Alight Motion Apk 3.6.5 Dowoad (AM Pro Mod) Version 2022

Alight Motion Apk 3.6.5 – want to edit a video on an android smartphone/phone, you need a fairly capable application. Of the many editing applications that exist, it might be a little confusing when choosing one. Alight Motion Pro 3.6.5 is one of the most recommended at this time.

Through the Am Mod application version 3.6.5, users can even add cool animation effects. Maybe you think that this can only be done in heavy editing software. In fact, this application also allows users to be creative quite freely.

Alight Motion Pro Apk at a Glance 3.6.5

Download Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark

The alight motion v3.6.5 application made by Alight Creative Inc allows users to edit videos freely. In fact, its use is increasing among content creators. This is evidenced by the number of downloads that have been more than 10 million times.

Not only that, the latest version of Am mod 3.6.5 is also included which has a lot of positive feedback from its users. Thus, you do not need to doubt the quality of the features offered. This application also has an interface that is quite easy to understand.

Since Alight Motion v3.6.5 is one of the most popular applications, you can easily find tutorials on Youtube. Some of the superior features are adding motion, background songs, adding sound effects, and inserting animated images.

Once the editing process is complete, you can easily export it in mp4 and .gif formats. Basically, this application is available in two versions, namely a free version and a Pro version. The use of the Pro Aligh motion version 3.6.5 certainly provides a better editing experience.

However, the latest Am Pro v3.6.5 version 2022, of course, requires users to pay a subscription fee for premium features. If you don’t want to pay a fee, you can use the modified version. No need to worry, this mod version has features that are not much different from the paid version.

Features of Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk Version 3.6.5

We all can enjoy the various advanced features that Alight Motion Pro provides. The features in it are definitely better than the regular version. No wonder this application is often relied on to edit various projects for maximum results.

Using this pro version also allows you to add unique animation effects. Maybe similar applications still have many errors in it. While the Alight Motion application has a smaller error potential.

Then, what are the excellent features offered?

  1. Diverse Visual Effects

Editing videos without adding visual effects does feel like something is missing. You can add visual effects according to the theme of the video being edited. However, basically the free version of Alight Motion already provides some visual effects.

However, in this premium version, users can choose more visual effects. Thus, the animation editing process can be done more freely. The results will amaze you and want to watch it immediately.

  1. Many Choices of Beautiful and Unique Fonts

Text fonts are one of the most important elements when editing video. Usually the addition of this text is needed to make credits, titles, and subtitles. Therefore, you can rely on this application because it provides a fairly complete font.

If you previously used the free version of Alight Motion, there are still many fonts that are locked and cannot be used. Unlike the case if you choose the Pro version, users can find various types of fonts in an unlocked state.

Various interesting texts can be found in the animated videos that are made. If you feel that the fonts are still not diverse enough, users can import them from external sources.

  1. All Keyframe Animation

The keyframe referred to in this context is a focal point that marks a change in something in the image object. So to move an image, you can draw a keyframe in the timeline.

The keyframe feature in this application is unique because it is rarely found. However, users can easily apply it to the edited video. But if you don’t know it, there are many tutorials about Alight Motion that can be found easily on the internet.

  1. Multiple Support File Formats

Basically, this file export feature is already available in the free and paid versions of the Alight Motion application. But if you use the premium version, of course, there will be more format options. Some of the file types that can be exported are MP4, PNG, and GIF.

When exporting the edited video, users can also save it in various qualities. If you like the maximum video quality, of course the video results will be clearer and clearer when viewed.

  1. Complete Tutorial Features

This app provides many much needed features for editing. Maybe for beginners it will be a little difficult when you first use it. No need to worry, this application provides complete tutorial features.

So for every feature in it, there will be an explanation that can be followed easily. Users can take advantage of every feature in this application one by one in order to understand it well.

Not only can you see the tutorials provided through the application, Alight Motion also has an official website containing some of the tutorials you need. No wonder many users are quite satisfied when using this application.

  1. Has many Addition Premium Features

Not only the main features, this application also has many additional features. Through these features, users can create interesting animated videos to watch. Some of the extra features that you can try include Color Adjustment, Blending Vector, and Vector Graphic.

  1. No Ads and Watermark

One of the advantages of the Pro version of Align Motion is that there are no ads and watermarks in it. As is well known, the number of ads while editing is quite annoying.

Likewise, the presence of a watermark on the editing results, of course, will reduce the professionalism of the video. No wonder many users prefer the pro version because it is watermark free.

Download Alight Motion 3.6.5 Pro Version (AM Mod)

With the watermark it will also notify others indirectly that the editing application used is Alight Motion Pro version v3.6.

App Name Alight Motion v6.5.1
Version 3.6.5
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
APK File Size 28 MB
Dowoad Here

Download Am mod version 3.6.5 For those of you users of the default Android device, both smartphones and tablets, you can directly click the link

Install Alight Motion Pro Apk Mod v3.6.5

Basically, this video editing application can be downloaded officially through the PlayStore (Android) and the AppStore (iOS). This application is indeed a little heavier than other mobile editing applications. No wonder you also need to pay attention to the version of the Android OS used.

Alight Motion Pro version 3.6.5 is compatible with Android OS at least 6.0 or above. If you want to download the Pro version on Playstore, you will be charged a subscription fee. However, below is provided a download link for the mod version which is free to use.

For more details, see the steps for downloading and installation below.

  • The first download and install the apk file Alight Motion Pro Mod 3.6.5via the link above
  • open Settings then select option Security/Security.
  • Then Checklist/Activate Unknown Source.
  • Open the file that has been successfully downloaded.
  • Do Install as you normally do.
  • Finish.

Alight Motion Pro v3.6.5 can indeed be the right solution for those who want to produce interesting videos. Even with only a mobile editing application, users can create videos that are no less cool than professional software.

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