7 Best Google Sheets Calendar Templates

Google Sheets calendar template

Here’s a list of some of the best free Google Sheets calendar templates. Google Sheets continues to lead the way from competitors in the education, small business, and startup space.

Google Sheets is Free and the app comes with lots of ready-to-use templates. Among these is the highly sought-after Google Sheets calendar template.

You can easily create upcoming monthly calendar and share it with friends, family or colleagues.

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You can always create a calendar in Google Sheets from scratch. But it is time consuming and requires extra effort from you. This is where ready-made templates come in. You can use it and start using calendar in minutes.

If you want to use one of the Google Sheet calendar templates from the list below, just open the download link in a new tab. select File > Make a Copy and save the Google Sheets file in Google Drive.

Now you can open the file from the saved Google Drive location and start editing the template with relevant details. Here are 7 of the best free Google Sheets calendar templates:

  1. Content Calendar
  2. Annual Calendar 2022
  3. Phases of the Moon Calendar
  4. Weekly Schedule Calendar Template
  5. Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme
  6. Social Media Editorial Theme Template

1. Content Calendar

Google Sheets-1 calendar template

Content Calendar is the best free calendar template for Google Sheets. If you are a content creator and create regular content with a team, this Content Calendar Google Sheets template might be perfect for you.

It brings project management and calendar to use in one place. On the homepage, you can view the current project status, title, set priorities, add short descriptions, and even assign tasks to teammates.

Moving to Calendar tab, here you can add all upcoming events and tasks and share them with others.

Downloads: Content Calendar

2. Annual Calendar 2022

Google Sheets-3 calendar template

Annual Calendar 2022 is also the best free calendar template for Google Sheets. It’s 2022 and Google has released the official Google Sheets calendar template in the default template gallery.

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The current Sheets calendar template uses a dark blue calendar background, which may not be to everyone’s liking. You can go to Format > Theme and play with other colors too.

The template comes with individual columns for each month to plan the entire 2022 in one sheet. Please try from the link below.

Downloads: Annual Calendar 2022

3. 12-Month Calendar

Google Sheets-4 calendar template

If the calendar above is too simple for you, try a calendar that combines style and substance. The 12-Month Calendar template has a minimalistic design with a touch of theme here and there.

We especially like the yellow divider in the monthly view. Click on the empty box under the date and you are ready to add events and tasks.

Downloads: 12-Month Calendar

4. Phases of the Moon Calendar

Google Sheets-5 calendar template

As the name suggests, Phases of the Moon Calendar displays the phases of the moon on a specific month and date. It can be useful for one to track the phases of the moon throughout the year.

Instead of relying on third-party apps to check the moon phase for the day, you can download this Google Sheets calendar template and track everything from one page.

Switch to the Moon Phase data and check the records of the previous year to 2022.

Downloads: Phases of the Moon Calendar

5. Weekly Schedule Calendar Template

Google Sheets-6 calendar template

While most users prefer the default monthly view on the calendar, some may be more comfortable with weekly planning.

If you are from the latter camp, Weekly Schedule Calendar Template is the right choice for you.

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The template comes with weekly columns and hours worked in rows. You can also add tasks and notes for the current week.

Double click on cell C2 and change the date to this week and the template will make adjustments accordingly.

Downloads: Weekly Schedule Calendar Template

6. Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme

Google Sheets-7 calendar template

So far, we’ve talked about the Google Sheets template which comes with a white theme by default. How about a dark theme-inspired Calendar template for those browsing the Google Sheets software at night?

Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme packs a dark theme with red accents and looks beautiful on the big screen at sunset. This is a template suitable for Calendar needs in companies.

Downloads: Evergreen Calendar with Dark Theme

7. Social Media Editorial Theme Template

Google Sheets-77 kalender calendar template

Social media influencers! This one is for you. If you frequently post content online, you need something more capable than a simple calendar.

This template for Google Sheets takes care of basic content creation management and calendar requirements in one place. One can add due date, channel, status, project details and more.

Downloads: Social Media Editorial Theme Template

So, that was a list of some of the best free Google Sheets calendar templates. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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