Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk Pro Download AM Mod Version (No Watermark)

Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk – DON’T SAY VIDEO EDITING IS HARD, CURRENTLY THERE ARE VIDEO EDIT APPLICATIONS like Alight Motion Mod Apk. admin will provide a link to download the latest version of the Alight Motion application without a watermark. or AM Pro Apk is indeed one of the video editing applications that can be obtained via the Google Playstore or App Store. Of course, these applications have advantages and disadvantages of each. However, for those of you who want to make interesting animated videos, we recommend Alight Motion Pro Version 3.9.0. Who doesn’t know Alight Motion Pro APK? The reason is, with this application it will be easier for you to edit videos without a watermark.

Users will feel an extraordinary experience when operating a very smooth UI / UX so that this application is very suitable for use by anyone. In the digital era like today, there are lots of people from various circles who are busy creating quality videos with interesting content, and uploading them to other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and so on.

Alight motion 3..9.0 pro can now be downloaded on Google Play. This video editing application, may not be as popular as other applications. However, you must try it because it has features that are no less good. The Alight Motion application can only be used on Android. Its function is to edit videos. Equipped with many capabilities or features that can make videos more interesting.

By downloading the latest alight motion pro v3.9.0 and other versions, you can also add animations. That way, the editing results become more varied. Users can also edit the color of the video as desired. These kinds of features are usually only found in video editing on a PC. That is, with the Alight Motion 2.7 unlocked Apk, the video results obtained are not much different from the quality of the application on the PC.

As we know, Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk No watermark offers premium features that require you to subscribe every month and spend some money to get all the premium features, so that the editing process becomes even more flexible and is able to produce perfect works. However, not everyone can do this, therefore we recommend Alight Motion 3.9.0 Mod Apk which you can see the explanation below.

About Alight Motion 3.9.0

Alight Motion Pro
Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk

Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk is a video editing application that is very popular and perfect for those of you who often edit videos and animations. With this application, you will be given the convenience of managing UI/UX perfectly and making users very creative. Not only that, this application is also equipped with various excellent features that can change your videos for the better.

Without having to use a laptop, you can edit videos via your smartphone without any more trouble. So that the process becomes easier and more practical without the need for a larger device. Just like other editing applications, alight motion also offers a paid version to get premium access to make the editing process more perfect.

But not everyone can do that, therefore we recommend you to use the Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk Pro Mod version which is a mod version where users will be given more access to use the application. Because all premium features are already open and can be used for free. And what’s even more interesting, your editing results will not leave a watermark at the end of the video so that the video becomes more natural and pleasing to the eye.

Features of Alight Motion Pro V3.9.0 Apk

When compared to the original version, Alight Motion Pro Mod 3.0.9 Apk offers many other advantages such as opening all effects and you can use them freely without spending any more money. Check out some of the features found in Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk 3.9.0 as follows.

Full Effect

Like editing applications in general, Alight Motion Pro 3.9.0 also offers a wide variety of effects that make the videos you edit even more interesting than before. You can define the effects according to your own wishes, and what’s even more interesting is that this application updates the latest effects frequently. The effects in this application itself consist of several themes such as text, images, light, blur, color and so on.

Audio and Video Layers

This application is equipped with editing features that make it easier for users. One of them is the layer feature for video and audio. The presence of this feature makes it easier for users to make video and audio compositions.

This feature also makes it easier for you to arrange multiple audio and video scenes so that they can become one.

Text and Front

Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk Pro Mod is also equipped with a variety of cool and interesting fonts for you to use. Not only that, you can also import fonts manually according to your individual tastes. In order to be able to add text in the video you are editing, it is very easy, just press the Plus (+) button located in the lower right corner and click Text.

Keyframe Animation

Alight Motion Pro is a powerful application that offers many advantages and helps you to create extraordinary works. One of the main features that many are looking for is keyframe animation. With this feature, you can see objects clearly and in detail. In addition, you are also able to adjust the appearance of objects and make the object move with a combination of keyframes and timelines.

Visual Effects and Color Correction Features

Alight motion 3.3 mod Apk and other versions already support color correction features and visual effects. Its function is to make the video you edit more interesting. The color correction feature is also able to make the edited video look more alive.

Easy Animation

This application is also equipped with an interesting feature, namely easy animation. Its function is to make it easier for users to move more freely. Please select pressed or timing curve when using it.

Motion Blur Features

Users can also edit videos to be more attractive and luxurious. The trick is to use the motion blur feature in Alight Motion. There are also several motion blur options that can be used.

And what’s even more interesting, if this application is equipped with very clear and detailed tutorials that are easy to understand by anyone, both beginners and so on. Therefore, you only need to access the tutorial tab and look in the documentation / tutorial. If you still don’t understand, you can see tutorials on Youtube written by some content creators.

File Export

Alight Motion Pro 3.9.0 also allows users to export files to various formats, such as MP4, GIF, PNG, and many others. So when you are making a video, you can adjust the resolution freely according to your individual needs. Because the high resolution will make the file larger when exported.

Exportable Storage Features

For those who have downloaded Alight Motion Pro Apk 3.9.0 and other versions, you can change the video file to be exported.

Users can not only save files in the form of MP4 only. In fact, users can change it into the form of animated images or GIFs.

In addition, there is also a resolution selection for edited videos. The resolution options range from 360P to 4K quality.

More Features AM Version 3.9.0

There are many other features that you can get in Alight Motion Pro mod. One of the other excellent features is Color Adjustment, Blending Video, Visual Effects, Vector Graphic, and many more. And what’s even more interesting is that the use of Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk will not leave a watermark at the end of the video you edit. This makes the video look more natural and smooth.

Get more features once you download the app directly. This way you can easily edit videos like a pro with just a smartphone. Please get the application below if you feel interested and curious to try it right now.

Download Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk Latest Version

Alight Motion Pro 3.9.0 Mod Apk makes it easy for users to produce extraordinary works. Good for beginners or those of you who are already pros. Because this application has complete features and tutorials that will help its users. However, if you still don’t understand, you can see tutorials on Youtube to produce interesting and cool videos.

By using the alight motion 3.9.0 mod version, you can use all the mod features in it for free without a watermark. Therefore, if you are interested and want to get the application directly, please click the download button

Apk Name Alight Motion
Updated December 17, 2022
Size 89 MB
Current Version 3.9.0
Require Android version 6.0 and up
Download Link Click here

The difference between AM Pro Version 3.9.0 and Alight Motion Regular Version

Editing videos via Android is now even more fun. The presence of Alight Motion Pro version 3.9.0 will be a professional-class editing application solution on a PC.

There are many interesting features that can be used to make the video more attractive and also look more luxurious. Its features are no less complete than other Android video editing applications.

There are two versions that you can choose and use, namely the pro version and the regular version. The pro version is a paid version, while the regular version can be used for free.
These two versions have differences. To know what the differences are, see the summary below:

Pro Version

  • More exclusive and professional because without a watermark.
  • Many options for importing videos with various resolutions and sizes
  • Freely export video editing results to various types of formats
  • Can use various features and animations
  • Unlimited fonts and can access premium fonts on the app
  • More convenient because there are no ads that hinder the editing process

Regular Version

  • There is a watermark on the video editing results
  • Limited font access
  • Limited access to filters and photo and video editing features
  • There are ads when using it
  • The export format of the video editing results is not as complete as the pro version
  • Limited video size and resolution.

By looking at some of the things that distinguish the pro and regular versions, then of course for those of you who have an interest in the world of editing, then there is no doubt about switching to the pro version.

How to Install Alight Motion 3.9.0 Mod Apk

Actually, to install Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk mod is not easy, and does not take a long time. However, if you are still confused about how to install Alight Motion Pro, please refer to the explanation as follows.

  1. First, please download the Alight Motion 3.9.0 Pro Mod Apk first
  2. After that, open Settings or Settings on the smartphone
  3. If you have selected Security or Security
  4. Then check the Allow installation from unknown sources
  5. Then open the file manager and look for the apk file that you downloaded earlier
  6. Click install and wait a while until the process is complete
  7. Finished

That’s an easy way to install Alight Motion 3.9.0 Apk, if it is successfully installed then you can already use the application and edit videos as you wish. Enjoy all the features in it for free without the need to spend again.

The final word

That’s’s review of Alight Motion 3.9.0 Pro Mod Apk Full Effects that you can download and install directly in this article. Get all the mod features in it for free to produce perfect videos without leaving a watermark in it. Hopefully this article is useful for all, thank you so much.

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