4 Best MP3 Music Download Applications 2022

The Best MP3 Music Download Application – Downloading music is one of the fun activities and makes your heart and mind calm. To get your favorite songs, you need to download the best mp3 songs in the form of an application and it will make it easier for you to find the various types of music you want.

For those who are looking for the best MP3 Music Download Application on an Android phone. It is very appropriate that you are present in this article. Various recommendations for the best mp3 song download applications, which of course save storage, seem worth trying.

The way to listen to songs today is different from the past. In the past, you used music players such as Walkmans and iPods, but now you have switched to using applications that can play streaming songs. In addition, we no longer need to buy cassettes or CDs, because we can download the desired song using a song download application.

Download Mp3 Music on YouTube via the y2mate.com website

Download Lagu MP3
Download Lagu MP3 Music

By downloading YouTube video music songs that are converted to MP3 audio files, you can use it through y2mate.com.

You don’t even need to be complicated, you can download it with your Android phone without using additional applications if you go through y2mate.com.

Only Using HP Can Download YouTube With y2mate.com Without Additional Applications, Downloads Go to File Manager Oto

As it is known that YouTube has stored more collections of songs that can be listened to for free online.

But if you want to enjoy it offline, you can download YouTube songs with y2mate.com as much as you like.

Follow the steps below, How to download songs on YouTube via y2mate.com

Download music Using MP3 Downloader Only Use HP

1. Copy the video link on YouTube
2. Enter in the following link, CLICK HERE
3. Copy and paste in the search section then click Start or start
4. Select the MP4 video format to download it
5. Click start download then wait a few seconds.

Do you like listening to the latest western songs to the newest dangdut songs? Want to listen to it by streaming but unfortunately the package runs out quickly? Actually, you know, How to Download Songs so you can still listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

This method is to download the song and listen to it offline. But, what’s the trick? No need to worry! This time, Gudanglagu.club will explain how to download songs easily and for free!

When the internet package is very thin, surely listening to songs offline will be the most appropriate solution that many people do. Well, for that reason, the following Gudanglagu.klub provides ways to download songs without an application or with an application that you can try.

How to download Mp3 music on an Android phone with an application

The first way you can do is by installing the best song download application on your HP device. Here we will give an example of how to download songs on a cellphone using the help of an application called 4shared.

For more details, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the 4shared app
  • Select the Music option, after that, you tap the Search symbol then select the Music option.
  • Then look for the song you want to download. Then, you write down the keyword to find the song you want to download and press the ‘Search’ button on the keyboard.
  • Select and download the song, then on the song you want to download, tap the three-dot symbol and select Download.
  • Wait until the download process is complete and the song will be automatically saved in the download folder of your Android phone.

How to Download Mp3 Music Without an Application

Don’t want to bother installing additional applications to download songs for free? Or you don’t have a cellphone with a large memory that can load new applications?

Don’t worry, there is a choice of how to download songs without an application that you can do. Among them by visiting several song download sites as follows.

  • Visit the song download site
  • The first step, you go to your favorite song download site. Here Gudanglagu.club gives an example by using a site called 4shared (https://4shared.com).
  • Account login
  • After that, you select the Sign in menu to log in. Enter your Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter account then select the Sign In button.
  • Search song
  • Then, you search for the song you want to download by writing the song’s keyword in the search field and then pressing the enter button on the keyboard.
  • Select and download songs
  • The next step, you select and download the song by tapping the title of the song. Then, you select the capture button to start downloading the song.
  • Tap the Free Download button
  • Next, you select the Free Download button and wait for the song to be automatically downloaded. After that.

How to Download MP3 Music from YouTube

Now there are many YouTube cover song channels that offer some interesting content for you to watch and listen to. But, what if you want to download a song from someone’s YouTube channel? Don’t worry, here Gudanglagu.club gives you easy steps to download MP3 songs from YouTube.

  • Search YouTube videos
  • First, you search for the YouTube video whose background music you want to download.
  • Copy link video
  • Then, you copy the video link by tapping the three-dot symbol and then selecting the Sharing menu. Next, select the Copy Link option.
  • Visit the YouTube converter site
  • After that, you go to a site that provides a YouTube converter service. Here, Gudanglagu.club visits a site called YTMP3 (https://ytmp3.cc/en13/).
  • Paste the video link
  • The next step, you paste the YouTube video link just now into the column that has been prepared. Then, press the Convert button.
  • Select Download button
  • Finally, you select the Download button and the download process will run automatically.

How to Download Mp3 Music on Spotify

For those of you who are users of the Spotify music streaming application, you can also download your favorite songs so that you can be more economical in the package and can be listened to at any time, even without an internet connection.

About the trick, it’s also really easy, you can follow the steps to download songs on Spotify below.

  • Select the song you want to download
  • First, you search for and select your favorite songs that you want to download.
  • Like song
  • The next step, you tap the three-dot symbol on the song and then select the Like menu. Therefore, the song will be automatically saved in the Your Library menu.
  • Select the Your Library menu
  • Then, you go to the Your Library menu and select Liked Songs.
  • Download song
  • Finally, you activate the Download toggle because the download process will start immediately.

Recommended Best MP3 Music Download Applications on Android Phones

Here’s how to easily download MP3 Audio Songs and MP4 Music Videos from Youtube on Android.

You can easily download music from Youtube in MP3 or MP4 format with just a few clicks.

Without additional applications, you can already listen to music or watch videos several times without fear of running out of quota.

In addition, this method can download MP3 and MP4 from Youtube by adjusting the quality of the result. If your quota is running low, you can download low quality, but if you want to get good quality you can do that too

So what are the 4 Best MP3 Song Download Application Recommendations on Android Phones? Take a look below:


The best MP3 song download application on the first Android phone is VidMate. VidMate is a type of application that downloads various song files, namely mp3 and mp4 and videos for free.

VidMate cannot be downloaded via the Play Store application, to download this application you must use Google Chrome. The storage size of this application is very diverse, namely: 14MB, VidMate Lite 10MB and 20MB depending on the needs you want.

How to download mp3 songs on VidMate is to simply copy the URL of your favorite song from Youtube. Then copy the link in the application search field and you are selected with various categories, such as: MP3, MP4, Videos with different sizes.


The best MP3 music download application on the second android phone is Download MP3 Music By Cagluco Investments and this application can be downloaded via the google play store. This application is very easy to download, you only need to type the singer of your favorite song then various lists will be displayed by this application.

The drawback with this application is that you can’t search for song titles and have to include the singer’s name, making the search process easier.

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the best MP3 music download application and is perfect for your android phone. For its size, this application takes up only 30MB of space. However, the SoundCloud application only provides a variety of cover or remix songs, not the original singer. Of course, this is a distinct difference from other music download applications. The registration process is also very easy.


The best MP3 Music Download application on the latest android phone is MP3 Downloader 2022 which uses a simple system when downloading music files.

The size of this application is only 9.1 MB and it doesn’t take up too much space on your phone’s storage, you can download it for free on google playstore.

Such is the collection of MP3 Music Download Applications on various social media such as Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram etc. I hope this helps

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