7 Best Free Video Ad Maker Sites

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site

Here are the recommendations of the best free video ad maker sites to increase your product sales. It’s hard for a business to survive in 2022 without video. Video content works great not only in terms of engagement but also for ROI.

according to Wyzowl video marketing statistics 202289% of video marketers say that video gives them the highest ROI, 80% report that video increases sales, 83% say that video helps them generate leads, and 87% say that video increases traffic to their website.

Therefore, to further increase your sales, you should promote your products by creating advertisements in the form of videos. And in this article we will share some of the best free sites for creating video ads. With this app, you can create attractive video ads in minutes.

How to create video ads on the sites that I will mention is quite easy because these sites offer hundreds of libraries of promotional video templates. You can browse the collection to find templates for your ad. Once you have a template, you can customize it with text, stickers, shapes, etc. This way, you can easily create video ads without any video editing experience.

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Some of these free video ad maker sites also let you use videos, photos/images, and music from the gallery. You can import your own media and embed it into the video. In the end, you can export videos to MP4 or change it to GIF.

7 Best Free Video Ad Maker Sites

  1. anime
  2. Powtoon
  3. Moovly
  4. headliner
  5. Offeo
  6. Animaker
  7. Adobe Spark

1. Anime

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-1

Animoto is an easy-to-use video ad creation site for businesses. You can use it to create several types of videos including promo videos for your business. It has a huge library of images, photos, video clips, music, templates and fonts. This resource helps you to create all kinds of promo videos for your business.

Animoto has a drag-and-drop video maker through which you can create stunning videos within minutes. Choose a storyboard template, upload your video, personalize it, add images, music, and other material from the library, and produce. You can download it and share it on social media with one click.

Animoto is a cost-effective tool that has a free version. The Personal Plan starts at $5/month with the Animoto logo at the end of the video. The Professional plan is priced at $33/month without the Animoto watermark.

Visit: anime

2. Powtoon

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-2

Powtoon is one of the best explainer video ad maker tools out there. It works best for creating explanatory videos to share your brand story with your audience for easy recall. Not just brand stories, but you can use explanatory videos to promote your products.

Powtoon’s interface is simple and easy to use. You can choose a template from the marketing category for explanation videos, product videos or video ads. Edit the template, tweak it, add assets from its library, save your video, and download it as an MP4. One of the best features of Powtoon is its full HD quality videos for all paid plans.

It comes with a free plan with limited access and Powtoon branding. Paid plans start at $19/month and if you want to get access to its entire asset library, you have to switch to the Pro+ plan ($59/month).

Visit: Powtoon

3. Moovly

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-3

Moovly is a feature-rich promotional video maker suitable for all types of businesses. It comes with a simple drag-and-drop video maker that lets you create amazing videos for your business.

One of its best features is its automatic video creation which allows your company to create its own templates which you can use to create videos on autopilot for your brand every day. Video Automator connects to your data (e.g. email list), and it lets you send personalized videos to your subscribers.

Moovly has several customizable video templates to choose from. All you have to do is choose a promo video template, customize it, add your video, add an image, save and share it, and download it for later use. It has some of the best features like text-to-speech, floating subscriptions, and white labeling.

Moovly has a free plan with limited access. Paid plans start at $24.96/month which gives you access to all the core features you need to create professional promotional videos for your business.

Visit: Moovly

4. Headlines

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-4

The headliner focuses on helping businesses create videos for marketing purposes. This makes it an ideal video ad maker that you should try. It lets you create very professional videos in 3 simple steps:

  • Upload your video
  • Add assets from library and customize your videos
  • Publish, share and download.

If you want to make a long video for YouTube, Headliner works best. You can make 120 minutes video with it. Apart from that, it automatically rips audio and video for you. The video that you create with Headliner is very interesting because it uses a waveform that forces the viewer to turn on the audio.

You can use it free forever with limitations, of course. Paid plans start at $12.95/month with full access to all assets and features. This makes Headliner one of the cheapest promo video creators on this list.

Visit: headliner

5. Offeo

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-5

If you are looking for a free marketing and promotional video ad maker, you should give Offeo a try. The free plan is much better and offers more features than what you will get with other video creators. You can create all kinds of videos in its intuitive interface. It has a huge library that includes images, photos, animations, video clips, licensed music, and more.

You can use it for free forever to create professional looking videos for your business. You will enjoy access to their assets even in a free package including commercially licensed music and animation. Paid plans start at $19/month making it one of the most reasonable video creators on the market.

Visit: Offeo

6. Animaker

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-6

Animaker is one of the most popular animation video creation sites. You can use it to make promotional videos amazing animation. But it not only supports animated videos, you can also create live action videos and almost any type of video for any purpose. It has a simple and fast drag-and-drop interface.

One of the amazing things about Animaker is that it lets you create a character with a few clicks, and you personalize the character for your brand. This makes your video personalized and you can create a unique character for your promo video.

With over 100 million videos, photos and other assets and over 1000 templates, it has one of the largest asset libraries among promo video creation sites. The free plan has a watermark on the videos which can be removed by switching to a paid plan. The starting price is $19/month where you get access to all the amazing features and assets.

Visit: Animaker

7. Adobe Spark

Best Free Video Ad Maker Site-7

It’s impossible to miss Adobe when you talk about graphics, design, and animation. Adobe Spark is a powerful design tool that you can use to create videos on your smartphone.

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It has a clean interface and lets you create graphics and videos in minutes. The best thing about Adobe Spark is that you can create your own graphics for your promo videos which means your videos will always be unique. It provides you with icons, images and designs to create videos for any purpose.

You can use it for free with limited access. Paid plans start at $9.79/month making it a very cost-effective promotional video maker.

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