Avatan Sun Blinds Effect is Easy to Make

Are you curious about Avatan Sun Blinds Effect? If so, you are in the right place because today we will explain to you all about what avatan sun blinds are, complete with how to make avatan sun blinds effect. Therefore, for lovers of photo editing with an aesthetic feel, you can stay at our place to find out more details about these avatan sun blinds.

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Avatan is an easy-to-use photo editor app. Meanwhile, the sun blinds effect is a photo with the nuances of the window background illuminated by the solemn sunlight. Sometimes users call it Shadow Window Avatan because the photos they take are themed on windows illuminated by the dim orange sun. As if to describe a broken heart.

If we see the emergence of avatan sun blinds, it is suspected that we have been working from home for a long time and what to do at home. So many photo editors want to describe their sadness through photo editing. Yes, photo editing is assisted by an application called Avatan or with the PicsArt application, it’s the same. There are even other applications.

For more details on how to make this avatan sun blinds effect, please follow the procedure we have arranged. Remember not to take the wrong step so that your photo editing results are maximized by using the Avatan application.

How to Create Avatan Sun Blinds Effect on Android

Since the Avatan application is available for free on Android, this tutorial will be dedicated to Android phone users. So, we recommend all of you to download and install the Avatan application from the Play Store first. Only after the application is installed can you proceed further.

Avatan Sun Blinds Effect
Avatan Sun Blinds Effect

Starting with the first download of the material, namely a photo of avatan sun blinds from Google. Then, you enter into the Avatan application. Then you can overwrite the photo you want to edit along with your Sun Blinds Effect. That way, beautiful photos will be created with your Avatan application.

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If you don’t quite understand the steps on how to make photos with the Avatan Sun Blinds Effect, then please follow the procedure below. Of course you have to pray and keep trying to find out.

Avatan Sun Blinds And How To Make

To make a photo with avant-garde shades of Sun Blinds, please follow the step by step below. We don’t think this will be complicated.

  • Make sure the Avatan application is installed.
  • Then run the application.
  • Add the photo you want to edit with the Sun Blinds photo by tapping the plus icon on the left.
  • After the photo is entered, you can overwrite it with the Sun Blinds photo that you have downloaded by tapping the square/plot icon on the right and then tapping the up arrow to upload the actual effect.
  • Choose your downloaded avatan sun blinds photos. Then arrange according to your photo so that it is neat.
  • From here, please lower the opacity of your Sun Blinds photo so that the photo behind it appears and blends in.
  • When it’s merged, click Next above. Please tap Save phone gallery folder image so that it is saved.
  • If you want to directly share it on social media, it’s also not a problem.

By following the steps above, you will surely succeed in making photo editing with the Sun Blinds Effect in the Avatan application. Hope you understand and don’t forget you keep learning.

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The tutorial above has been practiced by many channels on YouTube. We are referring to it. So if you are confused, ask through the comments column from the video maker.


We think this avatan sun blinds effect is very easy to make as long as you already have the Avatan application then the sun blinds photo that has been downloaded will be fine. So please try.

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