4 Free Android Apps To Create Your Own Fantasy World

free android app to create fantasy world

Here is a list of 4 free Android apps to create your own fantasy world. The fantasy world builder app lets you build the world as per your wish.

The fantasy world is where you can define different aspects of the world and add whatever you want to add. These can all range from land, sea, mountains, plants, rivers to people, animals, etc.

If you want to create a fantasy world for a story, curiosity or some other reason, then this app can help.

All these apps are free to use. Each app has a different approach to creating the world. Some apps give you very limited options to interact with whereas others open up a lot of possibilities which can be overwhelming.

This post covers the apps that let you build, simulate and control the world. You can define laws and watch the world interact.

Then there are simpler apps where you can set the percentage of various items you want in the world and generate the world accordingly.

I’ll also give a little description of each app and what can be done with it. You can check them out and see which app is suitable for you.

1. WorldBox

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WorldBox is a free Android app to create your own fantasy world. In this app, you can create a whole world with civilizations, kingdoms, animals, plants, monsters, natural disasters and weapons of destruction.

There are different sections for creating and adding different types of objects to the map. Before doing that, you can pause the world and then add objects as everything you add interacts with each other.

You can define world laws for civilizations, masses, animals and nature. Once your world is ready, you can go ahead and see how the objects interact.

You can add new elements on demand, cause destruction, disturb the kingdom, and add/remove land, sea, trees, rain, etc.

Objects & Options:

  • Play/Pause the world whenever you want. You can edit while everything is paused.
  • Establish laws for civilization, mobs, animals and nature.
  • Tools for Creating Worlds: Deep Sea, Near Sea, Shallow Water, Soil, Forest, Sand, Hills, Mountains and other editing tools.
  • Civilizations, Kingdoms & Villagers: Add Kingdoms, Leaders and Villages. Define Friendship, Relationship and Enmity among kingdoms. Add different cultures to different kingdoms.
  • Animals, Creatures and Monsters: Pick and drop humans, various animals and monsters anywhere on the map.
  • Nature & Disasters: Temperature changes, Lighting, Earthquakes, Typhoons, Rain, Acid Rain, Fire, plant seeds, shrubs, rocks, ore and gold.
  • Destructive Powers: Use different types of bombs and nukes to cause varying degrees of destruction on the map.

WorldBox lets you create, simulate and monitor worlds inside your phone. You can decide what you want in that world and define the law accordingly.

You can change at any time to make changes and cause various events. You can save the world in the app.

Downloads for: Android

2. Hexogen Map Editor

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Hexogen World Maker is another free Android app to create your own fantasy world. The app automatically generates a realistic 3D world which you can edit and customize as per your wish.

You need in-app tokens to generate worlds which you can easily earn by watching ads. There are three options for generating worlds; Small, Medium, and Large.

You can choose any size and then set the percentage level for land, water, trees, rivers, houses, paths, walls, and other objects.

After generating the world as per your specifications, it opens the world which you can move and explore. You get various options on the screen to edit the world around you.

You can set water depth, mountain height, draw rivers, paths, add houses and trees. After editing, you can export the world and share it with others.

Objects on the fantasy map:

  • The world map contains several types of mountains, lands, seas, rivers, paths, houses, walls and trees. You can configure the percentage of each object before creating the map.

What can you edit on the map?

  • Change the type and height of the mountain.
  • Change the size and depth of the river/sea.
  • Add three types of houses to the map.
  • Add three types of trees to the map.
  • Draw rivers, paths and walls by sliding your finger over the screen.

This app lets you create realistic 3D worlds which you can edit as per your wish. There is some lag when adding new objects but it works fine.

One thing I’m not sure about is how to share the map. This app lets you export maps but only save them in the app. There is no actual file that you can save.

However, you can re-import the saved maps into the app and edit them whenever you want.

Downloads for: Android

3. Atlas

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Atlas is a free fantasy world generator app for Android. This is a simple application for generating worlds and so with maps. It gives you two options to create the world.

The first option is to create a random world. The app automatically selects the object and generates a map for you. Whereas, the other options allow you to customize the map as per your requirement.

You can choose what you want on the map and add places and landmarks on the map. This application creates 3D maps with topographic views and moving clouds.

You can save the map within the app and export its image to your device.

Objects on the fantasy map:

  • 3D geographic map with landmarks, rivers, mountains, clouds, lakes and seas.

What can you edit on the map?

  • Set the map size and set the biome type.
  • Determine the percentage of oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers, and volcanoes.
  • Add caves, cities, huts, dungeons, farms, fields, forests, graves, islands, mazes, roads, ruins, towers, villages, etc.

Atlas is a great app for quickly generating worlds. It can instantly generate random worlds with topology view in 3D. You can save the world map as a flat 2D image.

Downloads for: Android

4. FFM World

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FFM World is another free fantasy world creator app for Android. It is a simple app which generates random maps as per your specifications. Maps are basically flat 2D images.

The app has various geographic parameters which you can adjust to create your own map. You can define map width & height, minimum & maximum elevation, elevation noise, peak sharpness, sea level, erosion, temperature at equator & poles, humidity at equator and poles, and humidity noise.

After geography, you can set number of counties, number of cities, and map type (Island, Mainland, or World). Based on these specifications, this app generates a map for you.

Objects on the fantasy map:

  • Geographic map with counties, cities, rivers and seas.

What can you edit on the map?

  • Change the map mode to Biome, Heat, Politics and Parchment.
  • Show/hide cities and capitals.
  • Draw the topography every 5 to 25 units.
  • Show/hide rivers, slopes, and labels.

FFM World is a decent app for creating fantasy maps. It produces a flat 2D map which you can adjust a bit according to your needs.

You can export the map as a PNG image and use it for your fantasy story.

Downloads for: Android

Those are some free Android apps to create your own fantasy world. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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