Chaca Market Money Making Apk, Is It Safe?

Chaca Market Apk – On this occasion, just info will discuss chacha market apk moneymaker. Namely an application that can generate rupiah coffers just by carrying out missions.

Lately, there are many money-making applications often appear. And one of them is the Chaca Market which is currently a trending topic on Indonesian social media.

Actually chacha market is an online store or e-commerce. Chaca market is a local marketplace owned by the community on the island of Bali, because it is specifically for Balinese people who want to find goods.

So how do we get money from the marketplace? If you are curious, then please see first the reviews below.

More About Chaca Market

As the admin explained briefly above, chacha market is an online shop. Chaca market is no different from other online stores, it’s just that it still doesn’t have many users.

Of course, you can also use this marketplace as usual. There are many advantages that you can take from chaca market services, and these benefits are also quite tempting.

Chaca Market Money Making Apk, Is It Safe?

Chaca Market Apk

Well, to get money or income from money making chaca market. You can get it through an event that is currently taking place.

The current event takes place from October 2 to 31, 2022. To win the event, you must share as many referral codes as possible.

Only then can you get money from the money-making Chaca Market application. If you can win this event, then the prizes will be sorted by rank:

  • 2 staycation coupons at The Wakanda A Pramana Experience, Ubud, Bali (ranked 1)
  • GoPay Voucher 300,000 (rank 2)
  • GoPay Voucher 150,000 (rank 3)

How to Register ChacaMarket Money Making

To take part in events from the money-making chaca market, of course you have to register first. Here’s how to register a money-making app chaca market:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Start icon
  3. Fill in the form provided
  4. Then click register
  5. Finished

After you have an account, you can open the application and follow the event.

Is Chaca Market Safe?

For now, the chaca market is still safe and there is no indication of money games. So, you can immediately try the chaca market event while the event is still ongoing.


Okay friends, that’s all the admin can say about chaca market apk money making. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting

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