Chatbot Whatsapp Cares Protect Id, Here’s the Number

Chatbot Whatsapp CaresProtect Id – If you are looking for a Whatsapp PeduluLindungi.Id number, it is here, and also how to download the Vaccination Certificate.

Public awareness about health is starting to show, especially when the corona virus pandemic people start doing healthy things and care about cleanliness and also various things that make us avoid the virus.

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not only that, the use of vaccines is also very important to help the immune system recognize viruses that attack the body, therefore the government provides vaccinations to the public, it even becomes a regulation to get a certificate before traveling

here I will explain how to download Vaccine Certificates using the Whatsapp Cares Protect Chatbot, continue to follow this article guys.

What is Whatsapp Chatbot Chatbot?

Is an automatic system or admin bot provided by Care Protect Id to be easily accessed by the public using Whatsapp chat so that people don’t need to be confused when they want to view or download vaccine certificates.

Whatsapp Chatbot Cares Protect Id, Here's the Number
Whatsapp Chatbot Cares Protect Id, Here’s the Number

what they have done, so you can print it as proof that you have carried out the vaccinations that are required by the state,

This new breakthrough from the Ministry of Health is also for people who do not understand how to download vaccine certificates which previously could be accessed via

and many people don’t understand how to use it, WhatsApp chatbot is the breakthrough, because it’s definitely easier because many know how to use it.

Whatsapp Cares Chatbot Number Protect Id

Below I will give the caring Protect Chatbot number and how to download the vaccine certificate which I have summarized the steps:

  • First save the number on your cellphone 081110500567
  • Next, open the Whatsapp application on your Android
  • If you don’t have it, you can install it first on Playstore >> Click Here <<
  • Then look for contacts who care Protect the ones you have saved
  • Next, send a Whatsapp message to that number
  • Select Main Menu
  • You will be asked to enter your registered cellphone number with Care Protect
  • after that you will get a verification code or OTP and enter the code
  • then you can choose to do something like Download, view Vaccination status or other info
  • if you have chosen you must enter your full registered name and also your NIK or KTP number
  • Finished.

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That’s the way Guys. It’s easier right than doing it on the Cares Protect ID site,


That’s the info that I can share in this article, I hope it’s useful, and don’t forget to share this article as much as possible. If there are mistakes in writing or etiquette in language, I’m sorry, that’s all from me, thank you.

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