Best Youtube Video Editing Apps 2022 on Android

Youtube Video Editing Application – For those of you who are YouTube content creators, of course, you really understand everything video editing application on HP Android or iPhone that you are using. Starting from free applications, to paid ones, you will definitely try to make your video content good and pleasing to the eye.

For iPhone users, I already gave the application. You can see some iPhone applications that you can use to edit this video. Now, it’s time for the android users I tell you about.

Youtube Video Editing App on Android

Actually, there are quite a few that can be used for video editing on your cellphone. Here are some of them that I’ve used:


The application for editing videos on your Android that I recommend first is KineMaster. Besides being easy to use, you can also do several things when using this application.

You can also do the process of cutting videos to give effects and add text too. Of course, the results produced by using this application make your video content even better.

How to Use the KineMaster App

  1. First, all you need to do is download the kinemaster application.
  2. Then, open the Kinemaster application that is already installed on your Android.
  3. After that, select the media section of the browser from within the app.
  4. Then, please find the video file that you want to edit and open the file.
  5. You can cut the frame that you don’t want.
  6. Add a slow motion effect if you feel it is necessary.
  7. Use subtitles to optimize your videos.
  8. Add sound and animation if you want it to be more interesting.
  9. Wait for the video process that you just edited.
  10. Save and done.

Please download here to try it out.


You can use this second application on your Android phone. Supposedly, this application is used for GoPro users. Its use is quite easy, you can cut videos, add songs, you can even choose editing templates that have been provided previously.

For the editing results, you can save in 720p or even 1080p depending on your wishes. You can use this application for free and you can directly share your video edits to social media.

How to Use the Quik App

  1. Download and install the Quik application from your Android smartphone.
  2. Once installed, open the application.
  3. To do the editing process, you can press the + sign at the bottom right.
  4. Select the photo or video you want to edit.
  5. When you make a choice, the photos and videos you choose will be ticked by the application.
  6. Enter a title for the video you are editing.
  7. Enter the intro that you want to use as the opening of your edited video.
  8. Check out the preview provided by this Quik app.
  9. Use the theme given by the app or you can skip this process.
  10. Edit your videos, whether you want to do the cropping process, merge videos, split videos, determine video speed, etc.
  11. Next, select the music you want to use as the background for the video.
  12. If you have finished the editing process, you can press the upload button at the bottom of the screen.
  13. Choose whether you will share to social media or save to your android smartphone.
  14. Finished.

Please download here to try it out.

Movie Maker Filmmaker

For those who are just learning to vlog and trying to do video editing, you can try this application at the beginning of your study. The features are quite complete for editing beginners, starting from entering the filter effects provided, adding music and other things you can do easily from the Android smartphone you have.

How to Use Movie Maker Filmmaker

For the use of this application itself is actually not much different from the 2 editing applications above. The difference is only in the appearance of the application itself. For your information, you can add some other features you have to use the paid pro features. Please download here to try it out.

Actually, there are still quite a lot of applications to do video editing on your cellphone. Above, just a few applications that I use and I can recommend to all of you for those who are just learning to do video editing.

If you have several applications that you want to add, please write them in the comments column Youtube Video Editing Application on cellphone what android are you using?

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