AI Composite Video Bride APK: How To Download and Use It

how to download Al Composite Video bridal APK

Here’s a guide on how to download Al Composite Video bridal APK along with how to use this application on your Android phone.

Al Composite Video Bride APK is an app that lets you change face, also known as Face Swap. We can easily modify videos with this feature.

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What’s interesting about this app is that there are tons of different templates to choose from, allowing you to be more creative in your selection of video concepts.

This Al Composite Video Bride APK application is going viral. Because this application is commonly used to make wedding videos, such as viral TikTok videos.

You can use Al Composite Video app to produce absolutely stunning videos apart from making wedding TikTok videos.

With Al Composite Video Apk, you can follow various TikTok trends. If you don’t want to miss the trend, download Al Composite Video apk.

Download the Al Composite Video Application

Since this Al Composite Video app is official, you can easily download it from Google Play Store on your smartphone. Those of you who want to get it can do it directly through the Play Store application.

You can use the search menu and type the word “Tempo” in the column provided. Or, you can also directly download the Al Composite Video application from the link below:

Name AI Composite Videos
Updated 21-Oct-21
Size 78.57 MB
OS Android

Downloads: Al Composite Video Apk

How to Use the Tempo AI Composite Video Application

It is not difficult to use this Tempo AI Composite Video app as you just need to follow some simple steps as outlined below.

  1. The first step is to launch Tempo AI Composite Video.
  2. After entering the main page of the Tempo application, you can click on the AI ​​face menu.

  3. Search for any wedding video template or video you want to use, then click Free Trial.

  4. After that, you can add photos.
  5. After that, this app will handle your request based on the template you choose.

  6. The video is finished and ready to be shared.

Features of AI Composite Video

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Some of the features found in the AI ​​Composite application include:

1. Effects Video Editor

The first feature is Effect Video Editor. This feature is not only used to change faces. You can also use it to edit your videos. There are a lot of effects available to produce interesting videos.

2. Music and Video Editor

In this feature, you can use the basics of editing videos like any other app. You can cut clips, edit music, and so on with this app.

3. Save Video

Once you edit the video as you want, you can save the result. The video quality offered is 720p and 1080p.

In other words, the video quality is still good. Just choose which one you think best suits your needs.

4. Share Videos

If you want to share it, this app already provides a feature through which you can share on social media.

You just have to choose which social media will be the place for you to share your wedding video. You can share it to Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Even you can also set it as status on WhatsApp.

That’s the tutorial on how to download Al Composite Video bridal APK and how to use it. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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