7 Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Best Minecraft Island Seeds

Here’s a list of the 7 best Minecraft island seeds to try. Here I list various seeds ranging from small islands to island clusters, along with all the main locations and useful features each of these seeds have.

The islands in Minecraft can be a lot of fun to explore. You have limited resources in a small plot of land and water around you. And if that’s not enough to convince you to try this island seed, increase the difficulty by switching to survival mode in Minecraft.

You will also find the exact coordinates to reach the location described in the seed, even if it is not available during spawn. Immediately following 7 Best Minecraft Island Seeds.

  1. Minecraft Island Seeds with 3 Villages
  2. Smallest Island Seed with 2 Shipwrecks
  3. Desert Temple & Village Island
  4. Island near 4 Marine Monument
  5. Hypixel Middle School Spawn Island Seed
  6. Forest Island next to Big Mushroom Island
  7. Seed Big Mushroom Island with 7+ Biomes

1. Minecraft Island Seed with 3 Villages

Best Minecraft Island Seed-1

Minecraft Island Seed with 3 Villages being one of the most popular Minecraft island seeds among Minecraft community, it offers you many benefits. The seed spawns Agan next to the plains village, which is not very rare.

But then, if you start exploring the island you are on, you can find two more full size villages on the edge of the island. Each of these villages had their own iron golems and various villagers to trade goods with.

Here you will find farmers, clerics, and blacksmiths, along with fishermen. Then, to make things even better, you also have a shipwreck with a treasure map buried across the island.

And near the spawn village, there is another piece of land with a Looting Outpost. Once you are satisfied with your resources, you can also loot them. So yes, as you can see, there is a lot to explore in the Minecraft island seed which is at the top of this list.

  • Seed code: -4060839488929676108
  • Biome: Plains
  • Village: X: -95, Y: 66, Z: -2
  • Wreck: X: -100, Y: 64, Z: -116
  • Village: X: 18, Y: 68, Z: 4
  • Looting Outpost: X: 241, Y: 67, Z: 146
  • Village: X: 7, Y: 63, Z: -188

2. Seed the Smallest Island with 2 Shipwrecks

Best Minecraft Island Seed-2

This unique seed spawns you on one of the smallest Minecraft islands. The spawn island here is only 6 blocks in size, 4 of which are gravel blocks. And right next to it, you have 3 more sand blocks making another small island.

Unless you want to create a sea village, there is a shipwreck nearby which can save your life. The shipwreck comes with 3 treasure chests that have everything from magic items to buried treasure maps.

Once you reach the shipwreck, you will also see a piece of land, which is the island of the giant Mountains. There is another shipwreck that has 3 chests and a buried treasure map, along with other useful items near this island.

  • Seed code: 3563281288540707748
  • Biome : Mountains
  • Wreck: X: 35, Y: 45, Z: -232
  • Wreck: X: -202, Y: 48, Z: -369
  • Mountain Island: X: -6, Y: 66, Z: -400

3. Desert Temple & Village Island

Best Minecraft Island Seed-3

This island has not only a desert village but also a desert temple. Due to its texture, it fits perfectly into the village and even villagers can be found walking in and around it. The temple has diamonds, horse armor, potions, and other useful loot.

As for the village, we only get Mason and Iron Golem as useful monsters. Not even a farmer. But still, you can find a basic Minecraft chest or crafting table in almost every house.

As you explore the village island, you will see red sand blocks in the village, making it a combination of desert biome and badlands.

So, as you can guess, not far from there is another big badlands island that you can explore. Underneath the barren land is a large mine shaft, which you can reach by digging near the island. But going through the badlands will be easier because you don’t have to work underwater.

  • Seed code: 7777777782414476847
  • Biomes: Plains, Deserts, and Badlands
  • Desert Temple: X: 54, Y: 64, Z: 42
  • Badlands Island: X: 164, Y: 63, Z: -34
  • Digpoint for Mineshaft: X: 226, Y: 66, Z: -88
  • Mine shaft: X: 226, Y: 14, Z: -88

4. Island near 4 Marine Monuments

Best Minecraft Island Seeds-4

Marine monuments are hard to find, but this seed gave birth to us on a small jungle island with 4 marine monuments around it. You can see two of them from the seed itself.

If that wasn’t enough, you also find the rarest type of shipwreck near where we spawn. It is a complete ship, with all the features intact. You can find the buried treasure map in any of the 3 chests it contains.

In addition, there are 3 more shipwrecks in the area, and 2 of them are sideways. There is also a destroyed portal near one of the monuments.

It ensures you can get enough loot from around the monument before entering it and fighting off the hostile mobs.

  • Seed code: 7223734528149163847
  • Biome: Forest
  • Complete Shipwreck: X: -111, Y: 41, Z: -176
  • Wreck Damaged : X: 83, Y: 36, Z: 143
  • Shipwreck Side: X: 23, Y: 39, Z: -287
  • Side Half Wreck: X: -221, Y: 38, Z: 174
  • Destroyed Portal: X: 56, Y: 35, Z: 19
  • Sea Monument : X: 112, Y: 56, Z: 29
  • Marine Monument 2 : X: -304, Y: 56, Z: 142
  • 3rd Sea Monument : X: 207, Y: 56, Z: -305
  • 4th Sea Monument : X: -193, Y: 56, Z: -352

5. Hypixel Middle School Spawn Island Seed

Best Minecraft Island Seed-5

If you’ve ever joined a Minecraft Discord server, you’ve probably heard of Hypixel SMP. This is a popular online Minecraft server and also the source of our next entry for the best Minecraft island seeds.

This is the official seed that the Hypixel team uses for their online SMP server. We get a small beautiful looking island with lots of animals to feed here.

Additionally, if you dig straight down at your spawn point, it will land you directly at the long Mineshaft entrance. To help you dig, pick up some magic tools from the destroyed portal near the island.

Once you are done with Mineshaft, you will also find a marine monument not so far from the island.

  • Seed code: 2000635463
  • Biome : Forest
  • Destroyed Portal: X: 82, Y: 38, Z: 145
  • Sea Monument : X: 303, Y: 56, Z: 256
  • Mineshaft Entrance: X: 145, Y: 21, Z: 236
  • Mine shaft digpoint: X: 145, Y: 65, Z: 236

6. Forest Island next to Big Mushroom Island

Best Minecraft Island Seed-6

Mushroom fields are one of the most sought-after biomes in Minecraft. No enemy monsters appear in this biome by default. And well, this cool Minecraft seed gives you one of the largest naturally generated Mushroom islands.

We spawn near this island on a smaller forest based island which can provide a lot of resources.

Unfortunately, there are no plant or animal based foods that spawn on the jungle island. However, mushroom island should have us covered in that department.

Underneath the mushroom island is a network of caves that you can explore to get different ores to help you craft items in this game. While under our spawn island there is a Mineshaft that can provide useful loot to help us when playing in Survival mode.

  • Seed code: -4728820744748531090
  • Biome : Forest and Mushroom Field
  • Mushroom Island: X: -174, Y: 64, Z: 33
  • Mineshaft: X: -247, Y: 31, Z: -169
  • Mineshaft Entrance: X: -247, Y: 64, Z: -169

7. Seed Big Mushroom Island with 7+ Biomes

This seed starts with the Mushroom biome. But as you go further, you continue to discover many new biomes. From swamps to forests, there are about 7 or more biomes within a few hundred blocks of our spawn.

To help you explore this biome, there are 3 shipwrecks and 3 cold ruins near our spawn island. All of these are underwater and offer good loot in their chests.

You can also find some buried treasure maps for fun side quests. This is the ideal seed if you want a base with a touch of almost every Minecraft biome.

It is also useful if you are speeding up the game and need resources from multiple biomes.

  • Seed code: 245886274294273
  • Biomes: Mushroom Farm, Swamp, Forest, Ice, jungle and more
  • Wreck: X: -168, Y: 55, Z: 120
  • Small Cold Ruins: X: -232, Y: 52, Z: 88
  • 2nd Small Cold Ruins : X: 88, Y: 52, Z: -168
  • Wreck: X: 120, Y: 55, Z: -72
  • Cold Ruins Cluster : X: 120, Y: 52, Z: 104
  • Wreck: X: 40, Y: 55, Z: 216

If you want to fulfill your Castaway fantasy in virtual world, try some of these best Minecraft island seeds right away. Some are magical in terms of their resources, while others will dazzle you with their unique looks.

One way or another, if played in survival mode, these seeds will offer you an adventure worthy of respect.

Those are the 7 best Minecraft island seeds to try. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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