Convert Youtube to Mp3, Turns out this is how

Convert Youtube to Mp3

infoinsaja.comConvert youtube to mp3 is still the most searched keyword. If you are one of them, then in this article the admin will provide a tutorial.

Convert youtube videos to songs is often used to get mp3 format from videos. This mp3 file can later be used for editing or just stored on the cellphone.

As we know, youtube saves a lot of videos uploaded by millions of users. To make YouTube the most famous platform from the past to the present.

However, YouTube does not provide a video or song download feature. So we as users can only download videos and songs using the help platform.

There are many platforms or services for downloading videos and songs on the internet. So many, to make us confused to choose. Therefore the admin will recommend one service convert yt to mp3 easiest.

Convert YT to MP3 the Easiest

One of the services that can be used to convert YouTube videos to mp3 is y2mate. This service is available in the form of a website so you don’t need to download additional applications.

Y2mate is very easy to use even for beginners. Suitable for those of you who like to collect songs of any genre on YouTube.

Convert Youtube to Mp3, Turns out this is how

Convert Youtube to Mp3

As the admin explained above, y2mate offers easy access for its users. You also don’t need to download additional applications which of course will take up storage space.

In addition to convert youtube videos to mp3, y2mate can be used to convert Facebook videos, Videos, Dailymotion, Youku, etc. to mp3. How? Very multifunctional, right?

For those of you who are curious about how to use y2mate to convert yt to mp3. So please see the tutorial that the admin has provided below.

How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3

  1. Go to youtube and find the video you want to convert to mp3
  2. Then copy the video url
  3. Go to using google chrome
  4. Then paste the url / link of the video in the column provided
  5. After that click the Start icon next to the column

If you have, then there will be a choice of file formats that you can download. Starting from mp4 with various resolutions and mp3 or audio formats. If you have chosen, you just have to download it and wait for it to finish.


That’s it how to download youtube videos to mp3. Easy isn’t it? That’s enough from the admin, hopefully it’s useful and thank you for visiting

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