APN XL 5G Fastest 2022

Fastest APN XL 5G

Fastest APN XL 5G – To be able to connect the device to a GPRS-based network. GSM, 3G, 4G and 5G, an APN (Access Point Name) is required.

All network operators in Indonesia, including XL, must have an APN, because it has been configured automatically and has been stored on each SIM card.

With this APN, the internet connection used is faster, stronger and more stable, so users can socialize media, play games and other activities comfortably.

However, because technology has developed, HP users do not need to choose a data path and enter the APN manually, because every cellphone already has an automatic cellular network.

However, there are some users who want to configure their network using APN, because they want to get a better internet connection than before, especially for 5G networks.

Moreover, the 5G network is the network that is the most sought after for its APN settings at the moment, because it is considered the fastest network when compared to the others.

If you are looking for the fastest APN XL 5G, then we recommend listening to this article to the end, because we will share the settings.

Fastest APN XL 5G

1. Function to Change the Fastest 5G XL APN

Fastest APN XL 5G
Fastest 5G XL APN Changing Function

There are many functions to change the fastest APN XL 5G including:

  • Serves to reduce ping, jitter and slot connection.
  • Can search for the fastest and most stable internet connection path.
  • Serves to overcome slow and lag internet networks, due to the density of PPE in some parts of Indonesia.
  • The user can get a new public IP.
  • Can get a device that is not connected to the internet network.
  • Can be used to refresh IP Address and Gateway.

2. Fastest 5G XL APN

Fastest APN XL 5G
Fastest APN XL 5G

For now, only certain areas can enjoy the 5G network from XL.

Well, here are the fastest 5G XL APNs that can be used:

  • xl
  • xlaxiata
  • axis
  • axis5g
  • quotamedia
  • lte
  • 5g
  • vasartbd5
  • mmstbs3
  • axis.unlimited.co.id
  • elcom3g
  • xlghsda.net
  • xlinternet
  • wap1.xl.co.id
  • xl.co.id

3. Fastest 5G XL APN and Other Operators

Fastest APN XL 5G
Fastest 5G APN XL and Other Operators

In addition to XL operators, it turns out that there is also the fastest XL 5G APN that can be used by other operators, as follows:

  • Internet
  • internet.com
  • connect
  • fast
  • phone
  • inet
  • free
  • japannet
  • wap
  • netcom
  • multimedia
  • everywhere
  • data
  • globe

4. How to Set the Fastest XL 5G APN on iPhone and Android

Fastest APN XL 5G
How to Set the Fastest XL 5G APN on iPhone and Android

As is known, the APN can be used on smartphones or Android devices, but there are differences in the way it is set.

Because between Android and iPhone have different menu layouts and must be adjusted guys.
As for how to set the fastest APN XL 5G on iPhone and Android as follows:

1. Setting APN 5G XL on iPhone

  • For the first step, please go to the Settings menu> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Cellular Network.
  • It can also be done by selecting the Settings menu> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Options> Mobile Data Network.
  • For the Cellular Data Network menu, you can search for and select the APN menu then click Add.

2. Setting APN 5G XL on Android

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Then select Connections > Cellular Networks > select the SIM Card used and look for the APN.
  • After that, click the plus icon and then fill in the data below:
    • Name: Free content
    • APN: Use one of the above APNs
    • Proxy: Not Set
    • Port: Not Set
    • Username: Not Set
    • Password: Not Set
    • Server: Not Set
    • MMSC: Not Set
    • MMS Proxy: Not Set
    • MMS Port: Not Set
    • MCC:510
    • MNC: 10
    • Authentication Type: Not Set
    • APN type: default
    • APN protocol: IPv4
    • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
    • Enable/disable APN: APN Enabled
    • Bearers: Unspecified
    • MVNO type: None
    • MVNO value: Not Set

The final word

This is the fastest APN from XL for 5G networks that can be used, if you want to get a strong and stable internet connection.

Before using the APN, make sure the SIM card used supports the 5G network and is compatible with the cellphone you are using.

If the 5G network doesn’t work properly, please contact the XL cellular operator, guys.

That’s the whole content of our article this time about Fastest APN XL 5G 2022. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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