8 Best Free Android Multitasking Apps

Best Free Android Multitasking Apps

Android devices are getting better day by day, and this lets you take full advantage of multitasking. The essence of this phenomenon is that you can use multiple apps at once. Multitasking can be implemented differently on different devices, but we have selected the best universal solution.

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On your Android phone, you might get used to having only one app active at a time. But did you realize that multitasking can significantly increase your productivity?

With this best free Android multitasking app, you can open two apps at once, navigate between them seamlessly, and even view movies while working in other apps. Let’s take a look at the various multitasking apps available on Android in this article.

1. Swipeup Utility

Swipeup Utility is one of the best free Android multitasking apps. This app will give you super fast access to voice search, camera, calculator and anything else you might need.

Even this Swipeup Utility app can change the function of the home button. This app can help you to create different swipe gestures for almost every task, so you should give it a try.

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2. EAS (Easy app switcher)

EAS is one of the best free Android multitasking apps. EAS is a type of app switcher which helps you to switch between two different apps that you have been using recently. You can access your latest apps via a floating swipe style icon on your screen. Just tap on it, and you will get app options which you can toggle.

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3. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere

This is a launcher app for Android which adds a sidebar on your screen. The sidebar sticks to your screen, allowing you to quickly switch between apps.

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The great thing about Swapps is that it lets you add/remove apps manually from the sidebar. You can even adjust the sidebar opacity, color, text color and more.

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4. Notification Toggle

Notification Toggle is one of the best free Android multitasking apps. Notification Toggle creates notification in Android status bar to allow you to quickly enable and disable WiFi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Screen rotation, and Fly mode or to adjust screen brightness.

Notification Toggle creates a toggle for each feature in the Android Status bar. Apart from that, it has switches available for more than 20 different Android features. You can also add shortcuts to your own apps into the notification bar!

In settings, you can choose which notifications should be active. All icons & colors can be easily changed via the app for full customization!

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5. Pie Control

Pie Control is another best shortcut app that you can have on your Android smartphone. Apart from that, this app adds a ‘PIE’ feature on your Smartphone.

Users need to drag it from the edge of the screen to launch the Pie-type app switcher. This feature is best suited for multi-tasking.

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6. Circle SideBar

As the name suggests, Circle SideBar adds circular sidebars on both sides of your phone screen. You need to swipe the edge of your screen to launch Circle Sidebar.

You can add apps manually in the sidebar. And yes, you can customize Circle Sidebar as per your wish. Users can easily customize how it works and the content it holds. It runs in the background and can be easily accessed from any screen with just a swipe.

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IFTTT is one of the best free Android multitasking apps. More than 630 apps work with IFTTT including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Dropbox, Slack, and devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, iRobot, LIFX, Philips Hue, and Android Agan.

Well, this app lets you create a list of commands. For example, you can make a command like ‘If I change my Facebook photo, change my Twitter photo too’. The app will automate the process for you.

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8. Floating Apps Free

Floating Apps Free is one of the best free Android multitasking apps. With Floating Apps Free, you can open more apps at the same time in a floating window and enjoy a true multi-tasking experience.

With this app, you don’t have to leave the current app to perform small tasks.

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Those are some of the best free Android multitasking apps. I hope this article helped you! Also share it with your friends. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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