A3 size 2022

A3 Ukuran size

A3 Ukuran size – A3 paper size is one of the papers that are quite widely used because of international standards or commonly referred to as A series paper.

The A series paper size itself was first adopted as the official paper size standard in Europe around the mid-20th century.

Then spread throughout the world and is used until now as an international standard paper size based on ISO 216 (International Organization for Standardization).

In addition to A4 paper and F4 paper sizes, A3 paper is also quite widely used today, because this paper size is made in millimeters (mm) which can also be converted into centimeters (cm) or inches (in).

For more details, you can read this article to the end, because we will review in full about the A3 size.

A3 Ukuran size

1. How to Calculate A3 Size Paper

How to Count A3 Size Paper
How to Count A3 Size Paper

How to calculate the A3 paper size is different, guys, because it must be adjusted to the units used.

To be more clear, please refer to how to calculate the following A3 size paper:

1. A3 Paper in Mm

Knowing the width and length of A3 paper in millimeters, which is 297 x 420 mm, is a way to calculate the size of A3 paper in mm (millimeters).

2. A3 Paper in Cm

Meanwhile, to calculate the size of A3 paper in cm (centimeter), the width and length of A3 paper is 29.7 x 42 cm.

3. A3 Paper in Inches

While the width and length of 11.69 x 16.54 in, is a way to calculate what size is in inches.

4. A3 Paper in Pixels

As for pixels, it must be adjusted to the configuration of the number of color dots per inch or commonly referred to as DPI (dots per in).

Dots in computer graphics are dots of color commonly referred to as pixels.

For A3 paper size in pixels as follows:

  • 72 DPI is 842 x 1191 pixels
  • 96 DPI is 1123 x 1587 pixels
  • 150 DPI is 1754 x 2480 pixels
  • 00 DPI is 3508 x 4960 pixels

5. A3 Plus Paper

Currently, the A3 plus paper size is also available and is more often used in several printers, especially in the large-scale printing industry.

For example, A3 plus paper is used to adjust the size of photos or print posters.

In addition, A3 plus or A3+ paper is also called “Super A3” paper with a larger size than A3 paper in general.

The A3+ in mm, cm and inch sizes are as follows:

  • A3+ 329 x 483 mm
  • 32.9 x 48.3 cm
  • 13 x 19 in

2. How to Set A3 Size Paper in Word & Excel

A3 Ukuran size
How to Set A3 Size Paper in Word & Excel

A3 paper can also be resized in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel to create various documents.

Even though Word & Excel are two different applications, the process is quite easy guys, because you only need to apply a few steps and adjust the menus in the application. Here’s how to set A3 size paper in Microsoft Word & Excel that can be applied:

1. Set A3 Paper Size in Word

  • For the first step, please prepare a document in Word.
  • Then select Layout > Size > More Paper Size
  • Then go to the Paper tab and in the Paper Size section, select Custom Size
  • After that, immediately fill in Width: 29.7 cm | Height: 42 cm and can also fill Width: 11.69″ | Height : 16.54″
  • Then click OK to set the paper and the paper size will change.

2. Setting A3 Paper Size in Excel

Organizing paper in Microsoft Excel is not as easy as in Word guys, because the size is quite large and seems unlikely to be used in Excel.

However, you can still make it in Excel, as long as it’s done carefully and of course you have to be patient, guys.

There are two ways to arrange A3 paper in Excel that can be done, including:

  • First stepprepare a document in Excel then select Page Layout> Size> More Paper Sizes> click the Page tab and in the Paper Size section select Custom Paper Size and this is optional guys, because you can adjust the paper orientation, either portrait or landscape and click OK if it’s finished.
  • Second wayin the Page Design tab in the Page Setup column > click Size > Create New Page Size then setting the paper size according to what we want then Ok.

The final word

This is a review of the international standard A3 paper size and can be used for various printing purposes.

However, along with developments, paper can now be used as a basic material for making handicrafts and is able to produce a very beautiful and aesthetic work.

With this A3 paper, the public can use it as a medium in developing ideas and creative thoughts which are then poured into the A3 paper.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about A3 size 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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