6 Best & Cheapest Online Courier Apps

Best and cheap Online Courier Application

When shopping online, of course we want the goods we buy to arrive without having to go through a long process. The answer can be found in web-based courier services. All you have to do is open the online courier app on your phone and order the items that we are going to buy.

In our daily life, online courier applications are very useful. The presence of online courier applications in our midst brings several advantages. Not only for users, but also for driver partners who want to help make the company’s services a success.

With this online courier application, it is easier for us to send packages and goods, of course with the best service and low prices.

Best & Cheapest Online Courier App

Among the many online courier applications, we may already be familiar with GoSend or Grab Express, which are goods delivery products or services provided by two of Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing giants.

However, along with the growth and development of the online courier industry in Indonesia, we will have more choices of online courier applications to use besides Grab and Gojek. Here are some of the best and cheapest online courier applications in Indonesia that you can use to send or receive packages and goods:

  • Mr. Lightning
  • Gojek (GoSend)
  • Grab (Grab Express)
  • JNE
  • 21Express
  • Okayjek (Courier)

Mr. Lightning

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Mr. Express is one of the best and cheapest online courier applications that you can use to send and receive goods packages. Even though he is still relatively new in the package and goods delivery service category, Mr. Kilat does not need to doubt his service.

Mr Kilat provides freight forwarding services both within and outside the city. Mr Kilat offers express and sameday parcel delivery services in the region. The available Express Services will take up to three destinations at once. As a result, this benefits our customers both in terms of price and time. Customers don’t have to wait for three drivers to take orders one by one.

It can be picked up and delivered by one driver. And it’s much cheaper. Because the cost of traveling from point 1 to point 2 is calculated from point 1, and the cost of traveling from point 2 to point 3 is calculated from point 2.

Downloads for: Android

Gojek (GoSend)

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Gojek (GoSend) is the best and cheapest online courier application that you can use to send and receive goods. As Indonesians, we are already familiar with Gojek. Where online transportation not only provides delivery order services or online food orders, but also provides online transportation delivery order services.

Gojek has been increasingly recognized as an online courier service since launching a service known as GoSend. Meanwhile, GoSend is a package delivery service for local and intercity goods with fast service and low cost.

GoSend has applied advanced technology in many types of services offered, including GoSend Instant Delivery, Instant Same Day Delivery and Intercity Delivery, making it relatively easy for us to send goods via GoSend.

Downloads for: Android

Grab (Grab Express)

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Grab (Grab Express) is another best and cheapest online courier application. Grab is a popular application that is a direct competitor to Gojek. The Grab framework includes distribution features in addition to other transportation features. Grab Express is the name of the program, which is a feature in the Grab application that provides delivery services for goods and documents.

Currently, Grab Express is available in almost all Grab work areas. GrabExpress Instant Bike, GrabExpress Same Day Bike, and GrabExpress Instant Car are some of the services available.

When using the Grab Express service, goods or packages will be delivered by drivers who receive orders by motorbike (GrabBike) and car (GrabCar).

Downloads for: Android


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JNE is another best and cheapest online courier app on this list. The JNE app is now available for Android devices. The JNE application was created to make it easier for the public to monitor shipments and check prices at JNE. Next, the application will scan the QR code to make it easier for users to monitor the goods that have been sent.

The JNE application has a straightforward design. When you open this app, you will see five options: Airwaybill, fares, JNE Nearbay, One Click, and pick-up. Users can choose from these five menus based on their preferences.

JNE is a leading national company that offers one-stop logistics and distribution solutions. JNC serves in-city shipping, domestic shipping, international shipping, logistics and distribution, international sea and air cargo, trucking & moving, warehousing, express special permits, airport escort, and money transfers as a one-stop solution service provider.

Downloads for: Android


Best and cheap Online Courier Application-5

21Express is a company engaged in the distribution of goods. Now you can access it through a mobile application known as the 21Express application, besides the 21Express network that is already spread all over the place.

You can more easily ensure transactions and monitor shipments with this one application. The 21Express app also performs calculations based on kilometers from the origin city to the destination you specify.

With the 21Express back office feature embedded in the 21Express application, customers can more easily monitor the delivery of merchandise to their destination. With these features, the 21Express application is expected to make it easier for e-commerce customers to place orders and monitor their delivery status.

Downloads for: Android

Okayjek (Courier)

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The best online courier application that we can use for fast and cheap delivery of packages and goods is the Okejek (Courier) service. Even though it doesn’t have a name as famous as Gojek or Grab, the Oke Jack application has many features and is not inferior to the two well-known applications above.

The OkeJack application, in addition to providing online motorcycle taxi services and food delivery, also provides goods delivery services or courier services that are well-known for their security. The Oke Jack online courier application is already available in several cities, including Jogjakarta, Malang, Brebes, Cirebon, Jakarta, Bandung, and others.

Downloads for: Android

Those are some of the best and cheapest online courier applications in Indonesia safepedia. Hopefully this article is useful for you. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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