5 Apps to Remove Objects in Videos (Android & iOS)

app to remove specific object in video

Here are some apps to remove specific objects in the best free videos (Android and iOS). Removing unwanted objects seems to be an important feature. However, it is quite difficult to find a suitable application to do it on video.

That’s why in this article we have collected the best apps to remove objects in videos (Android & iOS) which will help you to remove all the unneeded stuff from your videos.

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All of these apps are different and built for different purposes, such as: being able to remove moving objects, remove watermarks and text, etc. Here’s a compilation of 5 apps to remove certain objects in the best free videos (Android and iOS).

1. Remove Unwanted Object

app to remove specific object in video-1

Remove Unwanted Object is an application to remove objects in the best free videos (Android and iOS). Whatever type of object you want to hide—people, trees, stickers, or text—this app can do it.

Plus, the app is free and doesn’t leave a watermark (would be weird if that was the case, wouldn’t it?). Needless to say, the interface is a bit dated, but the functionality is on its level. The controls are simple—just select a file from the gallery and start retouching.

After selecting the file, you will enter the preview screen with the flexible lasso instrument. Your goal here is to define the object that you want to delete.

Of course, deleting something from a video is much more complicated, as the footage may be unstable. And it gets more complicated if the object you are trying to remove moves.

To work around this, you need to rearrange at some point of the video to keep the object closed. You can also set zoom and pinch options with your finger to work with smaller objects.

Apart from that, this app lets you define the time interval to perform the deletion process.

Downloads for: Android | iOS

2. Video Eraser

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Video Eraser is also an application to remove certain objects in the best free videos. This app is actually dedicated to removing watermarks, but it can also be used to remove unwanted objects from videos.

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The app is capable of moving stationary objects like stickers, text, watermarks, and all that. If that’s your goal—this app is a great choice for object removal.

This application is very easy to use. It runs on smart AI technology that automatically recognizes logos and text. In other words, you don’t even have to spend time with the lasso instrument—this app will do it for you.

The removal process does not affect the quality of your video and does not blur the background, so there is no need to worry about that.

Apart from that, this app also lets you remove watermarks and stickers from images. The principle is the same—deletion is done automatically.

The app comes with a video editing tool that lets you crop the file and choose one of the pre-built ratios. You can also add a new watermark and logo if needed.

Downloads for: Android

3. Video Retouch

app to remove specific object in video-3

Video Retouch is an app on iOS which is made for object deletion. The app claims to be able to handle all kinds of objects—static and moving. However, it’s pretty much hit or miss with this app, as it tends to crash from time to time. Needless to say, there are lots of updates to fix glitches, but it’s not 100% stable yet.

To delete an object, all you need to do here is mark the unneeded object with the highlighting tool (which looks like an actual highlighting marker). There is no lasso instrument in this app, but the highlighter is also quite comfortable to use.

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As usual, the easiest thing to do here is to remove the static object. If the object that you want to hide moves, you have to mark it all over the video.

However, this app does not have a zoom tool to deal with small objects. The app does not smear the background in the removal area and does not reduce the quality of your video.

Downloads for: iOS

4. Watermark Remover

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Watermark Remover is another watermark remover app which will help you to get rid of static objects in your videos. First of all, the app works both ways—you might prefer to remove the watermark or add a new one. But let’s start with deletion, shall we!

The app comes with a simple user interface, so that you can easily remove all unwanted watermarks, stickers, and text from your files. This tool is not automatic, but you can use the rectangle tool which you can use to mark unwanted things.

Apart from that, you can set the deletion timer for all videos one by one. However, the application cannot handle moving objects. The background on the video will not be affected by deletion, nor will the overall quality.

Once done, you can also add a new watermark or text to your video. The app also supports GIF watermarks and animated stickers if needed.

The app also comes with a built-in editor that lets you trim videos, compress them, and more. There are also many pre-made ratio settings for you to use.

Downloads for: Android

5. Easy Retouch

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Easy Retouch is the best free video removal app. It is an easy-to-use tool that lets you remove static objects from photos and videos. It can remove text, logos, watermarks, stickers and other types of static objects.

All you have to do here is mark unwanted objects on your file, and they will be deleted. This app includes several marking tools of various shapes.

There are also classic lasso tools for tackling more complex objects if needed. Plus, the app includes a zoom tool for working with small elements. The removal process occurs automatically and does not cause stains on the background and so on.

This app uses AI to recognize objects and delete them once and for all. The app will not degrade your video quality, so don’t worry about that.

Once done, you will t view the video in any required format. The app supports all the most used formats including MP4, and more.

You can also adjust the video size, and also set the ratio. All tools in this app are free, but ads will appear from time to time.

Downloads for: Android

Those are some applications to delete certain objects in videos. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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