Download Link OGWhatsApp Pro Mod APK (OG WA) Latest 2022

Download Link OGWhatsApp Pro Mod APK (OG WA) Latest 2022 – Tired of the monotonous appearance of WhatsApp? Or do you want to have WhatsApp with new and unique features? If so, it’s time for you to switch to the latest WhatsApp Mod that you must try, namely OGWhatsApp.

The development of the GB Whatsapp application is indeed very popular at this time because of the advantages of the features provided. Now the development of GB Whatsapp has now changed its name to OG WhatsApp, you know, friends.

If you ask what are the differences and advantages of OGWhatsApp compared to other versions of WhatsApp Mod? In this article we will discuss it in detail for all of you.

OGWhatsApp can be one of the best choices that you can decide to use. If you want to know the full explanation, just read the following OG WA description

About OGWhatsApp Pro APK


OGWhatsApp is a Mod version of the WhatsApp application that provides many interesting features with a very light file size. The developer of the OG WA application also adds advanced features for the privacy and security of your WhatsApp account.

This feature of OG WA is indeed related to privacy. So you will be able to manage who can watch your chat, status, profile photo on WA. It is possible that this feature can give you an advantage when using OG WA.

Not only that, the developer from OG WA also added cool and latest features to the application. Some of these new features, such as hiding your online status, even though you are online.

Another interesting thing about this application is that you can use two applications on your WhatsApp account on only one cellphone. If you are curious about other features, below we will provide a full review.

What are the advantages of OGWhatsApp Mod APK?

In the Mod version of the application, there are definitely a number of features that are owned compared to the official version. You should also try the features that OGWA has. Well, here is a list of some of the features that this cool application has.

Schedule feature available Message

When you want to send a certain message but are afraid to forget, now you don’t need to be confused anymore, because OG WA has features that can help you handle it. In this application, you can schedule a WhatsApp message that you want to send.

Later the message will be sent automatically according to the desired schedule. Well, you can set the message you want to send, the contact you want to go to, and the time to send the message.

OG WA will arrange everything so that it can be directed automatically. But you have to understand, if the message will be sent when your cellphone is connected to the internet.

Can Copy Friends’ WA Status

When you watch WhatsApp status on a friend that you like and want to copy using this OGWhatsApp, now you can save and re-create the status on your WA.

OG WA has a feature whose role is to copy status from friends. Later you will be able to copy the status, and you can send it to someone else or save it. Even to share it to other applications.

Can Make WA Calls Without the Need to Save Numbers

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can’t make calls or send messages if you haven’t saved the WhatsApp number yourself.

For that, when you want to send messages and make calls, you must save the number first.

But that’s not the case with this cool app. Because this application allows you to send messages and make phone calls to numbers that have not been saved. That way you no longer need to bother saving other people’s numbers.

Anti Delete Message Features

We all know that the WhatsApp application has a feature that plays a role in pulling messages. So when the person who sent the message has withdrawn the message, you can’t receive the message and it certainly raises curiosity right?

By using this OGWhatsApp, now you can watch the messages that have been pulled by the sender. You don’t have to worry about being curious about the deleted message.

Hide Online Status

If you want to hide your online status while chatting with friends, girlfriends or with anyone. You can hide your online status even if you are actively using WhatsApp.

Of course, by hiding the online status, you can not reply to WhatsApp from someone you might not like. By using WhatsApp Doraemon you can use this feature easily.

Anti Banned Features

Some people who use modified applications, of course, know the risks of using the application, namely an account that can be locked by WhatsApp. But it doesn’t take effect when you use the OG WA that we provide

Because the developer has provided an anti-ban feature so you can use it without worrying about your WA account being locked by WhatsApp.

Download OG WhatsApp Pro Latest APK 2022

You can read the details and details of this Mod version of the application in the information column below. If you are sure you want to download the latest 2022 OGWhatsApp application, please see the following complete information:

App Name OGWhatsApp
New version v16.30.0
Number of Active Users 3,000,000+
APK Size 56 MB
Operating system Android 5.0+

If you are sure you want to download it, please click download here to get this application for free without paying for it.

Easy Ways to Install and Update the Latest Version of the OG WA Application

If you already know what the excellent features of this OGWA application are, and you have downloaded it via the link we provided above, now you can install it on your Android phone.

But if you are still confused and don’t know how to install it, here are the steps on how to install OGWhatsApp on your Android phone.

How to install the latest OG WhatsApp:

  1. First, please download the OGWhatsApp file via the link we have provided above.
  2. Then you wait for the OG WA file download process to finish.
  3. Then now you go to the menu Arrangement on your cell phone.
  4. Then enter the menu Security.
  5. Activate the install feature of unknown source.
  6. After that, all you have to do is wait for the OG WhatsApp application to install.
  7. Now you can use this application easily.

After the application has been installed, now you can open it and then log in to your WhatsApp account. Please use all the features offered by the OG WA application for free.

How to Use the OGWhatsApp Application?

If you are still confused about how to use OGWhatsApp after installing the application? Here we explain the steps:

  • First, please download the latest version of OGWhatsApp to your Android smartphone.
  • Then open the OG WA application and click the “AGREE AND CONTINUE” option.
  • If there is a message “Allow WhatsApp access”, just click the Continue option.
  • Then enter the cellphone number that will be used in the OGWhatsApp application.
  • Wait a few moments until you receive a code to verify.
  • Then enter your WhatsApp account username and select a profile photo.
  • Done, you can chat with your friends using two WA numbers in one Android phone.


Thus our discussion this time about the OGWhatsApp Pro Mod APK application which is one of the Mod version applications to make your daily activities easier.

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