Boruto Episode 221, Watch the Latest Boruto Episode Here

Boruto Episode 221

Boruto Episode 221 – Hello friends, back again with admin here. This time the admin will discuss about the Boruto anime which has been busy lately.

If you are all fans Anime Borutoand you are still confused about finding the application you want to use to watch the Latest Boruto Episodes.

So this time the admin will also provide a link that you can use to watch the anime, this anime is also very popular in Indonesia.

This time the admin will also discuss the story below, if you want to know the snippet of the story, you can see the explanation below.

About Anime Boruto

Boruto itself is an anime that tells about the world of sinobi, where Boruto is very burdened by the karmic marks he got when he fought Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

And that’s when Boruto feels uncomfortable with his karmic marks, even Boruto is always looking for ways to get rid of his karmic marks.

In the story, Boruto also meets a person who has a karmic sign, namely Kawaki, when he first met Boruto and Kawaki also had a power struggle.

But if you want to know Spoiler for Latest Episode 221then you can see the admin’s explanation below.

Boruto Episode 221, Watch the Latest Boruto Episode Here

Boruto Episode 221

Spoiler Episode 221

In yesterday’s episode at the end of the story entitled Chnin Exams, maybe in episode 221 there will be another Chnin Exam.

Because the Chunin Exams failed yesterday because Otsutsuki Momoshiki came down to earth, and targeted Kurama to take his chakra. And there was cheating by Boruto, which caused chaos during the Chunin Exams yesterday.

If you want to watch the Boruto anime but are still confused where to watch it. Then you can see the link that the admin will provide below.

Link to Watch the Latest Episode of Boruto

Now, New Boruto Episodes This will be released on October 24th or every Sunday. To wait for the release, you can check the link below first.

Click here

You can click the link above to watch Episode 221 Boruto so what are you waiting for? Just click the link above.

The final word

Maybe that’s all I can inform you about the Boruto anime this time, I hope this article can be useful for you. Thank you for visiting this time, and see you in the next admin article.

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