen to the radio while opening other apps.
  • Daily broadcast schedule of featured radio channels in RII, so that you can prepare the study topics you want to study at a time that has been adjusted to the time zone of your device.
  • Study schedules from all over Indonesia, both routine and thematic, complete with contact persons and study locations. You can search for study locations that are closest to your current location.
  • All the time-related features, such as the schedule are adjusted to the time on your device, so that you don’t have to worry about the difference in available time zones.
  • Features Downloads. Now you can download the study according to the topic you want, so that you can get better audio quality compared to recording an ongoing radio stream.

Downloads for: Android

2. Indonesian Islamic Radio

Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da'wah-2

Radio Islam Indonesia is also an application to listen to Islamic da’wah on your Android phone. Contains more than 100+ lists of Indonesian Islamic Radio and Islamic studies that you can listen to, starting from radio da’wah, sunnah studies, fiqh, interpretations of various radio broadcasts.

The Indonesian Islamic Radio application, can be your choice because this application provides so many Islamic streaming radios such as Adh-Dhiya FM, Mustofa Da’wah, Bin Baz Da’wah FM Jogja, MQ FM Bandung, Isy Karima Surakarta, Gema Darussunnah Jeneponto, Radio Rodja, Alhikmah Radio Jakarta, Radio Hang FM Batam, Nurrusunnah, Al Hikam Study, Tambak Rice, Radio Assunnah Cirebon, Radio Islam Tabalong, Radio Muadz Kendari, Muslim Radio Yogyakarta, Radio Mitra Batu Malang, Voice Quran Lombok Radio, Suara Quran Solo, Recitation Al Hikam , Syiar Sunnah FM Jogja and many more.

Islamic Radio Application Features:

  • Simple and elegant look
  • list of the latest and quality Islamic Radio channels
  • There are categories of Islamic Radio channels based on cities in Indonesia
  • There is a search / search feature for Islamic Radio
  • There is a favorite feature / Bookmark Islamic Radio channel
  • Light and bug free app

To make it more convenient for the users, it also includes the option to select radios by place, making it very easy to find the radio you want to listen to.

Downloads for: Android

3. Indonesian Islamic Da’wah Radio

Radio Applications To Listen To Islamic Da'wah-3

This Da’wah Radio application can be used by anyone who wants to listen to Islamic da’wah broadcasts. It is a lightweight app with a user-friendly interface that makes it convenient to use, and you can even label your favorite radio broadcasts.

There are more than 50 da’wah radio stations throughout Indonesia such as MQFM Radio Bandung, MQFM Radio Jogja, Radio Rasil, Radio Rodja, Nurul Musthofa Radio, SAS FM Radio, Hang FM, Aswaja FM Ponorogo, Alhikmah Radio Banyuwangi, Radio Syiar Tauhid Depok. RADIO-QU, Radio Suara Nabawiy FM, Mutiara Quran Radio Semarang, Radio Fajri, Sarkub FM, Majelis Al Bahjah Cirebon, Ar-Ridwan Assembly Malang, Radio Muadz Kendari and many more.

Features of Indonesian Islamic Da’wah Radio:

  • there are more than 50 da’wah radio stations throughout Indonesia
  • lightweight application with a user friendly design so easy to use
  • your favorite radio bookmark feature
  • radio station search feature

Downloads for: Android

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Those are 3 radio applications to listen to Islamic da’wah on Android to gain knowledge of the Islamic religion. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need it. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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