6 Ways to Overcome Lag When Screen Share on Zoom

how to solve lag when sharing screen on zoom

Zoom screen share is usually very smooth, but you may experience lag or dropouts. This article will help you to solve the problem. Zoom is very popular because it offers a variety of features, including screen sharing, breakout roomcustom app stores, whiteboards, and more.

Screen shares are a great way to showcase your presentation or computer screen to your audience. However, certain variables can result in an unfavorable screen share experience on Zoom. Learn how to fix Zoom screen share lag by reading this article to the end.

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Lag or delay when sharing screen on Zoom can be caused by various factors. We will cover every possible element and help you solve this problem.

How to Overcome Lag When Screen Share on Zoom:

  1. Lower Screen Resolution
  2. Use the Whiteboard
  3. Disable Beauty Mode and Video Filters
  4. Remove Zoom Background
  5. Close Other Apps
  6. Zoom Application Update

1. Lower Screen Resolution

This is for people holding Zoom meetings on 4K monitors. When you enable screen share during a Zoom meeting, the program will display everything in its original resolution.

You can lower the screen resolution so that when the screen share gets the perfect performance. Follow the steps below on Windows OS.

1. Open the Settings app by pressing the key combination Windows+i.

2. From the menu Systemselect Display.

3. Select Screen resolution from the menu Scales & layouts.

4. Lower the screen resolution from the context menu.

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Mac Os users will need to make the necessary changes from the System Preferences menu.

1. Click Apple icon in the menu bar.

2. Open the menu System Preferences.

3. Open Displays and lower the display resolution from the menu below.

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2. Use a Whiteboard

If you want to brainstorm with Zoom participants, you can use the whiteboard function built into the app. Screen share takes a lot of resources to get the job done. If the meeting objective doesn’t require screen sharing, you can always use the whiteboard.

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3. Disable Beauty Mode and Video Filters

During video conversations, Zoom has built-in beauty options to help you look better. You can also use the Zoom video filter to make slight modifications to the look and preview of your video.

On paper, these all seem like fantastic ideas, but they all require CPU resources to function properly. Using Beauty mode and Zoom video filters during a meeting can cause screen sharing lag.

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During a video call, you can disable beauty mode and video filters by going to video settings. By disabling these two features, the screen share will work and produce perfect results.

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4. Remove Zoom Background

Zoom lets you hide the messy room behind you with a custom digital background. Zoom uses CPU power to crop your face in video calls and change the background.

You can disable background Zoom during a meeting. Now, try doing a screen share, and hopefully, you won’t notice any lag or delay in the presentation.

During a Zoom video call, you can go to Video settings and disable Zoom background. Don’t forget to keep the background neat as it will be visible to the participants during the call.

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5. Close Other Apps

Are you running some apps in the background? If you are dealing with 8GB RAM on your Windows PC or Mac, you will have to close other apps for screen sharing to work smoothly on Zoom.

But how do you know which apps to close in the background? This is where Windows Task Manager and Mac Activity Monitor come into play.

Press the Windows key on the computer and search for Task Manager. Open Task Manager and close apps that are consuming an unusual amount of RAM and CPU.

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Similarly, you can press command + spacebar on Mac and search for Activity monitor. Check which app is using high CPU and RAM, click on it and end the process.

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6. Update the Zoom Application

The lag issue when screen share is zoomed in might be caused by the old version on your Windows PC or Mac. Before starting screen sharing on Zoom, click the profile icon at the top and update Zoom to the latest version.

You should also choose a high-speed internet connection before starting screen sharing on Zoom. Don’t forget to connect to the 5Ghz Wi-Fi frequency for faster speed. Make sure to tick all the boxes before starting the screen share and enjoy seamless screen sharing on Zoom.

That’s the tutorial on how to overcome lag when sharing screen on Zoom. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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