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Sound of Text WhatsApp Ringtones – Have you ever heard a funny sound when your friend’s phone rings? Cool, right? Well, we made text sounds for WhatsApp app ringtones for you. For those who want to find the download link, we share it below. WA is currently the best communication application in the world,

Sound Of Text WA or you could say Text To Speech WhatsApp, is now one of the most sought after products among WhatsApp users.

Sound OF Text or Next WA is a website that can create unique ringtones for the WhatsApp application. Where to use the site you just need to type a sentence and convert it into mp3 audio.

You write something in google translate and press the button with the speaker icon? That’s when a voice from Google came and said that the words you wrote were exactly as you wrote them in the column. Thus the description of the textual WA sound which we will discuss in detail this time.

Overview of Sound Of Text Wa

Sound Of Text Wa Ringtone
How to Use WhatsApp Sound of Text as a Ringtone

One of the most popular technologies among WhatsApp users today is Sound of Text WA, because it can be used as a cool ringtone for incoming calls or incoming message notifications.

Text-to-sound is a platform commonly used to convert text into sound. Similar to text-to-speech which is widely used on the internet at the same time. However, the advantage of this media is that it does not use an application, so you can go directly to the site.

People make this audio in text audible for a variety of purposes. One way that is commonly used is to create a ringtone on WhatsApp. These voices can be adapted for other foreign languages, including Korean and Javanese.

It never hurts to know the steps below if you want to know or unmute the text. This way, you can easily create a unique sound that fits your needs.

What is Sound of Text WhAtsApp Ringtone?

The WhatsApp application is a messaging or chat application that is very popular in the world, as evidenced by the very large number of users reaching 2 billion.

WhatsApp’s popularity is certainly inseparable from the functions and benefits it provides, users can easily send messages in various formats such as audio, video, documents, etc.

As it develops, WhatsApp provides new features through system updates. The goal is to maximize its functionality for the convenience of many people.

For example, choose a ringtone that is less attractive. There are many examples such as text ringtones with funny children’s voices, Sundanese, Doraemon, Javanese, Indonesian. Also, you can download Google Voice from your own words.

The most popular ones are usually BTS voice text ringtones, next google sounds, text robot sounds and iPhone WhatsApp voice text ringtones.

In fact, the WhatsApp application does not have a voice-to-text feature, which can output voice through text like Google Translate. There is only one voice note feature in WA to save and send to other users, but you don’t need to be confused because there is an easy way to make WA voice text.

To use WhatsApp voice texts as ringtones for incoming messages or easy video calls without third-party applications, you just need to prepare the text to be converted into sound. Then the manufacturing process is more practical and free.

Users can turn text into sound by selecting unique characters, from children’s voices to adult voices, and even create anime sounds through one of these sites. However, the app that the evaluation team recommends the most is the text-to-voice tool from This is because the tool supports Google Voice downloads for Indonesian regional languages ​​such as Javanese and Sundanese.

The advantages of Sound of Text WA

There are a variety of interesting ringtones to choose from on this site, and of course you can download and install WhatsApp ringtones for free to make them sound cooler.

So look for a ringtone provider website that is easy to make with text sound technology. You can read the comments below to the end.

Maybe at first glance you already understand the advantages of this site, and the many advantages that you can get when using Sound Of Next.
For that, you don’t even need an app at all. There are many web-based applications to choose from, such as and The site has recently become the most popular destination for WA users.

You can call this site Sound Off WhatsApp because most people use this site for WA application purposes. Therefore, you get the following benefits:

Easy to use

With this very simple sound generator site, you’ll have no trouble creating iPhone ringtones, Google Voice ringtones and more. You just need to visit the site to use it.

Just enter the audio of the sentence you prepared beforehand for playback to download it for free. If you want to download Google Voice, you just need to select the type of voice you want to use and download it.

Many Language Options

The next wa sound is the voice of the robot itself. But on this site you will find different types of voices from different countries. Even now you can use the Java language to make even cooler ringtones.


You can use the site for free, but if you like it, you can also accept donations for those who want to do good for the site’s providers.

Utilizing the text-to-speech feature of Google Translate is the hallmark of this site, so you can easily get the next Google Voice on the site. Text-to-speech is a technology that can convert text or text into voice, and this technology works on websites with a feature called text-to-speech, one of which is Google Translate.

The sophistication of technology that converts text into sound cannot be separated from the use of artificial intelligence technology that can be used to create ringtones.

Currently, many people use Sound of Text WA to make ringtones, because it is easy and practical to make them, all you have to do is enter text and turn it into sound.

Method Sound of Text WhatsApp easy to learn and widely used in voice text changer sites. You can modify the text on other platforms. Once the text is converted into sound, it is in MP3 format, which can be downloaded for free.

How to Make Google Voice Ringtones with WhatsApp Sound of Text

In addition to the advantages of the site sound of text what we explained above, it turns out that there are still many premium features such as male, female voices, change language and voice characters, cartoons, voices of small children.

If you’re still confused, this text sounds a lot like Google Translate. So you just type in a few short words and the website converts them into sound. The type of language chosen is also very diverse.

On the website, you just need to follow a few steps. Here are the steps: First, you just need to open the website

  • After entering the website, you will find two columns, a text field and a voice column
  • In the text field, fill in the word you want to convert to sound
  • Then in the speech bar, select the desired language for speech output
  • As a final step, click Submit.
  • If so, all you have to do is download the sound file in MP3 format.
  • It’s as easy as hitting the download button at the bottom.
  • Sound MP3 files will automatically go to your smartphone storage.

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