Download GB WhatsApp APK 18.90 Latest Pro Version 2022

GB WhatsApp APK 18.90 – This is the Download Link for GB WhatsApp APK 18.90 Pro Latest Version 2022 which can be downloaded for free. Whatsapp is an instant messenger application that is now growing in demand. Almost every smartphone owner, whether it’s Android or iPhone, installs Whatsapp as a medium for communicating.

Download GB WhatsApp Here

How not, Whatsapp is not only able to facilitate communication between individuals, but Whatsapp can also be used as a medium to facilitate community communication. Whatsapp is also widely used as a medium by business activists in establishing communication with customers. It is not without reason why Whatsapp has become very popular in the market. Its increasingly complete features and tools that are easy to operate make this chat application dominates applications similar to it.

However, there are still many people who are not satisfied with the myriad of features that Whatsapp has. Finally they chose the Whatsapp Mod named GbWhatsapp with the advantage of several interesting features that the official Whatsapp does not have.

So what is GB WhatsApp APK 18.90? What features does this Mod application have so many people are willing to leave the official Whatsapp and switch to using it? Here is the review.

What is GB WhatsApp APK 18.90

GBWhatsapp or more popularly known as GB WA is the most popular modified Whatsapp which has dozens of interesting features that the official Whatsapp does not have.

GBWhatsapp is modified by a moderator named GBMODs who is very active following the development of the official Whatsapp feature. From there, he tries to complete the various shortcomings that exist in the official Whatsapp.

Download the GBWhatsApp Application Version 18.90

Please download the GB WhatsApp APK 18.90 mod version at the link below:

The file is the latest GBWhatsapp and is safe to use. Meanwhile, if in the process you find a broken link or an error, please leave a message in the comments column so we can fix it immediately.

App Name GBWhatsapp 18.90
New version 18.90
Size 39.2 MB
Updates 2022
Specification Android 4.4+
Download Here

Advantages of GB WA 18.90 Apk

The main reason some Whatsapp users choose GBWhatsapp is because of the myriad of features that the official Whatsapp does not have. Many people feel bored with the appearance of the original Whatsapp which is just that. While GBWhatsapp has a more attractive appearance.

In addition, the advantage of this GBWhatsapp application is that it allows you to install two Whatsapp applications in one cellphone. You can install and use this Whatsapp Mod, but you can still install and use the official Whatsapp.

Yups, you can install both provided that the registered mobile number is different. If you persist in using the same number, the first application you register with that number will automatically exit.

On this occasion, we have prepared the download link for the latest 2022 GBWhatsapp apk above. If you need it, just download it.

I tell you there are several versions of MOD WA available on the internet, for example, GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus and others. This is known as Whatsapp MOD and you can find that this version is safe to use for Android devices but not safe for accounts due to Whatsapp terms and conditions.

Safe Tips for Using GB WA mod Version 18.90 so you don’t get banned

This MOD version of WA GB WhatsApp Apk 18.90 violates the terms and conditions of WA, therefore if Whatsapp detects a modified Whatsapp application that is connected to the account, they can block the account temporarily/permanently. So how to be safe and use MOD Whatsapp using caught? Alright, I’m going to share some tips with you that may help you.

Don’t use main phone number, use tempopray number instead

Do not use your main phone number / account in using the MOD Whatsapp application. Use a temporary phone number instead. You can also get or buy a temporary phone number with a temporary phone number that provides apps and websites.

Don’t use this feature on WhatsApp MOD GB

As we know Whatsapp MODs (GBWA, OGWA, WA+) have some amazing features that make mods very popular and different from the original version of Whatsapp. But some of these features are the reasons for account blocking so let’s have a look and try not to use these features in your WhatsApp MOD.

Don’t Use Older Status

If you have used the GB WhatsApp Mod Apk 18.90 or Whatsapp Plus or an alternative version, you are probably familiar with the common features found in these longer status apps. You can upload longer status on your Whatsapp, for example: if you try to post video status, you may know that you can’t upload videos longer than 30 seconds which is not very good for some users.

All versions of the WA mod found on this site have a longer video status feature that allows you to post videos longer than up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds. Don’t use this feature in your Whatsapp, turn off the feature or don’t just put video status more than 30 seconds.

Use GB WhatsApp Apk 18.90 Do Not Disturb (DND)

DND stands for No not disturbing, WA MOD feature. This app helps you when you don’t want to get messages, when you enable this feature you don’t get messages from the app whether internet connection is enabled or disabled.

Features of GB WhatsApp Mod Apk 18.90

The following are some of the features of the GB WhatsApp Mod Apk 18.90.

  • Can create a status with a maximum of 255 characters.
  • Can reply to chat automatically with certain settings, without having to bother replying manually.
  • Dual Whatsapp, meaning that this version of the Whatsapp Mod can be installed with the official Whatsapp on one cellphone.
  • Can mnegitim documents up to one hundred at the same time.
  • And send pictures or other media with a maximum size of up to 50 mb.
  • Disguise the blue tick, so that chats that have been read cannot be known by the sender.
  • Can send more than ten pictures in one send.
  • Can disguise your last seen, so that your online activity cannot be seen by others who have your number.
  • Can copy other people’s status.
  • Can make video status up to a maximum duration of 7 minutes.
  • Can share documents in odf format or other formats to fellow Whatsapp users.
  • Can choose one of 45 available languages.
  • Can send blank messages to prank friends.
  • Can schedule settings for automatic messages.
  • There are hundreds of themes that you can install when you feel bored with a certain theme.
  • Can lock the Whatsapp application without having to use third-party applications.
  • Can send messages without having to save the number in the phone contacts.
  • Can disconnect to Whatsapp without having to use the help of other applications.
  • Can withdraw or delete messages that have already been sent.
  • Can read previously deleted messages.

How to Install the Latest GB WhatsApp Pro 2022

The following is how to install GB WhatsApp Mod Apk Pro 18.90.

  • Please download the GBWhatsapp apk on the link we have provided.
  • Next, please enter the download folder, then open the GBWhatsapp application that has been successfully downloaded.
  • Next, please adjust the phone settings through settings, then select security, then activate unknown sources. If it’s a Samsung smartphone, you can click biometrics and security, Install unknown apps, then my files, then allow from this source.
  • Then press the Install button located in the lower right corner.
  • Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete. Then open GBWhatsapp, then please login.
  • Finished.

Modified applications are usually prone to getting banned because they violate the rules. This can be detrimental to the owner of the official application. To be free from being banned, you can work around this by always updating Whatsapp Mod to the latest version.

How to Update GBWhatsapp Apk Version 18.90

Here is how to update How to Update GBWhatsapp Apk Version 18.90

  • Open the WhatsApp Mod application.
  • If there is an upgrade message, please update the Whatsapp Mod you have.
  • You will be directed to a website, please download Whatsapp Web there.
  • Then Install to completion.
  • Whatsapp Mod will automatically be updated.

That’s the discussion about WhatsApp mod GBWhatsapp Apk Version 18.90 The latest version 2022, hopefully it helps.

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