Download Mod Bussid Truck Complete Truck Variant Canter, Shake, Without Bak

Download the Bussid Truck Mod 2022 – the article is for lovers of the Indonesian Bus Simulator game or commonly called BUSSID. Mother will again share the latest and most sought-after bussid mod. And this time I will share one of the vehicle mods that always pass by on the highway.

In real life, of course, you often see some truck activities. This truck is usually used as a means of transportation to load goods, such as wood, basic necessities, cement, and others.

You can feel the sensation of being a driver, if you download the Bussid Truck Canter Mod without Bak and apply it. You and anyone else can start driving right away.

All types of trucks that exist in this bussid game, are simulators but very stressful. For example, trucks Mitsubishi, Volvo, and other brands.

When viewed from the units presented in the game, they will be made similar to the original, so developers will be presented with full strobe trucks, accessories, and other equipment that look identical.

Long story short, for example, you download the Bussid Truck Canter Mod without a tub, then install it in the simulator game garage, then the game is ready to be played.

The principle is almost the same when installing a racing car, mod bus heroine shd bussid, or other types of vehicles.

What is Bussid Truck Mod?

The Bussid truck mod is a file with the extension bussidvehicle or .bussidmod which is placed in the Bussid Application file with the aim of converting the vehicle in the bussid into a truck. This file will make the car in your bussid game turn into a truck according to the contents of the mod

With the Bussid truck Mod, you can drive and play truck truck simulations in Indonesia. Such as canter trucks, isuzu trucks, fuso trucks, container trucks etc. Besides that, with the addition of a livery, you can make your trucks like Anti gossip trucks, eternal revelation trucks, etc

For you lovers of the “Oleng truck” world, this bussid truck mod can be very exciting entertainment. You can travel around Indonesia using a truck that you like, while “shaking style”. In addition, there are also horn mods, wolf exhaust mods and strobe mods that make your truck even cooler on the streets.

To install the mod that you want to use, the method is also very easy. This is because the Bussid developer provides facilities for importing the Mods that you will install. so with a few steps you can install the mod.

simply enter it into Internal >> BUSSID > Mods, then import the file in the bussid application. That way you can install the bussid truck mod

Now, we will continue the discussion to a collection of bussid truck mods that you can download for free here

Yep, canter truck! The canter truck itself is one type of truck that is widely used in Indonesia. The canter truck itself is included in the light duty category which has a characteristic yellow color in the cabin. Oh yes, mom also has a bussid mod from other types of vehicles, which you can check in the post Download the Bussid Truck Mod below.

Download the Complete Bussid Truck Mod 2022

So, right away for those of you who can’t wait to put this canter truck into your bussid garage, choose your favorite canter mod truck and download it right away because it’s only an anti-complicated download link, no ads and no password!

In playing this game you are not only told to bring a bus, but have to drive several types of two-wheeled vehicles, motorbikes, and four wheels to 16 wheels. Similarly, if you use other vehicles, you can download the bussid truck mod by installing it in the garage.

This way, you can drive the unit. There are several kinds of trucks that can be driven in playing bussid games, be it from trolley trucks, trailer trucks, loaded trucks, and others.

Download the Best Bussid Truck Canter Mod Without a Body 2022

Come on, download the Bussid Truck canter Mod, starting from the full strobe truck canter, the tawakal livery truck canter, triangular tarpaulin, fun Madura, chili loads and many more, the mod collection will continue to update.

truck canter is the most popular Bussid Truck Mod with various variations of livery ranging from anti-gossip, young oppa and usually many are looking for chili or other cargo.

Before you download the bussid truck mod file, you can first understand the implementation steps in the bus simulator game.

Can’t be seen automatically, but the desired truck is already in this game. So that players can manually enter the bussid file.

Mod files usually have the Dot bussid or bussid vehicle extension. Unlike livery, it is simply defined as a painting style that can be applied to vehicle units.

The color pattern also varies, usually has a .PNG extension. For how to install a bussid truck, see below.

  1. First, download the livery and bussid file of the truck as you want.
  2. After the download is complete, open the file manager on your device and put it in the download folder.
  3. Find the bussid file that you downloaded, then move it by clicking and holding. Next, select the move option.
  4. Later, you will be handed the file to the folder games simulator that is already in the internal memory “BUSSID > Mods”. Then, open the installed game application.
  5. Choose and open the garage, then the bussid truck can be an option that is already in it. Click “Use” to start playing and finish.

Unlike the case with changing the livery. Generally, trucks do not use livery that has only basic colors, such as yellow, blue, black, and so on.

How to Install Bussid Mod Truck

How is everyone? Thank you, guys, for being loyal to visiting the latest articles from, and still with Mimin Kece who is always loyal to share interesting and updated information about the world of techno and games. Well guys, if in the previous article, I shared information about BUSSID Truck Tronton Modthis time the admin will share the BUSSID Truck Canter Oleng Mod.

You will have more fun playing bus simulator games using the wobbly BUSSID truck canter mod that the admin is sharing here. Especially if you are a gaming youtuber, by creating video content playing BUSSID games using the shaky BUSSID truck Mod will be more exciting and increase your video views.

The collection of download links for the BUSSID truck canter canter with various variations, the admin has provided in this article, which you can download directly for free. And you could say that for every BUSSID mod that I always share, this is the best, unique, and definitely cool BUSSID mod, guys.

Now for those of you who are curious and want to download the shaky BUSSID truck mod, please just scroll down and select the bussid truck shaky mod that you like then click download, or you can also download all of them, guys, for your vehicle’s BUSSID mod collection so you don’t bored with the same bussid mod.

Now, after you download the Bussid Mod from the link above, the next step is to install the mod, my friend. To install the mod in the bussid game, you can follow the steps below.

1. Open the app cell phone storage that is on your smartphone then select internal storage

2. Then open the folder “Downloads” then look for the mod file that you downloaded earlier and move it to the folder BUSSID > Mods

3. Move the BUSSID MOD that you have downloaded to the folder “Mods”. Well, now you can use the mod in the Bussid game by accessing the menu “Garage”

4. Done, enjoy


Download Canter Box Truck Mod


Download the Bamboo Loading Canter Mod

MOD BUSSID TRUCK CANTER GOSSIP GALLON LOADmod bussid truck canter gossip gallon load

Download Mod Truck Canter Gossip Gallon


Download the Sumatran Canter Mod and Download the Sumatran Canter Livery


Download Canter Tronton Truck Mod


Download Mod NMR71 Adiputro and Download Livery


Download Mod and Download Livery


Download Mod and Download Livery


Download Mod and Download Livery


Download Mod and Download Livery

MOD Truck Canter Cassis or Truck Canter Without Body

Download MOD Without PW

Download MOD BUSSID Truck Isuzu Canter NMR71

The Isuzu canter NMR71 BUSSID truck MOD itself has a fairly high quality model and also if you want to use another livery you can add various other truck templates, my friend.

The canter truck itself is often referred to as a chili truck, my friend, because it is often used to transport logistics materials between islands in Indonesia

  • Triangular tarpaulin tub
  • Box tarpaulin
  • Tub without tarpaulin
  • 1 tub bumper without tarpaulin
  • Bumper 1 box tarpaulin
  • Bumper 1 triangular tarpaulin tub
  • Bumper 2 box tarpaulin tub
  • Bumper 2 tubs without tarpaulin
  • Bumper 2 triangular tarpaulin tub
  • Chassis (without body)

Download Link

Triangular Tarpaulin Tub

Download Mod

Box Tarpaulin Tub

Download Mod

Tub Without Tarpaulin

Download Mod

Bumper 1 Tub without Tarpaulin

Download Mod

Bumper 1 Box Tarpaulin

Download Mod

Bumper 1 Triangular Tarpaulin Body

Download Mod

Bumper 2 Box Tarpaulin Tub

Download Mod

Bumper 2 Tub without Tarpaulin

Download Mod

Bumper 2 Triangular Tarpaulin Body

Download Mod

Chassis (without body)

Download Mod

Truck Canter Templates

Download Templates

Livery Truck Canter

Download Livery

Download Mod BUSSID Truck Canter Oleng Support Full Anim

Okay, let’s go, guys, to add to your collection of BUSSID mod vehicles, please select and download the shaky BUSSID truck mod which is in the link below.Also Read: Fate Excel Apk

Truck Canter Oleng Hino Ditro CVT Tub Load


Truck Canter Oleng Hino Ditro CVT Triangle Tarpaulin Body


Truck Canter Oleng Hino Ditro CVT Empty Body


Truck Canter Oleng Mitsubishi Empty Body


Truck Canter Oleng Mitsubishi Box


Download the Latest BUSSID Truck Carter Livery 2022

In addition to the shaky chartered BUSSID Truck Mod, the admin has also provided the latest cool 2022 BUSSID Truck charter livery. Please, you can download it below.


How to Replace a BUSSID Truck Livery

If the truck is already available on the livery, then you have to download and save it on local Drive cellphone, can be directly applied.

The method ,

  • First, open the bus simulator game application, then click the paint logo on the top of the truck unit. Next, you can upload the file by pressing import the livery file that has been downloaded.
  • Next, you can point the truck livery in PNG image format. Install it and wait for it to finish applying. When it is finished, the color or pattern of the truck motif changes according to the livery.
  • Then choose the type of vehicle you want, whether it’s a chili truck, loading wood, heavy equipment or tricks for transporting heavy equipment. Finally, we can replace the livery easily.

In addition to the methods above, there are actually other ways that you can get. You can search for information through YouTube or you can see the guide in the game application first.

Thus the latest 2022 bussid mod truck variant that can share, hopefully it helps

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