Best Free Music Maker Software

The best free music maker software provides you with a powerful set of tools to create music on your computer. There are free music maker apps that you can use to compose, record and edit your own songs.

Through this software, you can create and edit music from different genres like jazz, rock, pop, etc. To create music, some software uses various inbuilt music editors where you can add instruments and define the time at which additional instruments will be played.

This software works like a regular music maker software, the only difference is that it is open source. This means that you can download, view and modify the source code of this software without any restrictions.

On the other hand, some softwares are based on sheet music where you can find staff lines (stave) where you need to drop music notations, signatures, clefs, Music symbols to compose music, etc. In some music maker software, you get many tools and features which help you to make music.

In music editor based software, you can find tools that can generate sound of instruments like Piano, Drum, Guitar, Synth, Flute, etc. An essential loop tool is also present in this software which helps you to make beats.

Sheet music based software contains categories of music symbols (Key Signatures, Clefs, Rests, Notes, Measures, etc.) for creating and editing music.

Apart from these main tools, you also get some additional tools like Audio Mixer, Virtual Piano, Intensity Controller, BPM Controller, Synthesizer, etc. You can save the composed music in MIDI, MP3, and other formats. Immediately following the software for making the best free music:

1. Hydrogen

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Hydrogen is a free, open source music creation software for Windows, Linux, macOS, and BSD. You can download Hydrogen from here. It is mainly an advanced drum machine software through which you can compose music with drum kit instrument sounds like kick, hand clap, tom hi, crash jazz, etc.

For editing music, the software provides a Pattern Editor with the option to save and work on several different musical patterns at once. Apart from that, it offers other handy tools like Mixer, Sound Library, Instrument Rack, etc, to further customize the music. After creating music, you can export it in MIDI, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and OGG formats.

Main feature:

  • Pattern Editor: In this editor, you get the names of the musical instruments owned by this software along with their timeline. During the timeline, you need to determine the point when a particular instrument will produce a sound. After specifying all the points or creating a pattern, you can use this software’s built-in music player to preview the music.
  • Panel Instruments: After creating sound pattern via pattern editor, you can use this panel to adjust music parameters like attack, decay, sustain, release, pitch, channel, etc.
  • Mixers: It is a simple audio mixing tool through which you can mix multiple sound patterns.

Additional features:

  • BPM Adjusters: It lets you adjust the beat speed which helps you increase or decrease the overall music speed.
  • Music player: You can use it to preview the music before saving or exporting it. It offers standard music player options like next track, re-track, fast forward, record, etc.

It is a good open source music creation software that you can try if you need to make music dominated by drum kit instruments.

2. Impro-Visor

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Impro-Visor is another free, open source music creation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download Impro-Visor from here. It is a sheet music based music creation software that uses sheet music and stave as a base. You can also add music notes like 1/2 note, note 4, note 8, note 32, etc.

Along with musical notes, you can select sounds from various musical instruments to make music like Piano, Organ, Guitar, Bass, Strings, Violin, Reed Organ, etc. To make minor changes to the music, you can use signature and delay tools.

After creating music, you can export it in MIDI format. Apart from that, you can also save sheet music in PDF format.

Main feature:

  • Sheet Music: It provides multiple sticks through which you can add musical notes and sound samples of several instruments to make music. You can use your mouse to add notes to the proper stave.
  • Loops: To create repetitive music or beats, you can use this tool as it allows you to repeat a part of the music continuously.
  • Volumes & Mixers: It allows you to adjust the volume of the music along with the intensity of the melody, chords, bass, drums, etc. You can also use it to select multiple sounds that you want to play at the same time.
  • Tempo: It is a simple tool through which you can increase or decrease the speed of the music.

Additional features:

  • Advice: It is a very useful tool for novice users as it helps them choose the right notes for their music.
  • Voice Editor: It provides a virtual piano keyboard by which you can assign musical notes instead of setting notes above staff line using mouse.

This is another easy-to-use open source music creation software for creating music of various genres.

3. TuxGuitar

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TuxGuitar is another free, open source music creation software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can download TuxGuitar from here. This software is mainly built to produce music with the sound of string-based musical instruments such as Guitar.

Like some other music creation software, it is also based on sheet music. Along with sheet music, it offers all the essential sheet music elements (signatures, notes, effects, etc.)

Once you are done making music, you can export it in MIDI format. It also allows you to save sheet music in PDF, TuxGuitar, and MusicXml formats.

Main feature:

  • Editing Areas: In the main editing area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis software, you can see the line of staff above the sheet music. Through the staff line, you can manage all the music notations, signatures, beat notes, effects, etc., to make the music you want.
  • Beats: This is a menu that offers all the tools used to modify beats like tied notes, insert rest beats, delete notes, clean beats, dynamics, etc.
  • Clone Tracks: It is a simple but very useful tool through which you can quickly clone any track.
  • Composition: This is another menu that offers all the composition symbols in one place like clef, tempo, close repeat, key signature, etc.

Additional features:

  • Guitar Tuners: If you use a MIDI guitar with this software, then you can use it to tune the guitar by adjusting the chords like E5, B4, G4, A3, etc.
  • Support Plugins: In this software, you can introduce more features by installing external musical instrument plugins.

It is a decent open source music creation software through which you can create music using different string instruments. It can also be used to create guitar tablatures.


best free music making software-4

LMMS is a free, open source music creation software for Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can download LMMS from here. Using this software, you can create new music, generate beats, and edit music easily.

For making music, this software offers several music editors along with several plugins (to produce sounds of musical instruments like drums, guitar, piano, etc.).

Each plugin of this software has its own interface which you can attach with this software’s Song-Editor and create any kind of music you want. You can download LMMS from here.

If you just want to compose beats, then you can use Beat + Bassline Editor which offers loop functionality to lock one or more beats in a continuous loop.

Apart from that, you can find many other useful features in this software. Let’s take a look at some of the main and additional features of this software.

Main feature:

  • Song-Editor: This is the main music editor of this software where you can create custom music or make changes to existing music. To create custom music, you need to add various music plugins to this editor like Monstro, Sample Track, Mallets, SID, etc. Each of these plugins allows you to generate sounds from different musical instruments like piano, guitar, drums, etc. After adding the plugins to this editor, you can start the music creation process by specifying the time at which each plugin will generate sound.
  • Beat + Bassline Editor: This is a dedicated beat creation editor for this software. Similar to Song-Editor, you can also add music plugins to this editor. However, unlike Song-Editor, it is not a linear editor and lets you create loops to create beats.
  • FX-Mixer: As the name suggests, it is a music mixing feature where you can mix two or more sound samples into a single music.
  • Piano-Roll Editor: This is another handy editor of this software. Using it, you can make various small changes to the music like adjusting the intensity of the music pitch, adjusting the pitch, cutting a part of the music, etc.

Additional features:

  • Controller Racks: Using it, you can adjust the bass, tempo (speed), and phase of the output audio file.
  • LADSPA Plugin Browser: Using it, you can browse and add more music plugins which are not included with this software like FM Oscillator, Phase modulated Voice, Syn Drum, etc.

After creating music, you can export it in WAV, MP3, and OGG formats. It is one of the best free open source music creation software as it provides all the essential tools that you need to make good music.

Conclusion: Those are some of the best free music making software. From the list above, LMMS is my favorite software because it provides various advanced inbuilt music editors where you can create and edit all kinds of music.

Plus, it offers a handy Bass + Bassline editor that makes beat production super easy. Impro-Visor is one you can try.

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