7 Free Sites to Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

free site for making Valentine's Day cards for kids

Sometimes, the kids get some arts and crafts activities from the school, according to the event. And since it’s February, it’s time to make some Valentine’s Day cards.

Children learn a lot from our habits. But there is a slight obstacle. They need proper guidance. And there are times when parents don’t have time for that.

So in this tutorial I’m listing free sites to make Valentine’s Day cards for your kids. You can create and customize cards online and printable.

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And your kids can give it to their friends. Children can also participate in this activity. The coloring cards and sheets available on this website will keep your kids busy and creative.

list web service which I will discuss this time also provides various features such as card design, template customization, printable cards, etc.

1. Canva

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Canva is a free site for creating Valentine’s Day cards for kids. You can create beautiful Valentine’s Day cards with Canva.

Just visit the Canva site from here. Then click the button “Start designing a Valentine’s Day card” on the screen. This will open a canvas for you where you can design your card. Some of Canva’s features are as follows:

  • Stunning Graphics, Shapes, and Audio: Canva has tons of free templates, background images, and shapes to add to your projects. You can add any graphics and shapes to your canvas. Canva also lets you add audio and video graphics to your projects. Some of the cool features of Canva:
  • Animation: Apart from video creation and editing features, Canva also lets you add animation effects to static images. You can create Valentine’s Day e-cards using this feature.
  • Search anything, add anything: You can search for anything in Canva, and Canva will show you a graph related to your search.

Canva is a very convenient app because it provides almost all the features a designer needs.

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2. Minted

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Minted is a free website that provides several special Valentine’s Day templates for kids. The site also provides coloring sheets, drawings, and puzzles. You can visit this site from here.

Parents or teachers can download the printable sheet from here. Files in PDF format. Activities like this spark children’s creativity and curiosity. This website also has many other options, such as:

  • Valentine’s Day greeting card.
  • Valentines classes, photo cards and other Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • A selection of art and other digital gifts.
  • Printable coloring sheets are a great gift option for kids.

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3. Adobe Express

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Creative Cloud Express is software free image editor from Adobe. It is commonly known as Adobe Express. It can also be used to make Valentine’s Day greeting cards.

To start using Adobe Express, visit this website from here. Then click the button “Create Valentine’s Day cardOr scroll down and select a template to edit.

This will take you to the canvas, and there you can edit the template or create your own. Adobe Express features are:

  • Kid-friendly graphics: The “design assets” section contains pictures and stickers to add to cards. There are also several icon packs available. And many of these graphics are kid-friendly, simple and attractive.
  • Animation: You can also add animation effects to the text and photos that you add on the canvas.

Once your work is done, you can download the images in PNG, JPG, and PDF format, but you have to register first. But it’s not a hassle like other websites. Although it can be slow sometimes.

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4. Greetings Island

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Greetings Island is a website that lets you create, customize and print Valentine’s day greeting cards. You can create or customize greeting cards for kids from this website.

Just visit this website from here. The link will take you to the Valentine’s Day cards section of the website. There is an option to choose between folding cards and flat cards.

Choose any card and customize it, if you want. Then you can print the card from the browser itself. Some features to note about this website:

  • Preview Card: You can preview the card before and after customization. The preview will show you how the card will look physically.
  • Direct download or send: You can download printable images or files. Or you can send the card directly to someone via email or other messaging service.
  • You can directly download the cards and print them for your kids too.

5. FotoJet

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FotoJet is another great website for creating Valentine’s Day cards. Just visit this website from here. And you will be taken directly to the canvas. There, you can search all Valentine’s Day charts and use them to create cards.

And then download the card easily. The images, clip art and templates available on the website are very simple. The visible features of this website are as follows:

  • Simplicity: Website and all its elements like, images, templates, stickers etc. very simple and simple. Kids who love simplicity will love these cards.
  • Download Features: You can download cards or images in more than one format. And the file name and resolution can also be changed from there.

6. Befunky

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Befunky is a free site for creating Valentine’s Day cards for kids. This is a free online graphic design tool. It lets you create a design from scratch, or you can choose a template and customize it yourself.

Befunky has all the features needed to create Valentine’s Day cards for kids. This site is also very easy to use. Just visit the Befunky website from here and click the button “CreateThis will open a canvas for you where you can create your cards.

Some of the cool features of this editor are:

  • Tool Introduction: When you click on any tool on this website, you will see a brief introduction about that tool. The introduction tells you about what the tool does and how to do it.
  • Search stock images: You can search stock images directly on the website. Search and use images as you like.

You can create cards and download them easily without any login or register. So this tool is comfortable to use.

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7. Design Wizard

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Design Wizard is another cool image editor on this list. This can work quite well for beginners. The features of this site are divided into 2 modes: Basic mode / simple and limited. You can visit this site from here.

You can also create beautiful greeting cards with these features as well. There are some good features of this website, namely:

  • Easy design template editing: The design templates on this website are relatively easier than others. While the tools for non-premium or Basic users are pretty basic, they can do all sorts of things. You can add 2D shapes and images.
  • Tutorials: There are several tutorials available on various topics. This tutorial can help a lot and kids can learn from it. Kids can make their own greeting cards with the help of this tutorial.

But there are some limitations to this website as well. You have to register to use this service. Then you have to verify your email, to download your project. These things make this website a bit of a hassle.

All of the websites on this list can help kids with activities and crafts making Valentine’s Day cards. Many sites allow you to create greeting cards.

And there are websites where you can download ready-made printed cards. Some websites have Valentine’s Day themed puzzles and coloring sheets.

Every website has something that other sites don’t have. And there are things that are common to all websites.

That’s a free site for creating Valentine’s Day cards for kids. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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