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Axie Infinity – Newest Update 2022 Crypto game that is booming. Want to know how to login to ax infinity and get money easily, just play the game ax infinity and the list is also not difficult. Read more below.

Because Playing games while earning money is the dream of most people. That dream can now be realized by downloading the free Axie Infinity APK, the crypto-money-making NFT game!

With Axie Infinity, players only need to raise a monster named Axie from childhood to adulthood. Like a baby sitter, players will be paid for it.

This Axie Infinity game is built on a blockchain, just like the crypto tokens we know. Recently you always find information about Axie Infinity? And often wonder what game is this? Naturally, this Axie Infinity game has found its popularity while this game is not registered on the Google Play Store or the Apps Store. Not a few people have asked how to play Axie Infinity from scratch. Don’t worry, if you are one of the curious people, you can check out the reviews here!

Axie Infinity itself is a game application, which is built on a blockchain. For those who don’t know Blockchain, Blockchain itself is a new technology that is maximized for computerized data storage methods. This technology is connected through cryptography and the application itself cannot be separated from Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Because the game Axie Infinity can make money, so many people are flocking to try to play this game. For this reason, this time we will provide a basic guide to Axie Infinity that is worth listening to.

This game can be played for free. You just need to open and take a number of steps to create an account, including logging in. To start playing, you must have at least 3 monsters.

To buy monsters, the medium of exchange used is Ethereum (ETH).

Please note, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games today. According to Blockworks, there are an estimated 2.9 million Axie Infinity users by early 2022.

This number will continue to grow as the popularity of this popular play-to-earn (P2E) game continues to increase. Therefore, immediately download the free Axie Infinity APK, the cryptocurrency NFT game!

Ax Infinity at a glance

Axie Infinity games can be downloaded and played on devices on Windows, macOS, Android (APK), or iOS (TestFlight). This game can be played for free.

Axie Infinity APK is a unique money making game. Unlike other similar games, this game will invite you to take care of a virtual pet that can generate currency cryptocurrency!

Comes with a colorful world, you will go on an adventure with your adorable Axie. Raise your virtual pet to become as strong as possible, collect other types of Axies, and win battles together!

It is because of this convenience that Axie Infinity has become very popular. At first, developer Axie Infinity only targeted 250,000 users by early 2022. That target is quite aggressive. They could even exceed the target 1,000 percent higher.

Gameplay Axie Infinity Latest APK 2022

Axie Infinity APK is a combination of Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Tamagotchi games that can make money. At the start of the game, each player will be given a number of unique virtual animals.

you can directly fight other players in this game. How to play is also very easy, you know. Like a card-based strategy game, you only need to tap the skill card that you want to apply to the enemy.

Collect as many Axies as you can and don’t forget to keep taking care of them. Make sure you give them enough food and rest so they can fight again to the fullest.

There are also a number of potions that can increase their performance. What is clear, your beloved Axie will get stronger over time. You just need to play this game regularly

At first glance, these animals are very similar to Pokemon. They have their own skills, to different stats. Your job is to take care of the animal so it can grow stronger,

How to Register Axie Infinity

To play the Axie Infinity game is quite easy, so that new players don’t get confused and make mistakes when playing it,

After you download the Axie Infinity application, then you must register. This method of registering Axie Infinity is different from other methods of registering a game account. For that you can follow the example of Axie Infinity’s list:

  1. You must have a crypto wallet account first.
  2. Enter your crypto wallet application, then click on the DApps menu and search for Axie Infinity in the search.
  3. After the search results come out, then you can click the web. Click the three line button, press the More button, then click Getting Started.
  4. Scroll down, then you can find your profile dashboard in marketplace. Click the link on your profile dashboard in marketplace for that matter.
  5. Then click the Sign Up button, click the Ethereum icon in the upper right corner, then select Ethereum.
  6. After that click the Sign up with MetaMask button, next you can press the Ok button.
  7. In the Name component, you can fill in the name of the Axie Infinity game account you want, then press the Save button.
  8. Click the Set up email & password button, enter the email and password for your Axie Infinity account.
  9. Verify the email by entering the code sent to the email, then press the Confirm button.
  10. Click the Show QR button, then screenshot the QR code that appears. Save the QR Code properly, because the QR is what you will use to login Axie Infinity.

How to Make Money from Axie Infinity

Now, after having Axie and its games installed on your device, maybe you need to know what ways you can get money from the Axie Infinity game. Since the game is blockchain based, its success is highly dependent on the number of players.

But don’t worry, developer Axie Infinity claims that this game earns more than 90,000 ETH or around IDR 4,217,681,332,800 (four trillion rupiah).

In other words, Axie Infinity has experienced very rapid development since it was first released. The reason is, this game is very different from other money-making games, where if you want to play you have to spend money or play to earn.

Then, how to make money from the game Axie Infinity? Here are some of the options the developer offers:

  1. Battle with other players or PvP to get SLP (Small Love Potion)
  2. Breeding Axies and selling them on the Marketplace
  3. Collect rare characters or Axies like Mytics and Origins
  4. Farm “love potions” to sell to cryptocurrency exchanges
  5. AXS tokens (Axie Infinity Shards) can be used to purchase items and assets

In addition to the five options above, players can also sell Axies on the Marketplace with the Ethereum payment method. Later, these tokens or coins can be converted into rupiah currency through crypto exchanges.

Even though you have to spend capital at the beginning, the potential income from Axie Infinity is very large. For example, you buy three Axies, in a short time the Axies multiply to a maximum of 21.

For Axies with standard abilities, the lowest price is $150, not including items, cards and bundles

Download Axie Infinity Apk Android and iOS

Axie Infinity games can be downloaded and played on devices on Windows, macOS, Android (APK), or iOS (TestFlight).

You only need to choose the appropriate device to play this game. If you are interested in making money through this game, please go ahead download Axie Infinity APK via the following link.

You can download the Axie Infinity game for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android. If you are interested in playing the Axie Infinity game, then you can follow the following Axie Infinity game download system:

  1. First Open the browser, then go to the web
  2. Second, click the “Play Now” button on the top right, if you are using a computer or laptop, the file will be automatically downloaded.
  3. Finally you can also click the iOS, Android, and Mac OS buttons to download the Axie Infinity game according to your device

Here’s the download link for Axie Infinity, the most popular NFT P2E money-making game.

This is the download link for Axie Infinity, the most popular NFT P2E game that makes money. Immediately download Axie Infinity APK for free, the crypto money making NFT game!

On its official website, Axie Infinity also provides a number of guides or tutorials for beginners.

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