Alight Motion 3.8.0 Apk Download AM Pro Version No Watermark

Download AM Version 3.8.0 – The Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk (AM No Watermark) application is now very much sought after by video editing lovers, content creators, or you are a beginner who just wants to dive into the world of video editing. So from that the domainjava admin will share the download link for am mod apk v3.80. let’s read in full below.

When you have problems because you don’t have a PC to edit videos. We recommend an application alight motion 3.8.0 which has complete features for your smartphone.

You also don’t need to spend a lot of money, as we all know that the editing world is not a cheap world, judging from the equipment alone it’s not a small amount. But now you can find editing applications that you can enjoy without the need for spectacular capital.

Alight Motion apk 3.8.0 is here to answer what you need right now, this application is being loved by many editors in making videos. Because this one application is very easy to use, both for those of you who are beginners or those of you who are already pros, you can use it only by using your favorite smartphone.

Get to know Alight Motion Mod Apk v3.8.0

Alight motion pro mod apk is an application that has received a touch of modification by modders, by using this version of the application, you can open all previously paid features for free.

In addition, this application allows users to work with ease. You may be able to improve and hone your skills in new photo and video projects in this one application. In addition, you will add directly through the camera of the mobile device. Alight Motion allows users to create Full HD quality videos of various sizes.

Advantages of Alight Motion 3.8.0 . Application

The advantages of this video editing application in addition to the various features contained in it, this application is very easy to learn and use, especially for you and those of you who are still classified as beginners in the editing world.

Alight Motion is created by developer Alight inventive, Inc. from South Korea. This app includes a lot of amazing options. You can see more about the advantages of this application as follows.

  • Has quite a lot of visual effects
  • Provides various video size ratios
  • Can combine two videos into one
  • There are many choices of fonts that can be included in the video
  • Has a color choice effect
  • No watermark (pro version)
  • Support various formats
  • Multiple layers of video graphics available
  • Etc

Those were a series of advantages or features that you can get when using the alight motion pro application. For the pro version, of course, it is not free, but you have to make a purchase. However, if you use the mod version, you can get all of it for free.

Features of Alight Motion Pro 3.8.0 Mod Apk

For those of you who want to experience the interesting features of Alight Motion pro. You can see some of its features below:

Animated with lock frames.

Alight Motion Pro itself has many powerful features that you can use to display enhanced video effects. One of the great features of this app is the keyframe animation, which makes still objects clearly visible.

In addition, you can also customize the appearance of objects in the video, which can bring them into orbit by combining keyframes and timelines. You can only get this feature if you are using the Pro version of Alight Motion.

Screen image and sound available

Alight Motion Pro users can create several types of audio and video works, which many people usually do when creating image editing programs.

With this function, you can, for example, create multiple audio and video scenes that can be combined into one with this function.

There are many options for the selected font.

This app offers a huge selection of cool fonts, not only which you can use, but you can also use various other fonts when editing videos to make them really interesting.

Alight Motion Pro also offers many very popular fonts that you can use for free when editing videos and photos. If you don’t find the font you want, you can do this by importing a font from a third party.

Available color matching

This app also has features that you can use when creating videos. You can add color effects to the sides of the videos you create.

By providing all aspects of the video you have created, you can also customize the colors to your liking.

If you have trouble using this feature during manual mode, you can also adjust the colors this feature provides automatically.

Has lots of visual options

In this Pro version, you can also enjoy lots of visual effects which are added automatically every time you develop or update your app.

So you don’t have to worry anymore because this application has visual effects that can make your videos look really cool.

Using this program, you can also enjoy various visual effects add-ons that allow you to add interesting effects to the videos you create

This visual effect itself is certainly present in several different models that are already available in the Alight Motion 3.8.0 Pro Mod Apk program, namely.

alight motion pro apk

Download Alight Motion Pro Apk Version 3.8.0

You don’t need to worry about finding where you can get the application that is currently being discussed, namely Alight Motion pro mod apk. Because we will provide you loyal readers of this blog for free, you can download it below:

By downloading this mod version, of course you will get various advantages or benefits. Therefore, many of the users of this application are using the mod version. Immediately, you can download it via the file that we have prepared for you below.

Can’t wait, don’t you want to immediately enjoy AM Version 3.8.0 Alight Pro Apk Mod Premium (Preset)? Before you press download, you can first see the table of specifications below.

App Name Alight Motion 3.8.0 Pro APK
Version 3.8.0+ All Version
File Size 73 MB
Developer Alight Creative Inc.
Minimum OS Android 4+
Payment Free


How to Install the AM Application Version 3.8.0 No Watermark

For those of you who are still confused about how to install an application that is currently busy among content creators to support their videos instantly. Let’s look at the reviews below so that you can immediately use this one application and immediately create impressive works.

To install Alight Motion 3.8.0 pro mod apk, this is actually quite easy and can be done if you follow the steps that we provide, what do you think, let’s see the steps below.

  • The first step you have to prepare the device that will be used
  • Next you also have to make sure that you have downloaded the application via the link that we have prepared above
  • Then the next step you go to the settings menu on your device and select the security menu and select unknown source
  • Next you find the file that you downloaded and click install the application.
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Finally you are ready to use this application

Those were some of the steps that you can try to be able to install the Alight Motion Mod apk application version 3.8.0, then for how to use it you can see as below.

How to Use Aligh Motion 3.8.0 Apk Pro

You can’t wait to be able to immediately use this one application, for those of you who still feel confused about how to use this application, then you can see the method as follows:

  • You just need to download the Alight Motion pro mod version application at the link we have prepared
  • If you have just prepared the video as the basic material you want to edit, then enter it into the application
  • You can be creative with many features in it
  • Add effects, filters, cut out unnecessary parts and so on
  • Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy every process so that you produce the work you want impressively
  • When everything is finished then you just save it

As we know, most of the video editing applications have a complicated toolkit. It requires users to research, analyze and follow before becoming a true creator. For that, in order to make interesting videos, you can explore all the available menus and to be more proficient, you need to practice your skills in video editing often.

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