Cat Trap Game Apk That Viral On TikTok How To Play

Cat Trap Game Apk That Viral On Tiktok – A game that is being searched for on social media and on the Google search engine, this game has just gone viral and many are looking to play. Other: Download Domino Rich Money Producer

Games are one of the entertainment destinations that are much sought after and enjoyed by Indonesian citizens or netizens, by playing games we can release stress and fatigue.

There are so many games that we can get on the internet and only with gadgets like Android. We can play thousands of types of games

Like the Cat Trap Game Apk which is currently viral, this time will discuss how to play games and links to play games that are going viral on tiktok.

Paint Trap Game

Sometimes we will feel bored playing heavy games such as analog moba games such as ML or PUBG and also FF, and we occasionally want to try exciting games that are lighter to play.

Cat Trap Game Game That Goes Viral On Tiktok
Cat Trap Game Game That Goes Viral On Tiktok

Recently Viral on social media about the game Cat Trap especially on Tiktok, many are looking for this one game and want to play it

Cat Trap is a light game that is fun and simple to play in your spare time, such as when you are on vacation or after work and after studying.

The game play of this game is quite simple, you are asked to trap the cat by tapping the pentagons around the cat

Later the cat will walk and touch the dark pentagon, a sign that you have tapped the pentagon

Download Cat Trap Game

Although it looks simple, in fact this game is very viral and much sought after by netizens using social media such as Tiktok Twitter Instagram and others, because this game is fairly light and fun to play.

So you can play this game on mobile phones like android or IOS and you can also play it on a PC or laptop without the need to install any applications.

Because this game is a game or a web game, so you only need to use your favorite browser or the browser that you often use to play this game

Below is a link to access and play the GAME Cat Trap in a browser that you can easily access

CAT Trap Game >>Click Here<<

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How to Play Cat Trap That Goes Viral On Tiktok

The method is quite easy, if there are some of you who may not understand how to play this viral game, you can follow the steps to play the game below:

  1. First you click the link provided above
  2. You will be transferred to the Game page
  3. next time you will be shown a cat on top of several pentagons
  4. Well you have to trap the cat
  5. the way you just need to press the pentagon until it becomes dark
  6. You have to predict for yourself which pentagon the cat will be trapped in
  7. you win if the cat enters the trap you made
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