Best Free Medical Terminology Apps for Android

Best Free Medical Terminology Apps for Android

Best Free Medical Terminology App Android. || Until now, the development of mobile applications has affected almost all areas of human life, including medicine. Thanks to smartphones, we can say that our health is really up to us

Thanks to smartphones, we can say that our health is really in our hands because many applications allow you to track all kinds of medical indicators of a person, and in general improve and improve the quality of knowledge in this area.

Medical applications, such as first aid kits in homes or cars, are becoming increasingly needed in the modern world. In this short review, these are the best in safepedia’s opinion of free dictionary apps for medicine. Here you will find useful programs for young mothers, doctors of various profiles and just those who are interested in medicine in general. Here are 5 Best Free Medical Terminology Applications for Android:

1. Dictionary of Basic Terminology
The Basic Terminology Dictionary application is one of the media that can be used as a means of information about the health sector. This application will contain various health information related to daily communication in the health sector. Through this application, it is hoped that doctors, nurses, medical records will know more about the language of health terms.

Free medical terminology app for Android-1

This program allows you to quickly learn and understand complex medical terminology. Ideal for medical students to increase their knowledge. The navigation of the app is very easy, allowing in a few seconds to find what you are looking for. The dictionary is made for medical university students, but is also relevant for people who have nothing to do with health care. [Download Kamus Terminologi Dasar].

2. Medical and Health Dictionary
Medical and Health Dictionary is another Best free medical terminology app for Android on this list. Contains a large number of medical terms in Indonesian and will be useful for doctors, medical professionals, nurses, medical students.

Free medical terminology app for Android-2

This app is a collection of commonly used medical terms, diseases and symptoms with detailed descriptions. In addition, the Medical and Health Dictionary application can be used offline as well. [Download Kamus Medis dan Kesehatan].

3. Medical Terms
Medical science is filled with various medical terms that are not easily understood by the general public. The application of medical terms is made as a guide for anyone to learn and understand various terms in the world of health, especially medicine itself.

Free medical terminology app for Android-3

The Medical Term application contains a collection of various medical vocabularies and medical terms in the medical world that are often used by doctors and health workers in diagnosing a disease. This Health Term application is like a pocket book for a Medical dictionary application that will always accompany you to remember medical terms in hospitals, health centers, polyclinics, campuses or at schools.

Medical Terms App Features:
– The application display focuses on its function, making it practical and easy to use.
– The application can be used without an Internet / Offline connection.
– Free Download

This medical term dictionary application also makes it easy for you to share with friends or social media the words and meanings contained in this dictionary. [Download Istilah Kedokteran].

4. Offline Health and Medical Dictionary
Offline Health and Medical Dictionary is the Best Free Medical Terminology application for Android which contains more than 10,000 information on health terms and other medical terms and can be accessed offline without an internet connection. In this application there is also material for medical and health abbreviations as well as additional material for the names of medical devices and their functions

Free medical terminology app for Android-4

This offline health and medical dictionary app comes with a search and save item feature. besides that it is also light in size and designed with a minimalist, simple, and attractive appearance. This application helps make it easier for students, teachers, or professionals in the health or general field as supporters of learning media.

besides this medical dictionary application has voice and data copy features (if your android supports Indonesian). if there is an error in updating the data, please delete and reinstall the application. [Download Kamus Kesehatan dan Medis Offline].

5. Free Disease Dictionary Offline
Free Disease Dictionary Offline Application is one of the Best Free Medical Terminology Applications for Android. This Free Offline Disease Dictionary app contains detailed informational information about diseases, which helps you to understand about diseases easily.

Free medical terminology app for Android-5

Excellent features of the Free Offline Disease Dictionary application:

– Search feature to search medical disease index offline.
– Very friendly and beautiful interface.
– Diseases Encyclopedia with complete information regarding their treatment, diagnosis and preventive measures.
– adjust the text “Handbook of disease” to size
– completely offline and does not require internet connection

Search option will help you to find out the word, very helpful and user friendly. [Download Kamus Penyakit Gratis Offline].

Those are the 5 Best Free Medical Terminology Applications for Android. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who need it and thank you for visiting.

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