Dear Surabaya Residents Application – Java Domain

Applications Dear Residents of Surabaya – Welcome to the web site, on this occasion we will discuss the application for the citizens of East Java, especially the Surabaya community.

What is this special application, you may ask, what is the use of this application for? Well, this time we will discuss a little about the application of dear Surabaya residents! How are you interested in knowing it. Let’s read the Java domain article to the end.

Applications Dear Residents of Surabaya

The application for the love of Surabaya residents is an application carried out by Surabaya residents or government organizations in developing fast technology to help the community and government ranks.

So, why really help the Surabaya community? because this application is the end result of the development and research process carried out by several organizations that have successfully launched an application. in order to facilitate all human activities more efficiently in the field of work

The emergence of the latest applications with the features offered are so sophisticated. Not infrequently, an application is deliberately created to simplify and replace human work.

This will make work easier with the help of applications that have accuracy and abilities that can be said to be above humans.

Getting to know the Surabaya Residents Application

As we have explained, the application to love the citizens of Surabaya aims to facilitate work, especially within the scope of the Surabaya government in order to speed up office work.

For example, this Sayang application is useful in collecting data for the Surabaya community with a feature display and has a fairly complete function.

Data collection with this application is very helpful for Surabaya government agencies such as collecting data on the distribution of PKK cadres.

There is also detailed survey service data that is used to find out the results of the cadres’ entries. There is a healthy home survey service that is used to determine public health.

There are many other menus that are very useful to assist the government in serving the community. Applications like this will certainly be very helpful because the majority of people now have smartphones.

Therefore, data collection through an application like this will be very easy to do and of course it will be more evenly distributed. Many people will definitely feel helped by the presence of an application like this.

For those of you who are curious about the application and want to use it immediately, you don’t need to worry and be confused about where to get the application. Because we will also provide a download link for you so you can use it.

You can get the application dear Surabaya residents via the following download link.

App Name Dear Surabaya Residents Apk
App Size 25 MB
Developer Surabaya
Download Link Click Here

To download this Dear Warga Surabaya Apk, you can click the download link that we have provided above. If the application has been successfully downloaded and installed, then you can use it.

The Sayang Warga Surabaya application is made specifically for Surabaya residents because the target community is Suarabaya residents themselves. How to log in to this application is as follows.

  1. First Open the browser from your device.
  2. Then Enter the website .
  3. Then fill in the user and password that has been given to you.
  4. Finished. You have successfully logged in and used the platform.

Applications like this are quite helpful. But on the other hand, data collection must also be done manually to find out the exact conditions in the field.

Because it is possible with the ease of access provided. There are people who take advantage of this for personal gain.

The final word

Thus the article that we can make about the application of dear Surabaya residents may be useful for all of you. We thank those of you who have visited and read the content above. That’s it.

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