3 Ways to Reset Samsung Cellphones to Factory Settings

There are various kinds how to reset a Samsung cellphone to the initial factory settings such as using a key combination, reset code, or through settings. Reset Samsung cellphones are very useful if you want to deal with a slow phone, overcoming software damage or forgetting the lock code.

Even the reset process is also highly recommended if you want to sell or exchange your cellphone with someone, so that all data or files on your cellphone can be cleaned. So you don’t have to worry about the data being leaked to other people.

About Reset HP

Doing a reset or Factory Reset on android aims to restore the system and software on the android phone to their initial conditions, like when they just came out of the factory. Usually, a factory reset is done to fix software damage problems on an Android phone or tablet.

What you need to know before restarting a Samsung cellphone is, resetting it later will cause all data and applications stored in the internal memory of your Android phone or tablet to be deleted. There are many ways to reinstall a Samsung or Android phone, including by pressing a secret reset code, through the Backup & Reset menu or through Recovery Mode on Android.

Because there are many ways that can be done to restart or reinstall an Android phone. So we will discuss one by one so that you can understand it clearly. The following is an easy way to restart a Samsung cellphone / How to reinstall a Samsung cellphone that you can try yourself:

How to Reset Samsung HP to Factory Settings

So for those of you who are curious or don’t know how, don’t worry. Because I will provide a complete guide below, so read carefully, yes.

1. Via Settings

The first method you can use to reset a Samsung cellphone is through settings. This way you don’t need to use third-party apps or Samsung-specific codes.

Here are the steps reset Samsung cellphone to initial settings via Settings:

  • First open settings menu first on your Samsung phone.
  • Then swipe downthen look for the general management menu and select reset.
  • After that press again on factory data reset or factory settings.
  • Then swipe back down and press reset button.
  • Later the Samsung cellphone will reset again. The length of the research usually depends on the number of files stored on the phone.
  • If the reset process is complete, it will automatically restart and the HP will return to the initial settings or factory defaults.

2. Using Key Combinations

In fact, this method is actually quite often used, especially when problems occur with Samsung phones, for example bootloop. What you need to know before using this method is to make sure your Samsung has at least 60% battery capacity and all buttons are still functioning normally.

Here’s how to reset a Samsung cellphone to its initial settings via recovery mode by using the combination button:

  • Turn off the cell phone first. In a state of death press and hold the volume up / up + power + home button at the same time.
  • Then wait for the phone to turn on, then enter the recovery mode menu.
  • To select the menu please use volume up or down button and home or power button (depending on type), then press ok button.
  • After that select the factory reset menu or wipe data and press ok button to start the reset process.

  • The length of the research process usually depends on how many files or data are stored in the internal memory of your Samsung cellphone.
  • If the factory reset process has been completed, please Select again menu reboot system now. After that, the Samsung cellphone will restart automatically.
  • Please wait for it to turn on and your Samsung cellphone will return to the factory default or initial settings.

3. Using Reset Code

How to reset Samsung cellphone to initial settings The next step is to use the Samsung HP reset code on its own. You do this by entering the USSD code or Samsung’s Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

So, for more details, please follow the steps below:

  • First enter the application menu dial.
  • Then Type the code: [b/]*2767 *3855#[b/].
  • After that press call button.
  • Later your Samsung cellphone will do it factory reset automatically. Finished.

Samsung HP Reset Code


Although the secret code for Samsung cellphones has been spread widely on the internet, not a few people know about this. Even though if you think about it okay, this clearly has a very important role because using this code can shorten the time in the process of resetting a Samsung cellphone to its initial settings. Samsung itself provides two types of codes on their Android phones. Where these two codes are still interconnected with the need to reset the HP. Here’s the code:

  • Hard reset: *2767*3855#
  • Factory reset: *#*#7780#*#*

And the question now is what is the striking difference between a Factory reset and a hard reset?

  • Hard reset: This research is useful for formatting the firmware, deleting all settings stored on Samsung phones, and deleting all data and files in the internal memory. In essence, research types function to reset HP as a whole and more deeply.
  • Factory Reset: If this recipe works to delete data and file settings stored on a Samsung cellphone. For example application settings, contacts, deleting logged in accounts, and so on.

Before Reset Samsung HP


Before you do reset Samsung cellphone to initial settingsit is very important to backup or back up data or files that are considered important on the HP.

  • By doing a previous backup, you can still recover data that is considered important after resetting the cellphone. So you will not lose the data or files.
  • You can move important data such as document files, videos, photos or other data to other storage media, whether it’s a flash drive or external memory.
  • Or you can also back up your WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive. Not only that, you can also back up contacts or phone numbers on the Samsung cellphone.

Notes: In essence, you must first secure all data or files that are considered important from the HP. Make sure the data or files stored on the Samsung cellphone have been properly backed up, especially important data. The reason is that if it is deleted, you yourself will have difficulty restoring it, even if you use recovery applications.

What If It Doesn’t Work?


For some types of Samsung cellphones, the reset code above may not work. So another solution is to use other methods that can be used on this type of Samsung cellphone. Because basically how to reset all Android phones is actually almost the same. The only difference lies in the version of Android used and the display model of the phone used.

Does the reset code only apply to Samsung Android phones?


Of course the answer is no. The secret code for this research is actually divided into several parts. Such as an Android-based Samsung HP reset code and a non-Android Samsung reset code. Where both have different codes and reset methods as well. Considering the use of non-Android Samsung cellphones, which are now increasingly available.

How to reset a Samsung cellphone to initial settings is very easy to do. You can use one of the methods above which are considered the easiest and don’t take much time.

And once again I remind you, the code written above only applies to Android-based Samsung phones. For non-Android types of Samsung cellphones, the code eye will work again. You can use the code #* 7728#. And don’t forget to remove the memory card so you don’t delete the data.

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