Bot Write Wa, this is how to use it

Wa Write Bot

Wa Write Bot – Hello friends, back again with the admin here. This time the admin will give a glimpse of information about writing bots that you can use on Whatsapp.

If you don’t have time to do assignments, then you can use this Bot to do assignments. Read this article to the end to find out more.

Well, app Whatsapp itself is now a must-have application for all headphone users, because now you can convey all information or get it via Whatsapp.

This application has been around for a long time, but when the Covid-19 virus hit Indonesia, the Whatsapp application was widely used to receive assignments from teachers and receive information conveyed by teachers.

But many don’t know about the existence of Bots in the Whatsapp application that you can use to do tasks and so on, if you are curious about this Bot then you can see the explanation below until it’s finished.

What is a Whatsapp Write Bot?

So this writing bot is one of the bots that can write text to books only through the Whatsapp application, because this Bot feature is already available for Wa users. This makes it very easy for those of you who have many tasks such as having to move writing in a book.

With you using Whatsapp bots all work or related tasks to be transferred to a book, the Whatsapp writing bot is the most suitable for use. In addition, the text that you get is very neat and pleasing to the eye.

Bot Write Wa, this is how to use it

Wa Write Bot

Automatic Whatsapp Write Bot

For those of you who want to prove you can immediately follow what the admin has presented, that way you can take advantage of the situation. For example, if you are lazy to do a task, then with this bot you can do it quickly.

Then use this wa feature, automatically in a matter of a few seconds the writing will immediately move to the book. So by using this bot, it will make it easier for you to do your work.

How to Use Bot Wa

Well, for those of you who want to try this Bot, you can see the explanation below so that you understand what the admin is saying. How to use Whatsapp Bot.

  • First you record this bot number.
  • Then you save the number.
  • Call this number by typing /info.
  • To write the words will be prefixed /magernulis.
  • Then you can write the text as you want, just send it.
  • Wait a few seconds then the text will move to the book.

Those are the ways that you can use to use the bot to write whatsapp, if you still don’t understand you can repeat the method above until you understand.

The final word

Maybe that’s all the information that the admin can provide for you, I hope this article can be useful for you. Thank you for those of you who have visited just info this time, see you in the next admin article.

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