Call Center Grab 2022

Call Center Grab

Call Center Grab – Grab has one mission, which is to become a daily application that can always help the people of Indonesia, anytime and anywhere.

That’s why, they always innovate to continue to bring new features to make your day easier.

In 2022, Grab has introduced various new services such as Clean & Fix, Health, Video, Tickets, and Hotels which you can now enjoy anytime.

However, now they realize that it is not only the service that must be updated, but also a number of supporting features that will make the grab service more friendly for you.

Below we have summarized for you some of the latest Grab features that are still not widely known.

Without further ado, here is the information about the Grab Call Center service and the available features. Listen to the end yaa!

Call Center Grab

Latest Features of Grab

Call Center Grab
Latest Features of Grab

For those of you who are Grab users but don’t know some of the latest features it has? Don’t worry, we’ve summarized it for you.

a. Help Center

If you experience problems during or after a ride with Grabcar or GrabBike, purchasing food via GrabFood and delivering goods using GrabExpress, don’t panic! Now you can take advantage of the Integrated Help Center feature, you can find this feature by visiting the Profile or Activity page on the page main Grab application.

b. Promo Column

Confused looking for an ongoing Grab promo? You can check the “Inbox” page on the main page of the Grab application regularly.

There you will get a message containing a promo code that you can enjoy, make sure you read the terms and conditions of use first.

c. My favorite

When you open the GrabFood page, you will see a heart in the upper right corner of the Grab application, if you select the heart there will be a list of your Favorite GrabFood partners.

So, if you want to order food from your favorite restaurant, just click the heart in the top right corner of the GrabFood application!

d. Multiple Order

There are times when one is not enough, sometimes we have to order more than one to meet our many needs. For those of you who want to order more than one, now Grab can make it happen! Here are some of them that you can enjoy.

  • GrabFood: Order food up to 4 different orders at the same time.
  • GrabExpress: Order couriers for up to 10 different couriers at the same time for Jabodetabek and the same 5 couriers for cities outside Jabodetabek.
  • GrabKitchen All in One: In addition to ordering four meals from GrabFood at once, you can also order several menus at once from several GrabKitchen partners in one order with the “All in One” feature.

e. Safety Center

As a pioneer of safety features, Grab presents a new Safety Center feature so that all passengers who ride with Grab can access several safety features in one touch. When a Grab ride, the “Safety Center” menu will appear in the upper right corner of the Grab application, customers can choose 3 services required, as follows.

  • Share Trip Information: Offers the option to give family or loved ones access to track trip location and status, complete with estimated arrival time and driver-partner details.
  • Get Emergency Help: In the event of an emergency, passengers can request assistance from the Grab incident response team or the Grab 24/7 Call Center. SMS alerts containing trip details and current location are automatically sent to registered emergency contacts.
  • Report Safety Issues: Passengers can easily report safety concerns, at any time during their journey, so Grab can take quick action against potential safety incidents.

What are the 24-Hour Street Assistance Services Facilities?

Call Center Grab
What are the 24-Hour Street Assistance Services Facilities?

The 24-hour street assistance service (ERA) is a street assistance that is ready to serve you in emergency situations on the way during onbid or offbid to provide security and comfort.

Here are some facilities from the 24-hour street assistance service that you need to know, including:

  • If the car is locked from the outside, ERA service can help to open your locked car.
  • Help changing tires, unloading / installing tires (Does not provide replacement tires).
  • Gasoline delivery service assistance (The cost of purchasing gasoline is borne by partners, max 5 liters, applies specifically to Jabodetabek).
  • Jumper assistance, provides a jumper tool to start the car (Does not provide exchange/add/buy batteries).
  • Accident Assistance, car towing services (Not including car repair services, insurance claims and police proceedings).
  • Towing Service (Applicable in certain areas according to the official domicile and in the toll road), for cars that have broken down.

Who can enjoy street assistance services?

This service is specifically for GrabCar Partners who are already registered as members of the Sahabat Grab Club Pro+.

Here’s how to contact the help.

Please contact the 24-hour support service (ERA) via the Grab Call Center or phone call or WhatsApp +6287873722000 and send the following data.

  • Full name.
  • Car Plate Number.
  • Origin SGC Pro+ (Required Registered).
  • Screenshot of your 24-hour Road Assistance Service Benefit Card.
  • Information on the location of the emergency incident where you are.

Later the operator will contact you and send a Support TEAM to your emergency location.

The final word

That’s brief information about how to use the services available on Grab and some of the latest features that you can take advantage of.

For those of you who often experience similar things, then this information is certainly very useful for you if you want to ask the emergency assistance team.

You can share this article with relatives or friends who also need the tutorial. Thank you and hopefully useful.

That’s all our discussion in this article about Call Center Grab. Thank you and hopefully useful.

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