AOT No Requiem Manga Indo Sub, Alternative Ending Made by Fans

AOT No Requiem Manga – Hello yeagerist and eldia-marley alliance. This time, I just want to share a reading link AOT no requiem manga sub indo. That is an alternative ending to the manga attack on titan made by fans.

Aot requiem is an alternative storyline. Made by fans with the aim of satisfying themselves with an ending that doesn’t match expectations. Of course, it’s not just some fans, there must be a lot of aot fans who are a bit disappointed with the ending aot the original version.

Manga Attack On Titan No Requiem

As we all know, the attack on titan comic book series ended on April 9, 2022 yesterday. Hajime Isayama as the mangaka or story maker. Making an ending that feels unsatisfactory because of the death of the main character who fights for freedom.

Therefore, to treat wounds that leave scars due to the original ending. Fans made their own version of the ending by releasing aot requiem manga.

For those who don’t know, the manga attack on titan requiem has released part one. Namely on the official website But of course the subtitles available on the official website are in English.

AOT No Requiem Manga Indo Sub, Alternative Ending Made by Fans

AOT No Requiem Manga

But you don’t need to worry, because the admin has provided a link to read attack on titan requiem manga sub Indo. Which of course you can access for free.

If you come from a camp that is not satisfied with the original ending. Then you better read aot no requiem ending. Even though it’s not the original ending, at least you can try whether the ending made by fans matches your expectations.

If you are really interested in reading aot requiem in Indonesian. So just take a look at the reviews that the admin has given below.

Read Manga AOT Requiem Sub Indo

For reading attack on titan no requiem manga. You can directly check the link that the admin has put on the side: Click here

Through the link above, you can directly read the manga aot requiem part 1 in Indonesian. Of course you can read it for free without being charged. Instead, please click follow on the attack on titan requiem manga translator account.


Okay brother, maybe that’s enough from the admin about aot no requiem manga sub indo. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting our site

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