Changing the Sausage Man Profile before the match, Here’s How

Changing Sausage Man profile Before Matchh – Lately, the game Sausage Man is very popular, how can this game which was released on June 26, 2022, already has around 5 million more downloads on the App store or Google Play.

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Sausage Man is a Battle Royal game similar to PUBG or FF which is familiar to Indonesian gamers, games with the theme of survival are very popular among Indonesian gamers.

Now I will share how to change the profile on the sausage man game before starting to match, which maybe many of you are new to playing this game and don’t know how, ok, see the article below.

What is Sausage Man Game?

Is a competitive survival game that allows players to control a cute sausage-shaped character to survive by fighting enemies using weapons on the battlefield, you can modify the sausage character creatively.

Changing Sausage Man Profile Before Match
Changing Sausage Man Profile Before Match

This game has a fast and detailed fighting system, because the characters have funny gameplay, besides fighting you can also joke in this game so you don’t just keep fighting or trying to kill enemies like in other battle royal games.

You can also express yourself to be the coolest sausage and modify your appearance by wearing different costumes, besides that you can also use emoticons with cool and funny emoticons.

Changing Sausage Man Profile Before Match

The method is quite easy and not too difficult,

  1. You must first login in the game
  2. Participate in the game
  3. Choose Party Pass
  4. Change data 1 to 3 to choose death or loss received
  5. The attribute scale setting also needs to be changed from 1 to 3
  6. Resize background or background
  7. Then select epic to change your activity notifications

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