3 Ways to Remove Watermark in Latest Capcut Via Android, PC

How to Remove Watermark in Capcut – Would you like us to give you a guide to remove watermark writing in the Capcut application? Currently, there are many video editing applications that can be accessed via Android, PC or laptop too easily. The Capcut application appears that can remove the watermark in the video when you edit it, the admin domainjava.com will share the steps to remove the watermark logo. Let’s see more below

Even through cellphones like Android, there are countless video processing software available, and the safest is Capcut.

Recently, Capcut has been increasingly used because the interface and navigation are too complete, suitable for those of you who want to edit videos on ig, twitter, facebook, tiktok, snack videos or create content on other social media systems.

However, when users edit videos in Capcut, their edited rendering will appear Capcut watermark text.

For some people find the writing very annoying, fortunately we were able to remove the writing together easily.
We will summarize that tutorial in how to remove the watermark in Capcut below.

What is a Capcut Watermark

Most applications like Capcut offer a feature that can remove the watermark on the condition that the user needs to upgrade the application to the premium version.

And to get that specific application, users will usually be charged an exclusive price because not only does it not only remove the watermark, they will also experience more advanced facilities.

Then how about the No watermark feature with Capcut itself? Luckily, how to remove the watermark in Capcut is too easy.

Without updating to the Pro version, you can already remove the watermark in the video editing results.

Download the Latest SSS Capcut Apk 2022

If you are asking where can you get this capcut application? you don’t need to worry because you can directly download the sss capcut apk below.

  • App Name: Capcut
  • Version: 3.7.0
  • Size: 74MB
  • Developer: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
  • Last Update: 18 June 2022
  • Recommended OS: Android 5.0 Up

Download From Playstore: here

Download SSS CapCut Pro Mod Apk

Below, we present a download link for those of you who want to download the CapCut mod apk, as follows:

Download SSS CapCut Pro Mod Apk Version 5.0.0 : Here

How to remove the watermark at the end of the video capture using a cellphone / PC

Usually at the end of the video there is a watermark logo that the audience can still see, if you want to remove the Capcut watermark at the end of the video, here are the steps.

Export Via Capcut

No need to upgrade to the pro version or install a third application to remove the watermark.

It is sufficient for you to set the settings when exporting the video, after that the watermark will disappear.

  • Install the Capcut application to the most recent version, please check in the Playstore service to see if the latest version update is available or not.
  • open the application, then tap the new Project button.
  • Enter the video that you want to edit. Please create technical editing skills that you can, and add accessories through the default tools from the Capcut application.
  • When finished, you can tap the arrow button provided at the top to export the video.
  • specify the resolution and size you want selected.
  • tap the export button without a watermark or without a watermark to save the editing results.

good luck. want to find songs through the Capcut application? Please follow the tutorial in this article.

Turning off Add Default Suffix

sometimes there are users who encounter problems at the end of their steps instead of seeing the export text without the watermark.

This means that the edited watermark in the Capcut application still appears on your video. Please use this second method through the tools in the Capcut settings.

  • Please open the capcut application. Before you enter the editing process, on this first page, please tap the settings icon available in the upper right corner.
  • after that turn off the menu add Default Suffix.
  • Unless you have reset to the beginning and please edit the video that you want to make.

why must turn off add Default Suffix? Because the Watermark in the Capcut application will appear at the end of the video.

If the feature is active, the results of the editing project will automatically use the default settings, displaying a watermark at the end.

Using the Video Crop & Trim App

Then what if the editing results have already been exported? It’s not an easy thing to edit again and set it from scratch to remove the watermark at the end of the video.

Take it easy, there are alternative options for how to remove the watermark in Capcut, which we present at this last point.

  • Please open your cellphone gallery. Look for the video editing results that have been exported via the Capcut application.
  • Pay attention at the end of the video to make sure there is still a watermark that appears. You can use specific video editing tools to cut the duration on Playstore. Try searching for cutting video keywords in the search box, or we suggest you download a software called Crop & Trim Video.
  • Or more effectively, use the HP default editing tools, here we will show you using HP’s default editing tools via the Edit & icon marked below.
  • Swipe the last part that contains the watermark to the left. The point is you have to remove the scene part at the very back of the watermark by sliding the cut bar.
  • Last but not least, save.

Good luck. Want to try White Flash in Capcut? It turns out that this is where the White Flash Capcut is located, know now.

That’s how to get rid of the watermark in Capcut, you don’t need countless capital to spend money on the Capcut Pro version. Simply use the features that are already in the default application, then the edited watermark in Capcut can be easily lost.

That’s how Domainjava.com discusses how to easily remove the latest Capcut Watermark, which is ready for your tiktok and instagram content, hopefully it helps

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