4 Webcam Applications To Change Faces While Live Streaming on OBS

Webcam App To Change Face

Here’s a list of webcam applications for changing faces. You can also use this application when live streaming on OBS. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a video recording software that allows a person to record what is happening on their screen and also allows them to stream it online.

Often times when you open Facebook or watch YouTube, you will see gamers playing battle royale games like PUBG and others.

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They mostly play and stream using OBS, and OBS is one of the best game streaming apps or software that you can find on the internet.

But when they are streaming, some always like to show their faces, and while some show their faces but in a funny way.

That can only be done using the face changing webcam application they use in conjunction with the OBS software.

In this article, we will review a list of the best face swap webcam software or applications for OBS. This app will change the look of your face in the webcam section into a cat image or any funny image you can think of.

4 Webcam Applications To Change Faces While Live Streaming on OBS

  1. CamMask
  2. FaceRig
  3. AlterCam
  4. YouCam

1. CamMask

Webcam Application To Change Face-1

CanMask is a webcam application for changing faces available free and paid for both Windows users and Mac users.

This software has many features that let you doodle videos for free and also lets you change the background, change the sound, and also add text or stickers while recording.

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You can use CamMask to change the face on your webcam and make some funny looks, then you can save the recorded video and import it to OBS software and use it while streaming.

Downloads: CamMask

2. FaceRig

Webcam App To Change Face-2

FaceRig is another face changing webcam app that you can use in meetings or game streaming.

This software has various features and you can use it without stress, FaceRig has a lot of funny characters in it and you can record yourself in this funny character and you can use it on OBS, Google Meet, and other apps which have live camera.

FaceRig is available to download for free, and if you want an advanced version, you can choose one of its six premium license types.

Downloads: FaceRig

3. AlterCam

Webcam App To Change Face-3

AlterCam is one of the best in terms of features, and also one of the best because of its flexibility, with this face changing software you can change your face by adding cool funny effects and filters to it.

You can also hide your face while recording with this software. You can add a logo instead or leave it blank.

It is a face changing software which you can use in OBS while streaming games or when you are streaming anything using OBS.

AlterCam can be used for broadcasting pre-recorded videos as well as adding special effects to videos.

Downloads: AlterCam

4. YouCam

Webcam App To Change Face-4

You must have seen YouCam whenever you installed Cyberlink software on your PC, you can do many things with YouCam and it has features that let you add headdresses, funny faces, filters and effects, voice changes, and so on.

You can use YouCam along with various video calling software and applications.

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You can use it by streaming youtube, twitch and more. YouCam is one of the best face changing webcam software on the internet.

Downloads: YouCam

That’s the list of webcam apps to change faces. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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