Complete M3 2022 Playoff Schedule (11-19 December 2022)

Complete M3 2022 Playoff Schedule (11-19 December 2022) – M3 World Championship Playoff Participant List, Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket, M3 Playoff Schedule

The following is the schedule for the M3 World Championship Mobile Legends playoff to be held soon.

The M3 Mobile Legends playoff schedule starts from today 11 December 2022 to Monday, 13 December 2022.

Playoff M3 World Championship Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will start today at 14.00.

Today there will be a prestigious match in the M3 Mobile Legends world championship competition.

2022 M3 World Championship playoff participants

The following is an article regarding the list of participants for the M3 World Championship, Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket playoffs, the M3 playoff schedule

As it is known that the M3 World Championship event starts on Monday 6 December 2022

M3 World Championship is a world-class Mobile Legends tournament event. The M3 World Championship is participated by Mobile Legends Esports teams around the world.

For Indonesia, there are 2 Esports Mobile Legends teams participating in the M3 World Championship event

  • Namely ONIC Esports and RRQ Hoshi

Meanwhile, the following Domainjava provide information regarding the list of M3 World Championship upper bracket and lower bracket playoff participants, as well as the M3 playoff schedule

The group stage has been held from 6-9 December. The group stage of the M3 World Championship has finished featuring 6 matches every day.

group stage format, the four teams joined are not eliminated if they lose, they continue to the playoffs

The top two teams during the group stage enter the upper bracket. Meanwhile, the bottom two teams in the M3 World Championship group entered the lower bracket.

The following are the M3 World Championship playoff participants

M3 Playoffs

Upper Bracket Playoffs

Block A
International Blacklist (Group A winner)
Blood Thirsty Kings (Group C runner-up)
Bedel (Group A runner-up)
EVOS SG (Group C winners)

Block B
ONIC PH (Group B winners)
RSG SG (Group D runner-up)
RRQ Hoshi (Group D champion)
Sword (Group B runner-up)

Lower Bracket Playoffs

Team SMG (ranked 3rd Group D)
Onic Esports (ranked 4th Group B)
Keyd Stars (ranked 3rd Group B)
GX Squad (rank 4 in Group D)

Natus Vincere (ranked 3rd Group C)
Malvinas Gaming (4th in Group A)
Red Canids (ranked 3rd Group A)
See You Soon (4th in Group C)


M3 2022 Playoff Schedule, Indonesia Represented in Upper-Lower Bracket

Session group stage The M3 World Championship is over and now we will move on to the rounds playoffs. timetable playoffs M3 has also been released on website official.

For now, the entire team can still breathe a sigh of relief for advancing to the rounds playoffs in full. However, these 16 teams, especially those in lower bracket, must remain vigilant. Because, one step blunder could send them close to the brink of elimination!

All matches take place in the format best of 5except grand final Word Championship 2022 that uses best of 7. Here is the full schedule of the rounds playoffs M3 Word Championship Mobile Legends 2022.

Day 1 – 11 December

  • Match 1: Blacklist International VS BTK (13:00 WIB)
  • Match 2: Bedel VS EVOS SG (17:00 WIB)

Day 2 – 12 December

  • Match 3: ONIC PH VS RSG SG (13:00 WIB)
  • Match 4: RRQ Hoshi VS Todak (17:00 WIB)

Day 3 – December 13

  • Match 5: Team SMG VS ONIC Esports (11:00 WIB)
  • Match 6: Vivo Keyd VS GX Squad (13:30 WIB)
  • Match 7: Natus Vincere VS Malvinas Gaming (16:30 WIB)
  • Match 8: Red Canids Necklacea VS SeeYouSoon (20:00 WIB)

Day 4 – 14 December

  • Match 9: Loser M1 VS Winner M5 (13:00 WIB)
  • Match 10: Loser M2 VS Winner M6 (14:00 WIB)
  • Match 11: Loser M3 VS Winner M7 (15:00 WIB)
  • Match 12: Loser M4 VS Winner M8 (16:00 WIB)
m3 schedule 11

Day 5 – 15 December

  • Match 13: Winner M9 VS Winner M10 (14:00 WIB)
  • Match 14: Winner M3 VS Winner M4 (15:00 WIB)

Day 6 – 16 December

  • Match 15: Winner M11 VS Winner M12 (14:00 WIB)
  • Match 16: Winner M1 VS Winner M2 (15:00 WIB)

Day 7 – 17 December

  • Match 17: Loser M14 VS Winner M13 (14:00 WIB)
  • Match 18: Loser M16 VS Winner M15 (15:00 WIB)

Day 8 – 18 December

  • Match 19: Winner M16 VS Winner M14 (14:00 WIB)
  • Match 20: Winner M17 VS Winner M18 (15:00 WIB)
  • Match 21: Loser M19 VS Winner M20 (16:00 WIB)

Day 9 – 19 December

  • Match 22: Winner M19 VS Winner M21 (16:00 WIB)

Well, that’s the explanation of the complete tournament schedule playoffs M3 World Championship 2022.

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