5 Best Discord Servers for Valheim Games

Best Discord Servers for Valheim Games

Valheim has sold five million copies since its February release and is one of Steam’s most successful games. Obviously, the excellent gameplay and background music elevates this game to a new level. In this article, I will compile a list of the best Discord servers for the game Valheim. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

Below, I have listed the 5 best Discord servers for the game Valheim. The list below can be expanded to see the server names at a glance. You can also directly read about a specific Discord server by clicking on the link.

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1. Valheim Community

Best Discord Servers for Valheim-1 Games

Valheim Community is one of the best Discord servers for Valheim games which hosts more than 19 thousand members. The best part about this server is that it has a supportive staff and has a community. Just like any other Discord server, in Valheim Community, you can meet friends, share game trailers, promote your own server, and do a lot more.

Not to mention, the servers are well maintained, and you will find lots of like-minded individuals here. In short, if you are looking for a dedicated Discord server for Valheim, then Valheim Community is the right choice.

Joins: Valheim Community

2. Valheim – Official Discord Server

Best Discord Servers for Valheim-2 Games

Valheim is Discord’s official server for open-world survival games with over 164k members. This is one of the largest Valheim communities out there. You can discuss games, report any bugs to moderators, share your fanart, have fun with memes and clips, and much more on this server. Basically, you get everything on the server to get a nice experience while gathering resources or building your base.

What I like most about these servers is that they are mostly non-toxic, even with such a large number of members. The rules are strict, and you have to abide by them if you want to stay on the server. Overall, Valheim is an excellent Discord server and you should definitely join it.

Joins: Valheim

3. Army of the North

Best Discord Servers for Valheim-3 Games

If you are looking for the best Discord server for Valheim in terms of support, then Army of the North will be my recommendation. These server members are very relaxed and ready to help you with anything. Currently the members are still few, but it is growing and will become bigger over time.

Not to mention, Army of the North servers have some strict rules and don’t allow racism, bullying, and promotion of Twitch or any other Discord channel. So if you want to make new friends while playing Valheim, this is one of the best Discord servers out there.

Joins: Army of the North

4. Daddy

Best Discord Servers for Valheim-4 Games

Daddy is one of the most popular multi-game Discord servers. This server was once named one of the best Discord servers for Among US. And you can also find Valheim players on this server. This is not a dedicated server for Valheim, but hosts channels for Valheim, Among Us, Valorant, COD, League, and Genshin Impact.

In Valheim dedicated channel, you can find players to enjoy Valheim with all the good tools and features. It is also a large community and hosts about 237,000 members.

And like any other server, you have voice calls, support staff, and more. What’s unique about this server is that you can watch anime on this server and make new friends. There is also support for private groups that you can create with your closest friends. Overall, Daddy is one of the most fun Discord servers for Valheim, and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Joins: Daddy

5. Valheim Global

Best Discord Servers for Valheim-5 Games

Lastly, Valheim Global is a starter Discord server for Valheim players. As the name suggests, it is a global server and helps you connect with players from all over the world. Granted, the community is still small at the moment, but it’s growing and can be a fun place to discuss all things Valheim.

Another cool thing is that Valheim Global adds interactive tools and features to enhance your experience on these servers. In conclusion, if you are looking for a small but dedicated server for Valheim, you can try it on Valheim Global.

Joins: Valheim Global

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So those were some of the best Discord servers for Valheim game that you can join. If you are looking for a supportive community, Valheim Community is an excellent choice. Apart from that, you can also join Valheim – Official Discord Server to find Viking friends who want to build an empire and invite others to see them.

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