Download Lagu Lemonade NCT 127 Mp3 With Lyrics

Download Lagu Lemonade NCT 127 – On this occasion just infoins only will share a link Download the song lemonade nct 127. Of course the admin will also provide the lyrics of the song to make it more complete.

The song Lemonade NCT 127 is music performed by a boy band from South Korea, namely NCT ​​127. NCT 127 is the second sub unit of the NCT boy band formed by SM Entertainment.

This music entitled Lemonade is a new song released by NCT ​​127. For those of you who are curious about Lemonade NCT 127 lyricsthen please see the following snippet of the lyrics.

Lemonade – NCT 127 Lyrics

“Lemonade, Lemonade

Pauselo geondeulyeoss-eo you
tto dwilo sum-eoseo neon typing
neomu swibge boyeo clue
geuman tteodeul-eodael timing

Yeah, uh
deuleonae, real name
gajjaneun geolleonae
chaui breaking

Here’s come, mm
wae naleul chaj-aboda bamsae
kkachil injeonghae seon-eul neomneun gwansim

seodulleo sumgyeobwado tanlonal geol proof
geojisdoen byeonmyeong ttawin deonjyeo to the roof

I’m sipping all day
neonen da tumyeonghae geujeo lemonade…”

Download Lagu Lemonade NCT 127 Mp3 With Lyrics

So, that’s a snippet of the lyrics of the lemonade nct 127 song. You can use these lyrics as reading to sing the lemonade nct 127 song at home.

After knowing the lyrics of the song Lemonade NCT 127, then you can directly download the song. To download the lemonade song, you can download it via the link that the admin will share.

lemonade song nct 127 very suitable for you to listen to. Especially for you fans of kpop or Korean music, then you have to save the NCT 127 song titled Lemonade as a collection.

Download Link Lemonade – NCT 127 Mp3

For those of you who want to immediately download song lemonade nct 127 mp3. Just click on the following download link: Click Here

Through the link above, you can download the song NCT 127 Lemonade for free. Oh yes, you can also use the lyrics above for video editing using the lemonade nct 127 background.


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