Download Parler APK Latest Version For Android

Download Parler APK latest version for android

Parler is a social media app that lets you talk freely. Download the latest version of the app and you can express your opinion on any topic, to anyone, and anywhere.

Parler is a free social media app available for Android and iOS devices. Although due to some legal issues, the app has been removed from Playstore and app stores for some countries.

This makes the app almost inaccessible to most users who actively use Parler services. Even if you are an Android user, you can simply download the APK file and sideload it.

So in this article, I will explain how you can download and install the latest APK file for Parler app on your android smartphone.

Google says that the app goes against user security and cannot be hosted on the platform. Unless the developer follows the rules and applies the rules of the rules to postable posts, there is no possibility of having the app in the play store.

Same scenario with Apple Appstore, so the chances of getting apps from official sources are not very high at the moment. But you can always download the latest version of Parler APK file for Android and install it on your device from below steps.

You may still remember the incident where a Trump supporter made violence. This causes the removal of the app from the platform as it is the most used app among them.

Additionally, Google stated that the app violated a policy that requires social media apps to have control over what users post. On the other hand, the app has no limit on the posts that can be posted.

What Is Parler App APK Latest Version For Android?

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As already mentioned, the Parler app is a non-biased alternative to other mainstream social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

This app is becoming very popular among people who want to express their opinion online without censorship. Although this app cannot be used to host anything illegal. To clarify, I’ll quote what the CEO of the Parler app said:

If you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler

Since the app is inherently uncensored, the burden of moderating content rests entirely with the people managing member posts. This may become difficult depending on the size of the community as well as the mentality of the people managing the group.

Download Parler APK Latest Version For Android

Most of the app developers have the apk file hosting on their own site to install to the user’s phone. Similarly, Parler also has an official site which hosts apk files for download to users’ phones.

Here are the steps to download the latest version of Parler APK for Android from their official website:

1. Go to the official Parler website to download the app from here.

2. Scroll down a bit on your screen and select the Android version that you are using. You can find your android version from Settings > About phone.

3. Choose version that suits your phone and download the apk file.

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4. Install apk file as mentioned above.

This site always hosts the latest version available. So you can always update the Parler app from the official website.

Download Parler APK Latest Version From Trusted APK Store

There are many android apk providers on the internet. However, not all of them are legal. There are only a few of them. So here, I am including one link which you can trust.

1. Download apk file from this link. (APK Monk)

2. Open apk file either directly from browser or file manager.

3. Now, if this is your first time opening the app file, then you will be asked to allow the app to be installed.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions and allow installation for the file manager app.

5. Now, if you press the back button, the installation has already started.

Is Parler App Safe to Use?

To be honest, there is no problem with installing or using the app or apk file that we provided you with. Because the app is just removed from the play store.

You should be able to use the app without any problems if you managed to install the app via third-party sources. Though getting apk files from well known sources is the only major problem here.

Because if you install apps from untrusted sites, you might have infected your android phone with malware.

Please note that APK files may have unwanted malicious code in them. Make sure to scan the APK file with a legitimate antivirus service before installing the app on your device. To be sure of any issues, try to download the APK file from the official Parler website.

As you can see, you can easily download and install Parler APK file on your Android phone. There is a bit of censorship which doesn’t mean that you can post anything that can harm someone in any way.

It is best to be responsible for whatever you post on the Parler app and show respect to your fellow users on Parlor and avoid using slang or tone that could cause offence.

That’s the download link for the latest version of Parler APK for Android. I hope this article helped you! Thank you for visiting and don’t forget if you find this article useful, please share it with your friends too.

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