6 Best Free Employee Attendance Software

The Best Free Employee Attendance Software

Here is a list of the best free employee attendance software for Windows PCs. This software helps you manage and track employee absenteeism. You can track employee absenteeism by logging their In/Out Time. This software can be useful for small companies as well as large companies to manage employees, attendance, time, payroll, etc.

Apart from employee attendance management, you can also use this software to store employee’s personal information. You can also use this attendance tracking software to track employee leave. A description can be added to the leave schedule to determine the reason for the leave. Many of the software mentioned in this list are web based, so they require database software, such as: XAMPP, WAMP, etc., to run.

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6 Best Free Employee Attendance Software

Apart from being free, some of these Employee Attendance software can also be used to calculate employee salaries. To calculate and manage payroll, this software uses all necessary parameters, such as: base salary, tax deduction, overtime, hours worked, etc. This software can accurately calculate salary, because they have the exact working hours details of each employee. Here are the 6 Best Free Employee Attendance Software for Windows PCs:

  1. Kerjoo
  2. TimeTrex
  3. PHP TimeClock
  4. Odoo
  5. OrangeHRM
  6. CKZ Time Clock

1. Kerjoo

employee attendance software-6

Kerjoo is one of the best time attendance apps on this list. Kerjo is also an application for Cloud-based and SaaS-based HR systems, where one of the features offered is employee attendance that can be done via cellphone using the latest technology in real-time through a GPS system and a facial recognition biometric system.

With the Kerjoo application made by this country’s children, it is easier for companies to manage employee attendance while at the same time ensuring that Work From Home (WFH) and remote working employees continue to work according to their time.

Features offered by Kerjoo:

Attendance: Employees can find it easy to do attendance from anywhere. Just open the application on your cellphone, use facial recognition / QRIS attendance, and the employees are ready to work! HR can determine, monitor, and approve the attendance of each employee.

Timesheets: Even though the employee’s work location is done outside the office (Work From Home), the company can still optimize employee performance by monitoring the employee’s daily timesheet anywhere and anytime.

Overtime: Submission, recording, and calculation of employee overtime will be easier to do. Employees can fill their own overtime. Flexible but still controlled because HR can give approval for the overtime done.

Paid leave: Submission, recording, and calculation of employee leave can be managed easily without disrupting work schedules or shifting. HR can set the time limit for leave by activating the time setting for submitting leave.

Permission: HR will find it easier to manage applications for sick leave and permits outside of employee leave. The evidence of a sick certificate from the doctor can be directly uploaded by the employee through the employee’s mobile application.

Statistics: HR performance, discipline, and effectiveness of employee performance can be easily seen by HR through the employee performance statistics feature which includes working hours, permits, leave, and overtime.

Create ID Cards: Kerjoo is equipped with ID Card template facilities. Companies can take advantage of this feature to create ID Cards for each employee with the provided design. HR can choose the components that you want to appear on the ID Card.

Employee data: The company’s administration will be neater because of the facility to store complete employee data, making it easier and saving HR time in managing employee data.

You can also download this Kerjoo application on the Google Play Store and App Store. And the cool thing is, if you register now, you get free Kerjoo service for 14 days. For more information, just visit the official Kerjoo website from the link below.

2. TimeTrex

Best Free Employee Attendance Software-1

TimeTrex is a free, open source attendance management software for Windows PCs. It is more popular because of its payroll and time management options, and it also lets you track the absenteeism of multiple employees. This attendance management software also tracks employee leave plans. One of the interesting options of this software is, it sends email alerts when employees are late for work.

It allows administrators and employees to mark attendance. Employees can log in through their TimeTrex account to mark attendance. Admin has the authority to mark employee absences, and can also edit attendance and other details about employees. Assigned supervisors can also track employee absenteeism and project-related information. Employees also have the authority to directly message and ask their supervisor about work, projects, leaving, etc.

For companies, TimeTrex is very suitable, as it provides an option to add employees according to the company hierarchy (department, designation, etc.), which helps you generate payroll for a group of employees at once, based on the number of absences.

Various reports, such as attendance reports, payroll reports, employee reports, etc., can be viewed and shared by admin via email. The option to save the report in excel format is also available here. Employees can also view payroll, schedule, attendance, etc. Overall, it is one of the best free attendance management software with an intuitive interface.

Downloads: TimeTrex

3. PHP TimeClock

Best Free Employee Attendance Software-2

PHP TimeClock is a free time tracking software for Windows that can be used to track check-ins, check-outs, breaks, employee lunch times, etc. It allows employees to mark their absence from their own PC. The option to add notes while marking attendance is also available. Here, attendance is recorded in real time and employees do not have the authority to change/edit the time once it is entered. Only admins can edit attendance records.

Employees can be categorized by different offices and groups. Details related to employees in offices and groups can also be managed through this software.

To analyze attendance, this software provides attendance reports in the form of daily and hourly reports. Reports can be exported in CSV format. This attendance tracking software has no limit on the number of employees.

Downloads: PHP TimeClock

4. Odoo

Best Free Employee Attendance Software-3

Odoo is a suite of free business applications for Windows. In this software, you will find many applications (Timesheets, CRM, Inventory Management, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Time Attendance, etc.) which will help you manage various aspects of your organization. You can use any of these apps for free. Attendance application is a module that can be used for attendance tracking. It lets admin manage employee attendance records

Admin can easily add unlimited number of employees and mark their absence. Employees can also mark their own absences either from their phones or PCs. Employees must set their own PIN and must be entered before marking absences.

This Attendance rate app is really a good feature of this software. Here, you get a very simple check-in/out option to mark there or leave, named Kiosk Mode. All attendance records with employee name, time and entry/exit details are stored in attendance menu. Here, you also get advanced options to analyze employee hours. Analysis reports can be viewed as bar charts, line charts, charts, and pie charts.

In the Apps menu, you can download other useful attendance management related apps, namely, Leave Management and Timesheet to manage and schedule attendance.

PS: This free employee attendance management software requires database software, such as XAMMP, WAMP, etc.

Downloads: Odoo

5. OrangeHRM

Best Free Employee Attendance Software-4

OrangeHRM is another open source HR management software for Windows. It can be used as an attendance tracker and management software. Here, admin can easily add multiple users (employees) with all their personal information. Employees can log their absences, manage planned leave, plus they can also add additional details to their attendance records from anywhere. Admin can give some additional authority to the user, to change the current time when pressing/exiting, editing or deleting own attendance records, etc.

For planned leave, employees can save information regarding their leave, such as time off, leave, total days of leave, etc. Supervisors can view leave requests and approve or deny leave requests. This process saves time, plus no paperwork is required to keep notes, which is a good reason to use this software.

Personal Information Management is an additional feature of this software, which helps you to centralize the database. You can keep all your personal and work-related information safe. This feature also reduces the possibility of data loss.

Many other features like: Hiring, Performance tracker, Employee Self Service, etc., are also available for Human Resources management.

PS: Orange HRM requires database software like XAMPP, WAMP, etc. To be able to walk.

Downloads: OrangeHRM

6. CKZ Time Clock

Best Free Employee Attendance Software-5

CKZ Time Clock is another free attendance management software for Windows. It is used to collect, track and manage employee absenteeism. Using this software, employers can also track employee leave. The planned leave, along with the reasons, can be attached to the employee’s attendance record.

Employee attendance can be registered by admin or employee. Hours In and Hours Out added to track employee hours worked. Admins can create employee profiles and various permissions can be granted to them, such as:

  • Allow employees to enter their hours in and out time manually.
  • Force employees to mark their absences in real time.
  • Let employees edit their hours in and out time.

This employee attendance tracking software also has an inbuilt payroll calculator to calculate employee salary based on attendance. To calculate salary, it uses the following variables: employee days worked, hours, amount of overtime, and rate of pay.

By using the Employee Summary option, you can easily view the attendance, hours worked, payroll details, etc., of each employee. This summary report can be shared via email in various formats, such as: PDF, XLS, TXT, etc.

PS: In this free version, you can only add up to 3 employees. Security features to set username, password protection, etc., are also disabled. To get around this limitation, you have to buy the full version of this software.

Downloads: CKZ Time Clock

Safespedia’s favorite employee attendance software:

TimeTrax is a very useful software for managing employee attendance. One of the advanced options for calculating payroll according to employee hierarchy really impressed me. It also has the ability to store information about employee projects, departments, etc.

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