Download Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark

Download Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark – This article contains the download link for the latest Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK No Watermark complete with download links and how to install the application. Curious? Let’s see until the end.

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology makes all human needs easier, not least in terms of video editing which is also increasingly sophisticated.

It is also undeniable that currently visual content in the form of videos has become popular and in great demand by netizens on social media in the digital era like today.

This is proven by the skyrocketing use of video content provider applications such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and various other video services.

Now, in making interesting video content, of course, it’s not only the quality of the images taken that must be good. But there are also several other factors.

For example, the way in which video content is presented is also an important point to make videos more interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Therefore, content creators usually provide many effects and edit the video first before uploading it on the internet and various platforms.

One application that can be used to make video editing more interesting is Alight Motion. In addition, this application can also be used on smart phones so that its use is easier.

In addition, Alight Motion itself is currently getting the latest update which brings a series of new features and system updates. The following is a brief description of the application.

What is Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK?

Download Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark
Download Alight Motion Pro APK No Watermark

Alight Motion Pro very suitable for those of you who like to make animated videos via mobile phones. But unfortunately, if you use the free version, a watermark will appear and some features cannot be unlocked. In addition to using a computer, it can also be used via a smartphone.

Basically, this video editing application is often used in making motion designing which is easier and faster. Users can adjust colors, export projects resulting from video editing into gif or MP4. Can also add audio and images as desired.

As the domainjava admin mentioned earlier, Alight Motion is a video editing application that is quite practical for use on mobile phones.

Although it can be said as a mobile application and can be run on mobile phones, Alight Motion still provides many interesting features that will also spoil you more in terms of video editing.

Now, some of the updates brought in this 4.0.3 update are system updates and improvements that have bugs as well as the addition of transition effects and the UI display of the application.

However, it turns out that what netizens are currently looking for is the latest Mod or modified version of the Alight Motion application. So what is it like? See the explanation below.

AM Mod Pro

The mod version of the Alight Motion application itself is actually the same as the official or original version of the application which can be used to do video editing easily and practically via cellphone.

You can get the original Alight Motion application directly from official application service platforms such as the Google Play Store and the App Store.

However, the Alight Motion Mod application itself is an Alight Motion application that has received modifications from third parties so that it provides many additional features that are quite useful.

If in the usual Alight Motion application, of course you will find lots of features and effects that can be used. However, this open effect turns out to be only slightly available in the original application.

Well usually to unlock these premium features and effects you need to buy the original version of the application from the Alight Motion developer. Whether it’s a one-time purchase or a subscription.

It’s different if the application used is the mod version of Alight Motion. In the mod version, all the available premium features and effects will be unlocked and you can immediately use them without having to subscribe.

Furthermore, the Mod version of the Alight Motion application has also received an update to the latest version such as the official application on the Play Store and App Store. Following are its features.

Features of Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK

Like other modified versions of applications, this Mod version of Alight Motion also gets many features added in it. Following are some of its features:

If there are no advantages, there is clearly no attraction that causes many users. As said before, the main advantage of a more complete feature.

These features can be obtained for free, without having to buy a pro or premium version. To be clear, here are the features of alight motion pro mod apk that you need to know!

Now before you try the application, maybe many of you don’t know about the full features of the mod version of Alight Motion.

Keyframe Animation

This feature serves to give a clearer static effect, where you can make objects move.

Not many video editing applications that provide Keyframe Animation features. However, it is not easy to use this feature, you need special skills to be able to use it.

Interesting Effect Options

Another important feature that can make videos more interesting is effects. In the official version developed by Alight Creative, Inc., the use of the effects feature is still limited. This means that you are only provided with a few features.Also Read: Download Nicoo Apk FF Unlock All Skins Latest Free Fire 2022

It’s different when using the modified version, where the features provided include light effects, blur, adding text and images.

Do not forget the feature to change the theme as desired. Moreover, there are many choices of interesting themes that you can choose and use for free.

Text Font Options

What’s so special about using fonts on edited videos? Indeed, there are many similar applications that provide it, but they are not as complete as when using alight motion mod apk 3.9.0 or other versions.

You can use a wide selection of fonts for free, at no cost at all. Not to mention the choice of font style, where you can change the style of the writing that is made.

Full Video Format

Not only video formats that you can get from video editing, but also GIF and PNG. For video formats, you can also choose MP4, 3GP, MPEG, and other format options.

As for the resolution, it usually adjusts from the format taken, or the output of the video that is made. The higher the resolution, the greater the video capacity obtained.

No Watermark

This is the most sought after feature, as well as the main reason why many use the modified version.

You can actually get the Alight motion mod apk without a watermark when you use the official version by buying a license or the pro version.

If you don’t want to spend money, the alternative is to use the version that is our main topic this time.

Usually after we finish saving the video, a watermark will appear at the end of the exported video, and to get rid of it we need to upgrade the application to the premium version.

How interesting is not it? If you are interested in trying to use the latest mod version of the Alight Motion application, you can just download it directly via the link that we will share below.

Download Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK No Watermark

Actually, you can get the original version of the Alight Motion APK application or install it directly through the official application platform, namely the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Once you know about the app Alight Motion Mod Apk and a number of interesting features, it’s not really worth it if you don’t try to use it.

From time to time, third-party developers have updated their applications. Thus, the features provided have followed the official version.

If you want to get all the features mentioned, make sure you download the latest alight motion mod apk. Of course you can’t get this application through the Playstore, because it’s not registered there.

Therefore, do not linger and what are you waiting for. Immediately try to download the application via the link provided below.

However, the download link for the Alight Motion (AM) mod version of the Pro Mod APK no watermark is not available on the official application service, so you need to download it manually from the internet.

Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk

After knowing that the Alight Motion Pro Application offered has a number of features you need. So I’m sure you definitely want the application to be yours, right? Don’t worry, because you are here, we are happy to share some links below to download AM PRO 4.0.4 for all of you.

File Name Alight Motion Pro
New version 4.0.4
Size 132 Mb
Devoper Alight Creative INC
File Upload
Information – Pro Unlocked
– Paid Subscription Unlocked
– No Watermark (No Watermark)


After visiting the link above, you can download the latest version of Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK by clicking the available download button, then install the application.

How to Install Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK Aplikasi

The installation of this mod version of the application also cannot automatically like downloading on the Google Play Store or App Store. You need to install it manually too via phone storage.

To make it easier, just follow this short guide:

  1. Open the file manager on your phone and go to the Downloads folder.
  2. After that, look for the Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod APK that was downloaded earlier then click and Install.
  3. Then a notification will appear and you can just activate the installation from unknown sources.
  4. If so, you can click Install again to continue the application installation process.
  5. Just wait until the process is complete and the application is ready to use.

How very easy is not it? It’s a bit complicated, but considering that this mod version application is not official, you need to spend more time installing it on your cellphone. Alight Motion Pro, Of course, it is highly recommended for you to choose this one video editing application. Of the many features it has Alight Motion Pro Apkyou may not find it in other video editing applications.

Risks of Using Alight Motion MOD APK Version

It’s really a shame if the free version appears a watermark and added premium features.

You have to spend quite a lot of money to unlock the feature. But then, there Alight Motion Mod Apk which can be a solution to this problem.

Because this modified version of the application makes it easier for you to get premium features, including by removing the watermark.

However, application modification certainly has its own risks. So you must understand the risks that occur when you will use the modified version of the application, including the following:

  • Personal data is no longer safe
  • Vulnerable to malware and viruses
  • Account prone to permanently banned

Then why this application is quite risky. Because things like this are clearly very detrimental to the developer.

How not, the developers have gone to great lengths to make applications in such a way and coupled with premium features that are paid for by them, even illegal applications appear which are very detrimental to developers.

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